Stronger Than You'd Think
Citation:   peggyolson. "Stronger Than You'd Think: An Experience with Etizolam (exp103068)". Jan 27, 2015.

T+ 0:00
2 mg oral Etizolam (pill / tablet)
  T+ 1:00 3 mg oral Etizolam (pill / tablet)
  T+ 1:30 1 mg oral Etizolam (pill / tablet)
My friend Sandy (not her real name) and I had both developed quite a heavy benzodiazepine habit. We had both been used to taking about 8mg of Alprazolam each, every day through our school semester.

However, when Sandy went home for spring break, her doctor was unable to fill her typical prescription of 90 2mg Alprazolam bars. We both went through through horrible withdrawals, only able to stave them off due to street Valium.

When we got back to school, our usual alprazolam dealer refused to sell to either of us because he had found out through rumours that Sandy and I both smoke heroin occasionally. The stupid hypocrite was an alcoholic.

Sandy are I were fairly desperate so we scoured the internet trying to find any possible way to buy alprazolam. A certain famous online drug market had been recently shut down and we both felt like we had nowhere to go. Until I started reading things about a legal alternative called Etizolam. It's legal because it's not strictly a benzodiazepine, but a thienodiazepine. (Although, you should keep up to date on the legality of these things as I'm sure the FDA is trying to find some sort of way to schedule these.) Thienodiazepines both do almost the same thing to your GABAa receptor as benzodiazepines so we decided to buy 30mg of Etizolam, all in 1mg pills from a legal online vendor.

When the pills came, Sandy and I were ecstatic, even choosing to skip one of our classes.

0hr00min: We each took 2mg and wait for something. I get into the shower while Sandy cleans up our room.

0.15: While in the shower, I noticed my mind start to drift out of thought. I started staring at the shower handle for long periods of seconds.

0.30: Get out of the shower and back into our room. Look at the clock and think 'damn that shower took 30 minutes?'

0.35: I feel very far from 'fucked up', but I do feel a chill feeling. I am completely able to function and walk normally.

1.00: Sandy and I decide to take 3mg each more, which brings the total for each of us to 5mg.

1.15: We both decided we want to watch Mad Men on netflix. We start to set up our bed (by the way, it's totally not lesbian to share a bed with your best friend, it's nice because you can cuddle at night and there is so much more room for activities for the rest of the room) but we remember that our housemate was borrowing our good speakers, and we didn't want to listen to Mad Men without good speakers. He wasn't in his room so we both try to get the speakers unplugged and disconnected from everything. Although I would've normally been able to complete this task is less than three minutes, we struggled very hard. Throughout the entire time though, we were laughing and giggling like crazy.

1:30: we finally get the speakers back to our room and set the up and start watching Mad Men. We each take one more Etizolams, bringing out total up to 6mg each.

2.00: About halfway into the episode where that guy gets his foot cut off with a lawnmower, we decided we are very hungry. Not leaving our pyjamas, because we honestly didn't give a shit about anything at that point, we go outside to walk to the taqueria that's a block away. Sandy ordered a bean and cheese quesadilla, and I ordered a carne asada burrito with everything in it.

2.30: While waiting for our food, I notice I can barely walk. My legs feel like heavy jello. I feel very happy, not like the xanax sort of carelessness that I typically feel on benzos, I feel actually happy and giddy.

3.00: We each scarf down our food as fast as we can. We are both very sleepy at this point. We take everything off our bed and get under the covers to sleep. Sandy holds onto me and we both fall asleep almost instantly.

6.00: we wake up from our naps feeling groggy as hell. I go to pee. I get back and notice that out of the 30 pills we had bought and received that morning, only 9 were left. The conclusion could either be, someone stole them, however I highly doubt Sandy would ever steal from me. We had bought the pills together and even if she did steal, why not steal the entire thing? The most logical conclusion for me seem to be, and is concurrent with other reports regarding etizolam, is that somewhere during sometime that neither of us can remember, someone tool more pills.

17.00: it's the next morning now, Sandy is still knocked out and I'm still very groggy. My word of caution regarding these Etizolam pills is: take around 4mg and then hide the rest of your supply. As you'll probably just keep taking more and more. It's a very relaxing drug which I would compare highly to Lorazepam, but with a much more positive and happy feeling to it. I'll definitely be buying more before the DEA decides to throw this in schedule IV with the rest of the benzodiazepines.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 103068
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 22
Published: Jan 27, 2015Views: 28,716
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