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I Left Him to the Carpet
by Milky
Citation:   Milky. "I Left Him to the Carpet: An Experience with Ketamine (exp103374)". Dec 26, 2018.

2 lines insufflated Ketamine (powder / crystals)


Ketamin and Carpets

At the time of taking ketamine I was seventeen and it was at the suggestion of a friend called H. As a relatively inexperienced drug user (I owned a basic acrylic bong because I was too lazy to roll my joints but smoked pot infrequently) but with an interest in psychedelics I was keen to try it and we set out a time to pick up three grams. He was still relatively new to the drug scene as well but his enthusiasm rubbed off and by midnight as we were preparing the lines on my table I felt a sense of deep excitement.

At the time of taking it I was in a good mood with the sort of petty worries a seventeen year old could expect like girls and mates. The room itself had a skylight and calming open spaces complete with a soft, fluffy beanbags and a balcony, in short no bad vibes at all save a slightly ominous painting of a wedding dress. The biggest anxiety I had was waking my parents to me sprawled on the floor but they were relatively accepting about my activities and would likely assume it was just a joint too many.

With a wink H emptied one of the bags and divided it into four lines spread over two squares of the board. Rolling a fiver he quickly snorted his two, pulled his head back and beckoned me closer. The sensation was strange but not unpleasant, like slightly acrid sludge collecting at the back of my neck and mouth as I sniffed it in. With a grin we both lay down on alternate bean bags and waited for it to kick in silently.

Within five or so minutes I felt an intense weight and slothful feeling roll over my body as the metallic sludge spread from my nose deep into my torso. Mouth and gums completely numb I turned my head to my friend only to see him with his eyes closed slumped against the carpet. Taking this as a sign of us not being ripped off rather than perhaps a larger problem I lay deeper into the bean bag and stared into the above ceiling, enjoying the panorama of the dark night view against the white walls and quickly started hallucinating.

At first visuals were mild with small distortions, as if a pocket of my vision would swell up like a boil and distort the area around it but quickly they became more strong. Within roughly ten minutes the ceiling had come to resemble a kaleidoscope fresco of sorts and I was overtaken by a strong trip and sense of deja vu, with random sections of my day divided into each corner of my vision and playing simultaneously.

Meanwhile the body high was going strong and I felt totally numb. Limbs and features felt gigantic and mythical at first and almost alien, as if I was resting on top of a huge foreign creature.
Limbs and features felt gigantic and mythical at first and almost alien, as if I was resting on top of a huge foreign creature.
The smell and taste had settled and was largely ignored by the time the trip kicked in heavily.

The visuals eventually peaked with the image of lower case 'K's swirling around and the fractured events of my day slowly piecing together into one whole leading up to the very instant I did my first line. As I re-felt the sensation of the ketamine going up my nose I very briefly felt as I had totally lost my sense of self and very almost 'k-holed' into a much deeper trip. However the realisation that I had just done two lines of ketamine and the relived sensation of doing the lines created a strong and repulsive stimuli and I quickly 'woke up' feeling as if my head had been pulled out of a cold water bath.

Slowly coming to my surroundings, I examined the room and my friend and saw him still knocked out by my carpet. Grabbing some popcorn I worryingly tried to feed him but he just murmured to stop it, looked up blankly and smashed his head against the corner of my table. Not bleeding and seemingly unhurt (slightly obviously given the anaesthetic nature of ketamine) I left him to the carpet determining it better to leave him to his trip. Chewing over the popcorn I decided to experiment with the extent of the body high of ketamine while I was still awake (checking the time I realised it had been roughly an hour and a half since I had started). Quietly walking across the floor and resembling some sort of hunch backed Quasimodo I returned to my room and pulled out a pad of paper and pen and began to draw and browse the internet. After half an hour, unsatisfied with my attempts (the drug had still affected my motor skills and I was left drawing at a cartoonish level) I decided it would be a good idea to go to my balcony and see the cityscape.

Immediately as I opened the door and the air hit me I was struck by a peculiar urge to jump off. Dismissing this as a stupid fancy brought on by exaggerated stories of that friend of a friend who boiled himself alive on acid I gazed at the full moon and compared it mentally to a foggy eye. Pulling out my phone I realised it was still late into the night and nearly two in the morning but undeterred I called a friend 'Z', determined to share my experience and almost boastful that I had kept my sanity
I called a friend 'Z', determined to share my experience and almost boastful that I had kept my sanity
to a dose that had left my more experienced (and smaller) friend floored. Immediately he picked up and I realised he too was in a similar position. As a good friend talking was normally easy but I struggled to throw words out of my mouth and we both slurred and laughed our way through our nights experience. Satisfied I returned to the room, H now soundly drooling over my carpet, popcorn half chewed in his mouth. Pulling a blanket over him and making sure we had properly hidden the baggies I retired to my room, still unsure about the extent of my high two and half hours into the trip and promptly fell into a deep seemingly dreamless sleep.

Waking in the morning any sort of hangover from last night was mild and best described as a feeling of being stretched out or elastic. We grabbed breakfast outside and talked about last night, H revealing that he thought he had died completely and was likely done with the drug he had so briefly flirted with. H also reported nose bleeds later in the day although that could have been from a healthy cocaine habit.

I would continue to use ketamine, nasally and around the one gram mark, very infrequently throughout the year with greater success and being able to consistently achieve ego death without the feelings of terror or fright that some friends would describe before ultimately shelving it having felt that I had explored it for long enough.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 103374
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 17 
Published: Dec 26, 2018Views: 2,180
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Ketamine (31) : First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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