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Major Mood Lift and Cuddling Intimacy
5-MAPB & Etizolam
Citation:   Sunbane. "Major Mood Lift and Cuddling Intimacy: An Experience with 5-MAPB & Etizolam (exp103398)". Oct 15, 2014.

T+ 0:00
2 mg oral Etizolam (liquid)
  T+ 0:30 125 mg oral 5-MAPB (capsule)
  T+ 7:45 4 mg oral Etizolam (liquid)
First I want to share my experience on dosage and re-dosing during a session.

I have had numerous previous experiences with 5-MAPB and found my preferred dosage is 125mg. 5-MAPB in my exp is quiet active so I would recommend new users to start with a low dose 50-75mg and adjust up if needed for your next session as you gain experience with the substance. For example my Wife has found 80mg to be her preferred dosage she is much lighter than me 120lbs, although I am not sure if body weight is a factor.

As far as re-dosing during a session is concerned, I would strongly recommend against it. First, when on a substance like 5-MAPB you tend to forget about risks so re-dosing during a session can result in taking more than is safe. Also, the re-dosing does not produce a great overall increase in effect or duration of the experience and is somewhat wasteful. The re-dose seems to mainly drag out the plateau part of the experience but only by a slight bit respective of the re-dose amount. My advice is save the re-dose and plan to use in the future for a better value and experience.

Now on to the report.

Exp & Setting & Mindset: Lots of exp with 5-MAPB although this is my first documented session. At home on a Saturday around 4pm with my wife who is also taking 5-MAPB. No one else around and nothing to do that night or the next day except relax. Mindset was normal except for the usual excitement/anticipation about the 5-MAPB session. Last meal was a large lunch about 4 hours ago since we know once we take the 5-MAPB we probably will not eat anything significant until breakfast the next day.

I took 2mg of Etizolam powder (measured volumetrically in PG) about 30 min prior to taking the 5-MAPB. I do this because I find the come up presents me with some anxious feelings and the 2mg of Etizolam completely removes the anxiety. This is definitely not required I have done 5-MAPB without Eitzolam and can work through the minor anxiety during come up. The anxiety I experience without Etizolam only lasts for about 15min right before the 5-MAPB 'hits' at which point all anxiety disappears. My Wife does not take any Etizolam prior to taking 5-MAPB although she does report a slight restlessness during come up.

0.00 (4pm) - I took 125mg of 5-MAPB powder weighted on an accurate milligram scale then transferred to an empty gelcap and swallowed with a full glass of water on an empty stomach (ate 4 hour prior). Wife took 80mg in the same manner. We put on some music and chill out talking and playing some Magic the Gathering while waiting for the 5-MAPB to come up and 'hit'. NOTE: Usually it takes 45-60 min for it to 'hit' me and 30-45 min to 'hit' for my Wife.

0h.30m - Wife notes she is beginning to feel the come up and decides to take a quick shower. I still do not really feel anything, but maybe something, its hard to tell the Etizolam probably dulls the come up a little. As mentioned before this is par for the course, in my exp I usually take a little longer to feel the come up than my Wife.

0h.45m - I begin to feel the come up effects. Best I can describe the come up effects are more energy, mild mood lift, and increased level of excitement, I want to say mild discomfort but that might be too negative I guess just a weird feeling. This is usually when I would experience mild anxiety until it 'hits' if not taking Etizolam but this time I feel no anxiety. Wife has finished her shower and I jump in to get a quick clean in. Plus I find the shower relaxing during that weird come up period and usually by the time I finish showering (10 min) the 5-MAPB will have often 'hit' or it will be about to and then its smooth sailing. Wife mention she is doing great and most likely I gather from her behavior she has fully come up and it has 'hit' for her.

1h.00m - Finished showering and now I feel the 5-MAPB has definitely 'hit'. I use the term 'hit' because both both my Wife and I always feel like one moment we are sort of feeling something then all of a sudden it 'hits' us like a brick (in a good way) and we know we are feeling it full force. I feel a very rapid transition. All my weird feelings during come up are totally evaporated and the slight mood lift is now a major one. Energy levels are even more elevated but not to the point where I feel 'speedy' just energetic in the best possible way. Feel very comfortable, open, and very empathetic. Best way to sum it up is I feel great. Join my Wife in the next room (bedroom) where she is listen to music on the bed.

