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My First Experience of a Timeless Reality
by PabloEscobar
Citation:   PabloEscobar. "My First Experience of a Timeless Reality: An Experience with DMT (exp103216)". May 3, 2021.

1 hit smoked DMT (powder / crystals)


I can honestly say, that is the most profound experience of my life. For those of you who do not want to read this, simply don't, but for those who do, let your eyes continue flowing down the page.

I was not looking for the divine, or trying to get anything answered, I went into the experience with an open mind and I was feeling a little apprehensive as it was my first time. I am mentally stable and have no experience of previous psychotic events or anything like that. I have used psychedelics a handful of times, with mushrooms and LSD being the most frequent.

[Erowid Note: Two samples of powder (even of the same chemical) with equivalent volumes won't necessarily weigh the same. For this reason, eyeballing is an inaccurate and potentially dangerous method of measuring, particularly for substances that are active in very small amounts. See this article on The Importance of Measured Doses.]

It started within 20 seconds or so, and the whole 1 litre was done in one hit. I do not know the dose as it was eyeballed but I would imagine somewhere around the 30mg mark. It is so hard to actually write this as I cant fully remember what happened as I was no longer myself and my thoughts are totally scattered since coming back to this reality. Those who have done it will understand, and those who have not will need to try it to understand. I cant compare the effect to anything in this reality.

I was hesitant to go in complete blackness as I was on my own, and admittedly apprehensive about my first time. I don't recall hearing any noise as is so commonly associated with the onset. I had vibrating visuals and remember looking at my remote with the most intense OEV I have ever had. Then as time ticked, my whole vision was engulfed with blackness and as I tried to maintain a visual foothold in this reality I slipped into what can only be described as a different dimension for lack of vocabulary. While I was here, time did not exist and I remember trying to think or remember what time actually was. But it didn't matter that time did not exist, for if time does not exist then life is eternal. Before the blackness engulfed my vision, I remember looking at my swivel office chair and it was suddenly some Mayan/Aztec warrior face, like the kind the Crash Bandicoot has following himself as he navigates his world.

Fast forward what seemed like an eternity, but in reality was only a few minutes, and my mind is back in my body, still with strong OEV similar to mushrooms, I can say that I am truly a happy person and that I have been able to share this wonderful experience with all those who experienced it before me. I take my hat off to the ancient civilizations that discovered this incredible secret! I have found my new medicine of choice.

The only after effects I have felt, which are not profoundly positive are the inside of my mouth feels totally strange, like mildly burnt.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 103216
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: May 3, 2021Views: 136
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DMT (18) : First Times (2), Unknown Context (20)

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