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A Whole New Dimension
Citation:   xUnreal. "A Whole New Dimension: An Experience with 25I-NBOMe (exp103084)". Erowid.org. Sep 3, 2016. erowid.org/exp/103084

1.6 mg buccal 25I-NBOMe (blotter / tab)
The night began with a lot of excitement between me and my friends B and G. We hadn't had access to 25i in over two months and it had become me and B's favorite substance with our several previous uses. In those uses, we had always taken 2 tabs each, and that was the gameplan for tonight too. We had just gotten our hands on 20 tabs and we were told that they might be a little stronger than the ones we've previously had, but they didn't know exactly how much yet, if at all.

G had never tried N-Bomb before, so tonight was his first experience. (The majority of this story takes place in B's house in his room which is also the basement). Just for the record, I weigh 125 lb, B weighs about 130, and G weighs 315. (We found out this substance's effects most likely have a lot to do with body weight, as G's experience was consistently lesser than mine and B's, but he definitely still tripped hard).

(t+ 9:00pm) We all start the night with 2 hits each, taken buccally in our upper gums. It wasn't until they started to kick in about 20 minutes later that I received a text message saying that these tabs were 800ug each.
I received a text message saying that these tabs were 800ug each.
This was a bit of a surprise because all of the prior times B and I had ingested this substance, the tabs were 400ug each. We had always joked about what taking three of those would be like, but never thought we would go there. Well, we just took four.

(t+ 9:30pm) I am playing Skyrim on my xbox and the visuals are setting in very quickly. I'm getting very strong waves of euphoria and my body temperature begins fluctuating, which is normal for me when I take N-Bomb. I'm walking up a mountain in the game as I enter a snowy area. This is when my visuals become 3-dimensional. The snow on the ground begins to breathe and shift around before starting to expand off of the screen, taking on kaliedoscopic qualities. This becomes very distracting and I suddenly find myself incapable of playing the game as my visuals have made it impossible to even identify what's happening on screen. I pause the game and ask B how he's doing. He's on the same page as I am, completely tripping balls. G says that he's definitely tripping hard but his visuals are mostly texture based, breathing walls and fractals forming on surfaces, but nothing too profound.

In the time it takes for them to say these things, I have reached an entirely different level. My entire field of vision has been consumed by 3-dimensional fractal patterns layering themselves over one another, and it's only been about 30 minutes, we're not even peaking yet.

(After this point, times are approximate)

(t+ 10:00pm) We decide that we need some music on in the background so I pick up my iPad and turn it on. Fortunately it's already opened to the music library, but I literally can't see a thing on my screen. It's just a big mess of geometric patterns and fractals on fractals on fractals. I can't even read any of it. Then, as if that wasn't crazy enough, I tried scrolling and watched as the list of songs traveled up off my screen and expanded to take up my entire field of vision. Holy cow.

I decide any song will work and just touch my screen so something will play. All of the music in my library is electronic by the way, which definitely added to the high. My appreciation of music and pattern recognition was through the roof.

(t+ 10:30pm) It's been over an hour now and at this point my whole world has gone to absolute crazy town. My visuals had become so profound that I couldn't even recognize anything in the room I was in without realllllly focusing. I kept forgetting that B or G were even there, but it was comforting knowing I had a friend who was in the same boat as me. Then G stood up and decided that he wanted to smoke a cigarette, and B said that he would go with him. I don't smoke cigarettes so I stayed put.

The way the basement is set up, they had to go around the corner and to the other side of one of the walls, so I was by myself in the room for a little bit. During this time, I had the peak of my experience: The light was off on my side of the wall and the only light was coming off the TV that was still paused on Skyrim and was very dim from sitting so long. During this time, my visuals increased to the point where I couldn't even tell if my eyes were open or closed, so I closed them. For the next few minutes I had the most intense visuals I had ever experienced. I saw an infinite space filled with overlapping extradimensional fractal patterns moving in all directions and constantly changing shapes and sizes. In the middle of this space was a floating perfect sphere with a completely mirrored surface, reflecting everything going on around it in reverse. My mind was trying so hard at this point to wrap around what was going on that I imagined what appeared to be tree roots growing out from the top and bottom of the sphere and trying to connect in the middle, symbolizing my mind attempting to wrap itself around this new reality. I tried and tried to get those roots to connect, but they just couldn't do it. There was so much going on in my mind that I was just completely lost. It was only a few minutes that I spent like this, but it felt like hours.

Then another crazy thing happened. The song that was on ended and it changed over to one of those songs that takes a while to start for whatever reason, and at the same time there was a break in B and G's conversation. So for about 20 seconds I was sitting there in the dark, in complete silence, alone, completely tripping my face off. And in that time I imagined what it would be like to be stuck in that situation for an extended amount of time, and in doing that I gained a complete understanding of madness. This realization scared me a little and I suddenly didn't want to be alone anymore. I picked up a blanket and attempted to navigate to the other side of the room with the others. This was exceptionally difficult as I was travelling through a fractal wonderland and had absolutely no depth perception.

(t+10:45pm) They finally finished their cigarettes and we all returned to B's room. That's when we all started talking about how crazy our light trails are. This is one of my favorite effects of N-Bomb, the incredible light trails that they induce. For me when a light is moved quickly in front of my face, the trails can be up to 5 feet long. And being the raver that I am, I absolutely had to break out my light gloves. I gloved for my friends for at least half an hour and the entire time every fragment of every light trail was shapeshifting and taking on multiple dimensions. It was so beautiful that it's hard to put into words.

(t+ 11:30pm) I don't have much memory from the next hour or so, but I know at this point that B and I were starting to get a grip on reality. G was describing his experience to us, but compared to what we had just went through, his experience was minimal. When we told G about everything we had just seen, such as my mirror ball visualization, he was in total awe. And although he was half-disappointed that he hadn't had the same level of experience, he was also glad because tripping that hard was definitely very overwhelming and was at times too much to handle.

(t+ 12:00) We have all now have rediscovered reality and although we're definitely still tripping with breathing/fractaling surfaces and whatnot, we are essentially grounded compared to where our minds were at before.

Over the course of the rest of the night/morning, me and B ended up taking 2 more N-Bombs each. One at about 1:00am and another at 3:30am. G had stuff to do the next day so he didn't end up taking any more. Nothing really happened that was anywhere near as intense as before for the remainder of the night, but there was a time that I spent over 45 minutes staring at a plywood wall. It already appears very fractally anyways, so combined with this substance it is very interesting to look at.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 103084
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 3, 2016Views: 1,796
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25I-NBOMe (542) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Glowing Experiences (4), General (1)

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