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First Time Breakthrough for a Friend
Pharmahuasca (Syrian Rue & DMT)
by Sam
Citation:   Sam. "First Time Breakthrough for a Friend: An Experience with Pharmahuasca (Syrian Rue & DMT) (exp103383)". Apr 28, 2021.

T+ 0:00
0.5 tsp oral Syrian Rue (seeds)
  T+ 0:30 100 mg oral DMT (freebase)
  T+ 2:00 50 mg vaporized DMT (freebase)
Having recently moved to a new part of the world to begin a new chapter in my life I've had the very good fortune of connecting with some great people. One of these people is about a decade younger than me and shares an interest in psychedelics, although his experience prior to meeting me had consisted of a few psychedelic truffle trips, one of them particularly deep, and this would be his first experience with DMT. I have a good vibe going with this person, we very quickly became friends and there are a fair few parallels in our personalities and how our minds work.

After a few shared truffle and MDMA experiences that were really great experiences on a number of levels, we thought it was time to kick things up a notch have a DMT session, he was curious and it had been a long while for me. We had had a botched Acacia confusa session previously that mainly resulted in a deep Syrian rue trance, and the discovery of its visionary potency when combined with some high quality vaporised cannabis (just swallowing a few seeds whole and then having a smoke) this time I thought we'd ingest the rue with some freebase DMT extract, and a bit later we would be smoking some to storm the brain on multiple fronts.

We had eaten lunch at 1, each eaten a banana around 3 and fasted after then. We prepared a Syrian rue tea, something I'd not done in a long time, as when I was younger and very new to ethnobotanical exploration I drank far too much rue tea at once and the experience had put me off a bit. But I'm glad we went this route. We did three half hour washes in water with a little lime juice added to assist with alkaloid extraction. A teaspoon of seeds was used, and they were brewed whole as I lacked the means to grind them and didn't really see the point, less messy this way and made pouring off the brew from the seeds very easy. The combined brew was boiled down briefly and then combined with a small amount of grapefruit juice. This did a very good job of masking the bitterness of the rue, and it had worked amazingly well with ground truffles an eve before.

We both in good spirits and good health and we prepared the living room with candles, incense, plants, curtains drawn, eye shades to hand. We drank the Syrian rue around 8:20 in the eve and each ingested 100mg of freebase DMT dissolved in a small glass of grapefruit juice half an hour later at 8:50. Then we lay down and awaited for effects, with purge bucket on hand just in case. I started to feel pretty spaced out from the rue, and got some pixellated glittering visuals, particularly with eyes closed. Around half an hour later I started to notice the DMT creep into my mind and visionary states and head spaces started to deepen with a distinct DMT architecture beginning to manifest. I started to feel a bit uncomfortable, and getting up to go the toilet prompted a sudden, but deep and easy purge around 45 mins after ingesting the DMT, after which I felt much better, physically and mentally. 10 mins later my friend purged also and also felt better. We both now felt in a state of profound warmth and comfort, a nourishing and wholesome feeling of peace. I did some throat singing which came very naturally and deepened the visionary architecture and unfolded the glittering realms behind closed eye lids.

Around half ten, an hour and 40 mins after ingesting the DMT, we decided it was time to vaporise. We would be using 50mg each, which may seem like a hefty dose given the circumstances, but I'm without my decent pipe and the one I currently have is a last minute Ebay purchase and was far from ideal, and I didn't want to risk a misfire. I would assist my friend with the vaporising, and then took the plunge after him. I only got a deepened state of relaxation for some reason and nothing beyond that, an experience that stands in incredible contrast to my friends experience, which he was written and I share below. The DMT was vaporised with a candle flame (worked very well for my breakthrough) and I told him the low down on smoking, and he had two good hits (not the best pipe, seems like you can only vaporise so much at one time), and at my encouragement he managed to take a third toke, and as he was toking on this he started to lose contact with his body and this reality.

My friend's experience...

After about 30min, I felt a change in perception because of the Syrian rue. 30 min later I ingested 100 mg of DMT crystals with some grapefruit juice. I went to lay in the bed, the room was cosy with the curtains closed, some candles, plants and Shpongle playing. 30min after ingestion I felt extremely relaxed and peaceful, slight visuals started to appear in my peripheral vision. I was feeling slightly nauseated and I felt it held me back a little bit, so after an hour or so I went to the toilet to purge. I felt great and euphoric afterwards and chilled some more in the bed. I was getting more and more withdrawn into myself and was shifting into deeper thoughts. It was very gentle though at the same time still quite strong and intense. It was a soothing feeling, at this level much less chaotic then my past truffle experiences has been at times. There were no real strong OEV’s, except things looked more real than real life. Around 2 hours in to the experience, we decided to smoke some DMT. My friend put 50mg inside a glass pipe, warmed it up with a candle and I took a deep hit and kept it inside the lungs for about 20 secs. I then took another deep hit but I felt something pulling, like some kind of gravity was sucking me in, almost like everything was getting sucked into a vacuum. I took another quick hit but before I could finish it I fell back, quickly put on my eye shades which were on my head already and then it started.

Words do not do justice to what happened and I can barely describe the experience. It felt like liquid nitrogen was injected into my brain, I felt everything crystalizing like ice and then everything shattered. My mouth opened and I left the world behind. Suddenly amazing and intense colours and patterns emerged and it felt like the universe was embracing me and told me to enter it, almost in the form of a very colourful being but not in the form of anything remotely human. I remember lots of red and yellow flickering colours, and a realm of intense joy, and light and bliss. I was nothing and everything, I could describe it as pure bliss, I was purely bliss. When I came back, the first word I muttered were ‘wow, there is life after death’. Then I was shifting between reality and dreams, there was no distinction anymore between what was real and what was a dream, there was no reality and there was no dream. On reentry, everything appeared to be visually composed of tiny squares, like looking through the eyes of a fly. It was quite a confusing phase, in some respects more confusing than the breakthrough experience which went far beyond this. Then for about 1 more hour I was starting to get more back into our reality and it was a kind of unpleasant phase because it left me confused and I was afraid I would never be the same as before.

This was one of the most intense and incredible experiences of my life and was beyond what I had considered possible...while I'm very thankful for I have no desire to pursue an experience of this magnitude or intensity for a long time.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 103383
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 29
Published: Apr 28, 2021Views: 818
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