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Results From Use for About a Year
Citation:   Silver. "Results From Use for About a Year: An Experience with Modafinil (exp103193)". Erowid.org. Oct 7, 2019. erowid.org/exp/103193

200 mg oral Modafinil (daily)
It has been about a year now since I first looked into Modafinil and I've read everything I could find online about it . Since I've had some real experience with this and feel that I know its effects well that it was time to give the feedback I wish I would have had before I started.

Most of my life I've felt that I've had a lack of focus and while I've been repeatedly measured as strongly above average in intelligence and by most measure successful I know this lack of focus has held me back. I've tried various other nootropic drugs but nothing to the degree I've used Modafinil.

Quick note on Adderall: I've tried Adderall once and loved it but hence the problem... I loved it since it not only allowed me to focus very well I really loved the boost of energy. This is not surprising since it is a form of amphetamine. Adderall is expensive and hard to get for more than a once in a while impact and it violates my personal rule to avoid anything that is physically addictive as I know I have a addictive personality and it is better to avoid it in the first place.

After reading everything about Modafinil I decided to give it a try and found a source online.

Modafinil is not typically an overwhelming type of drug but rather is more subtle but powerful. It does not give me energy as much as it takes away tiredness. This is a key detail that I feel many people who say it doesn't work are really not paying attention to. If one is expecting a 'rush' it will never work.

I take 200mg pretty much every day, with some breaks once in a while
I take 200mg pretty much every day, with some breaks once in a while
which I'll explain soon as to why, and I've tried various doses to settle on this 200mg for a usual dose. It also appears to have a cumulative effect so if I take it for a few days it works better then others. However, it will reduce the amount of sleep that I have at this dose and the more days I go with less sleep the more the cognitive effects appear to be muted.

It is ideal to take it early in the day, if I plan to sleep the following night, and if I do go to 400mg it is best to take one early and one around noon. Many times I've found two to be too much and believe me I am certainly a person that typically believes that if one is good then three must be better. I've never taken more than two and honestly not sure I ever want to try.

Effects of 200mg: Typically, if I have been making sure I get proper sleep, it keeps me alert all day, allows me to focus on whatever I want and has a seriously dramatic effect on me with regards to having less desire for food. I think it may really simply be that I have too many things on my mind to worry about food but the effect is real. Many times I 'forget' to eat until about mid afternoon. A key detail I've learned with this drug is that I MUST take care of myself. I must eat, even if I don't want to, sleep well enough and anything else that I need. Sometimes I get bad headaches but it is not from the drug directly but rather from not eating all day and staring for hours at my computer or whatever for many hours causing neck strain.

Effects of two 200mg twice a day: (Morning & Lunch) Typically, if I take one I will have the focus I desire and does appear to help with being more articulate but when I take two my wife ALWAYS knows. I become 'way' focused on things and usually become a chatter box. This is a great thing if what I am focusing on is good and/or productive but if I had a stressful job and/or issues going on in my life this hyper focus could be a huge pain in the ass. However, I always remind myself of why I am fixating so much and soon it will be wane when the drug tapers off.

I simply would not take more than two but who knows in time I will likely try it but I'll be sure I don't having anything major going on.

Interesting Effects: When I take Modafinil it really doesn't matter what time I go to bed I wake up at my normal time and feel fine. It is weird and it must have some residual effect for this to happen and in part why I feel there is a compounding effect if I take it for a few days. Another effect to be aware of is when I take a break but I better not have much to do. All that sleep I lost... will all come to me in that day and I will feel very lethargic. Interestingly, though even when I've taken it for weeks after about one day I feel totally normal.

I never feel a withdrawal, never have had a meaningful side effect other then the headaches that happen sometime that are my fault and unlike drugs like Adderall doesn't affect my blood pressure.

It is not a miracle but it does work for me and has honestly changed my life. I used to spend half my work day doing basically nothing productive but now can work all day with intense focus, am far more articulate when I need to be and with this am going back to school and a 50 hour a week job which I would have never considered beforehand.

As with anything it is wise to trend lightly and see what works best. I don't expect the 'energy' associated with Adderall this is something to keep me alert, focused and all of the above without the crash and jitters of caffeine. There is no crash at all with Modafinil... I really have no idea when it wears off but it just tapers away.

Lastly, not sure why but some days it seems to work VERY well and others almost not at all. No idea why this would be the case but have noticed that if I don't sleep enough after a while it wears off. Taking more could change that but there is nothing wrong with giving myself some time off to give my body time to rest however needed.

Exp Year: 2013-2014ExpID: 103193
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 39
Published: Oct 7, 2019Views: 1,168
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Modafinil (217) : Performance Enhancement (50), Retrospective / Summary (11), Not Applicable (38)

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