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Chorus of Sensation
DIPT (misidentification suspected)
Citation:   chronular. "Chorus of Sensation: An Experience with DIPT (misidentification suspected) (exp103135)". Sep 15, 2016.

50 mg oral Unknown (powder / crystals)
It was a particularly boring Sunday, and I needed to get outside. The snow was beginning to melt, as the temperature had been above freezing for nearly a week now. My mind wandered to the topic of drugs, and I immediately thought of the DIPT I had acquired nearly 2 months ago. Thinking back, I vaguely remembered reading online that it was best experienced outside in nature, so I eyeballed about a tenth of the 500mg bag of beige powder at 2:30pm, feeling confident since TiHKAL has reports up to a magnitude of 250mg, and placed it carefully under my tongue using one of those new shiny $10 bills. I could hardly taste the intensely unpleasant bitter taste I so fondly remembered from my allergy test a month prior, so I considered myself lucky and set off towards the nearby ravine on foot.

At some point on my way to the woods I noticed that the area under my tongue where the powder had been absorbed felt quite odd. Not necessarily numb, but almost electrified. I hadn't ever heard of this sensation occurring before with DIPT, and so although I felt as though I should be concerned about the purity of the drug, I decided to wait some time for the auditory effects to manifest before I make any judgements.

It was now nearing T+0:30, the strange mouth sensation had subsided, and I was descending down a narrow path into the trees, which unfortunately happened to be covered half with ice, and half with mud. Fornever began pulsating through my headphones, and gave me the imminent sense that something was ending, as always. My sobriety, perhaps? I took a seat on a tree stump and inspected my surroundings, and was greeted with some friendly large scale distortions of space; the trees bent and swayed in quite unnatural ways considering the day was perfectly still. For a moment I thought about the scale of the hallucinations on various drugs, and came to the conclusion that LSD is on the micro scale, whereas psilocybin and the 2C series is on more of a macro scale.

My attention drifted towards the music, since this was DIPT after all, and I came to the conclusion that not only was the audio significantly enhanced, as if it was constantly changing in tempo in a way that fit perfectly with the dynamic mood of the music, but I also felt as if listening to it was some sort of spiritually divine experiment on my consciousness intended as a mental training exercise.

After continuing down the trail perhaps 30 meters further, I reached the creek and immediately spotted a storm sewer outfall, however I couldn't read the number on it, as I was much too far away. Over the last year, I have taken part in the process of discovering and mapping out the storm sewer system in my city, for the same reason that I show interest in drugs, discovering the unknown, mapping out the hidden realms. Unfortunately, my path to the outfall was superficially blocked by a steep cliff on the left, and the creek on the right. However, there was a fallen tree across the creek, and I decided that I should be able to walk across it after doing some testing with fallen trees back in the woods. One step lead to another, and although the sound of the rushing water was seemingly penetrating my inner consciousness I was able to arrive safely on the other side. Immediately I realized made a terrible mistake; the snow on the other side of the creek was nearly two feet deep, and I was wearing running shoes. Just as the time dilation effect of the drug hit me, I managed to dip my toes in the freezing water near the shore, but at least I hadn't taken the meter long plunge directly into the frozen water.

I arrived safely where I had started, and continued along the trail from earlier, which was now loosely following the edge of the creek. It was now nearing T+1:00, and everything felt as if it was completely in slow motion, as if the tempo of life had halved
everything felt as if it was completely in slow motion, as if the tempo of life had halved
. Still, no drops in pitch. The path eventually led to a giant icy waterfall, where I remembered there was a spring from my earlier adventures here in the summer. Something deep inside my mind convinced me to try and navigate down to the creek bank by sliding across the ice. Of course, the small birch trees would be enough to ensure that I would be able to navigate without difficulty. It turns out the trees were rotten, and three of them snapped as soon as I took hold. I prayed to the swamp gods to stop me before the creek, and they listened, conveniently turning the solid ice to some sort of mushy goop just in time. So clearly this drug has a tendency to cause severe impairment of judgement which is really quite unfortunate but whatever.

As I navigate towards the bridge I begin to notice that I can get some rather intricate visuals to emerge when I stare at things. Only when I stare at things. My eyes managed to get stuck on a pile of pine needles and they all arranged themselves to point in the same direction. Unfortunately I got paranoid that someone was staring at me staring at these pine needles so I snapped out of it and they instantaneously plunged back into the noise realm.

Finally I have reached the other side of the metaphorical sluice and I pass a number of interesting specimens carrying instruments for ocular zooming. On birds, I suppose. Fearing for my life, I duck onto a side path where the magic level goes up by at least a few percent. Winding through the impressively large trees, I reached a small clearing with some fallen logs near the creek and decided to take a seat and suck in my peripheral vision. And was I right! Everything was animated quite nicely now and a bird landed on my leg.

How convenient, the trees are showing me the way! Continuing along the path, I reach the climax of mental astonishment as I peer on to the creek. Not only is the outfall here, and labeled as number 6, but there are most peculiar patterns forming on the creek, thanks to a complementary combination of deep yellow-brown pollen and chunks of ice. In fact, I stood here staring at it with my mouth open for a number of hours. There was also some deer which seemed to be even more daring in their clifftop stunts than I.

Now unfortunately it is time to return from experience, to reflect, and conclude. A later oral trial of the same amount produced the same effects, in addition to significant nausea and gastrointestinal discomfort. The numbness, bioavailability, duration, and dose leads me to believe that the drug is TMA-2. Although there are no reports of mouth numbness from TMA-2, I was also unable to find any reports of sublingual administration at all. However, PiHKAL reports numbness of the fingers, which I also experienced during my oral dose, and the structurally related compound elemicin causes numbing of the tongue when dosed sublingually. The duration of effects I experienced was around 8 hours, with an inability to sleep for 4-5 beyond that, which is also reported by others for TMA-2.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 103135
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18
Published: Sep 15, 2016Views: 2,679
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DiPT (110), Unknown (120) : Nature / Outdoors (23), Music Discussion (22), What Was in That? (26), Alone (16)

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