1h.00m - 3h.00m - Wife and I use this time to be intimate physically and lots of cuddling. Some talking but nothing deep mostly physical things. My senses of touch, sound, and sight are all heightened and I feel waves of euphoria. Music is enrapturing and colors are slightly brighter or sharper hard to describe. I do not get any kind of visual hallucinations open or closed eye except for color shifts or whatever you want to call the brightening and sharpening of colors. I would say the sound and touch are more pronounced 'hallucinations' for the lack of a better word than any visuals. Also have an overwhelming sense of well-being and contentment. Wife shares similar sentiments with me about how she feels.

3h.00m - 5h.00m - We pretty much spend this time laying around or sitting around cuddling and talking about really deep topics. Kind of like a counseling session I guess but with no agenda just discussion and expression of our feelings. My Wife and I are open people with each other but the 5-MAPB takes that openness to another level. The amount of empathy I feel is immense and we really just have a great time talking for 2 hours about anything and everything. Best way I can describe this 2 hour section it is like hitting it off great on a first date with someone you have been dating or married to for 13 years.
Best way I can describe this 2 hour section it is like hitting it off great on a first date with someone you have been dating or married to for 13 years.
(if that makes any sense). Although we know each other so well we still talk and learn new things about each other. We don't just talk relationship stuff its all over the place we probably didn't stop saying anything for 2 hours. Sometime during this 2 hour section the waves of euphoria have not quiet stopped but are much further apart but I still feel great. Energy levels are high, mood is still elevated, still feeling very empathetic.

5h.00m - 6h.15m - We decide to go outside for a little stroll in the cool night air. We live in a small town and there is nice trail for walking that goes in the woods about 1/4 mile from our house so we head over to it and walk around. We are still both feeling great and very talkative. Feels great to be outside in the cool air and we kind of act like 10 years younger than we are horsing around. By the end of this 1 hour section i have not really felt any waves of euphoria but again i still feel great but i would say i am in the process of coming down. Wife agrees she is probably on the downside but still having great time. we decide to head back inside.

6h.15m - 7h.15m - We put some music on and decide to chill out and play a few card games of Magic the Gathering. Coming down for sure at this point still in great mood and happy just not as energetic and most notable is no more waves of euphoria.

7h.15m - In preparation for the end of the night we take some Etizolam. I take 4mg and my Wife takes 2mg. This helps put me to sleep and has some interesting side effect (see below).

7h.15 - 8h.45m? - We listened to more music and played some boardgames. This is always a fun time in our sessions because the Etizolam at the end of the session has an odd interaction that we always both experience.

I recall the first time it happened (this was some time ago 1 year or so during a previous session) i was concerned because my Wife experienced it first. Basically after a while you will start to have what i call like a waking dream. It is almost like you are sleepwalking but it only last for a few seconds (15 or so) then you back to reality. Like i said first time it happened to my wife i was worried but as soon as you get the person attention they snap out of it and can even recall it happening. I experienced the same thing just little while later. It presents some hilarious situations. Once it begin to happens very frequently we call it a night and go to bed.

So on this session my Wife's favorite waking dream of mine was we were playing a co-op game of Castle Panic and I start going off about needing to building bunkers and place marines in them. This is because I play a lot of StarCraft 2 and I must have nodded off with my eyes open dreaming about a StarCraft 2 match. She said something to me about not having bunkers in the game then laughed and i immediately came back to reality thats when we ended up calling it a night. Not sure of the exact time.

Slept about 8 hrs. Next day we both felt fine and went out to get a big breakfast since we were both staving. Felt fine rest of day but just relaxed and took it easy. Went to work on Monday and felt fine.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 103398
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 34
Published: Oct 15, 2014Views: 24,053
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5-MAPB (624), Etizolam (568) : General (1), Combinations (3), Sex Discussion (14), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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