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Lotion Welcome to Your Life
Ketamine & Baclofen
by Kveikur
Citation:   Kveikur. "Lotion Welcome to Your Life: An Experience with Ketamine & Baclofen (exp103148)". Mar 24, 2018.

  transdermal Ketamine (liquid)
    transdermal Pharms - Baclofen (liquid)


Quick background: I have been experienced with DMT, LSD, DPT, DXM, 4-aco-dmt, 5-meo-mipt, Salvia divinorum, MDMA, many different and highly pure cannabinoids, and also experimented with Cocaine, crack, myoin. Otmy than Salvia divinorum, I had used all of these before the age of 18.

DMT was my favorite by far, due to the outstanding open and closed eye visuals. And plus it was a short trip which is preferable.

At some point along the way, I had been offered Ketamine, but refused it.

I suffer from arthritis in my spine, and the pain makes it unbearable to sleep, let alone accomplish just about anything. Then one day to my surprise my doctor prescribed a specialized lotion to rub on my back for my pain. The medicine was Ketamine. (Mixed with a low dosage of Baclofen, which acts as a GABAb agonist to help reduce muscle spasms.)

Since regular pharmacies don't produce this lotion, they have the doctor have it formulated in a special pharmacy.

A week later I received 2 bottles of lotion each containing 10 grams of Ketamine and 300mgs of Baclofen. The directions that came with the Ketamine, stated that Ketamine lotion is specially formulated, so that all of the hallucinogenic 'side effects' do not occur using topical Ketamine.

Interestingly and somewhat hypocritically though, it also mentioned to immediately wash your hands after applying the lotion on your back, or else you may in fact experience hallucinations.

Never having taken Ketamine before, and being somewhat experienced with other psychedelics, one sunny afternoon I decided to try something out.

When putting the Ketamine lotion on my back, I put some more on my arms. And then some on my chest. And then some on my legs. After the Ketamine was applied (about 9-10 pumps) all over my body, and rubbed it in throughly well for 3 minutes straight...........I completely entered into 'K-Land'. here's the trip report:

-5 minutes later: It was a sunny breezy afternoon with sunlight coming in my bedroom and I was flipping through some of Alex Grey's art books when suddenly there was a feeling of 'something is happening' despite there being no true hallucinations. I noticed a distinct taste in the back of my mouth.
I noticed a distinct taste in the back of my mouth.

-8 minutes later: Something feels different. Wasn't uncomfortable or anything. But not a feeling you can put your finger on. I lay down in my bed.

-12 minutes later: I couldn't even keep my eyes open. Without notice (with eyes closed) I found myself walking along side of a man (a human maybe in his 30s) on my left, having a this-and-that sort of conversation. I was watching from behind us as we were walking and talking. It's unclear if the person on the right side was me, or whether I was simply watching them and occasionally giving verbal insight to these two people.

-30 minutes later: After the discussion ended, the two people vanished and I was convinced I was MAYBE simply dreaming. At thirty minutes it was like being I'm some sort of dream space, and spiraling, and spiraling, going down the 'rabbit hole.' But there were no people to speak of.

-45 minutes later: Out of nowhere my sister comes into my room and asks me a question... and immediately I appeared startled. Just like in movies when actors wake up from a dream in the middle of the night and act startled. I answered my sisters question, and almost immediately closed my eyes and entered into full blown 'K-Land'.

1 hour and 15 minutes later: I had left 'K-Land' as the Ketamine was wearing off.


After my sister left my room, I remember closing my eyes and seeing 'entities', 'people', and somehow being able to control these predicaments. As soon as I closed my eyes I found myself standing inside a music store. I was browsing through some records until one of the albums artwork caught my eye. I remember being so happy that 'I found the album I was looking for! It's really the one!' When I looked back to the cover (keep in mind these were old vinyls not cd's) the cover turned into another down the rabbit hole closed eye visual. The vinyl record had a painted picture of a naked man child just standing with his back turned to the viewer. This is when that album cover turned back into full blown, psychedelic, entity bursting joy. Besides, I was already so ecstatic about finding this record. I looked closely at the cover with the man child with his back turned on it, when suddenly the still and quiet piece of cover art, physically became my look into K-Land, and I was sucked into this painting and had many conversations with all different types of beings (some not human, some not easily describable).

After waltzing around in a half Disney half dream, I thought back to the record store, and began to wonder if I was just dreaming. But deep down inside I knew that I had in fact just had a K-Land 'trip'.

With eyes still closed, I looked around and all of the entities had vanished. I knew this was all a trip and it was ending. But at the very same time, I noticed a figure of some type, morphing at the center of this psychedelic tunnel. Whatever it was, it literally looked like a Disney cartoon animal that had been draw by professional artists. As I approached closer and closer, it suddenly turned into a super happy, Disney detailed, white rabbit. Just spinning and smiling (the bunny rabbit didn't have teeth but it was incredibly cartoon like). Finally, I out to give the little white bunny a loving embrace. I gave this tiny psychedelic bunny a BIG hug. I then opened my eyes. And one of the first things I did is give my pet (white) bunny a hug.

Overall it was incredibly positive; a ridiculously positive trip.

I would only do it once a week. I have never seen closed eye visuals that are so clear! Ketamine isn't as mainstream as other psychedelics and should be taken with a sitter and laying down in bed with a bit of lighting on. Music is nearly as important as it is with DMT, in fact my Ketamine trip was completely music free. Keeping some lights on during a Ketamine trip helps with the visuals.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 103148
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 23 
Published: Mar 24, 2018Views: 3,031
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