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First Time Will Not Be My Last
by Earit
Citation:   Earit. "First Time Will Not Be My Last: An Experience with 25C-NBOMe (exp103431)". Dec 12, 2014.

1 hit sublingual 25C-NBOMe (blotter / tab)


I wrote this log after almost fully finished with a 25c trip. It was my first time ever doing hallucinogens. I've always stayed away because of my anxiety, but in the company of good friends, I felt confident and had looked into how to help maintain a positive trip. I'm sorry for what I don't know about the dosage. Also I apologize for any difficulty in reading this, it's my first one and wanted as much detail as possible so I could remember it all. I didn't edit or cut anything out, this is what I wrote last night.

Trip number one-
5/17 ~10pm - 5/18 now 230am

I took one tab of 25C acquired from DM. I took it at SP's house, on a whim, mostly out of curiosity. I gave ZG .5mg of xanax with instructions that if I were to go downhill in my trip, make me take that and it would help me come around. I gave S my keys to make sure I couldn't leave until I was straight to drive. I had consumed only 2 energy drinks earlier in the day and little to no caffeine before taking the 25C.

I've always been hesitant to try hallucinogens due to my bad anxiety and former issues with depression, but after reading about this research chemical, I was most interested in its pronounced visuals and shorter time frame than other hallucinogens. It was described as a more organic feel, which I can't compare because this was my first time. I took one tab under the tongue and it tasted disgusting. I'd guess after 15-30 minutes the affects were preliminarily in the feeling of my limbs and muscles. My toes and fingers went numb first, after that was a strange, artificial movement feeling in my muscles. I resisted to attribute it to the chem in thoughts of maybe a placebo affect.

After 30 minutes, it was clear that I was tripping. We made our way out to a fire in S's backyard and I sat in a reclining lawn chair. I spent a lot of time gazing at the stars and as I looked, noticed more and more (admittedly, more than probably were actually there!) stars. All of the brightest stars shimmered as though surrounded by fireworks and as I gazed, they seemed to form a fluid river and flowed through the big dipper like a river. I think early on, I saw lines as though connecting the dots, but this was forced to stop when the shimmering and fluid movement began.

I don't remember the conversation, but it was pleasant, general small talk, S was genuinely interested in fueling what I was seeing and hearing about it, ZG and JC were not but seemed amused by my behavior and statements. At times when I was looking at the stars, it would all feel a bit overwhelming and I could feel myself begin to panic a little. When this happened I closed my eyes, breathed deeply and experienced a sensation as though I were in a tube and nothing I didn't want in the tube with me could exist there. I quickly became comfortable again and enjoyed looking at the sky again without much more worry. I drank a beer (ZG would be mad if I didn't note here- Justin Blabber was the beer, very tasty sour beer, sweet berry notes in middle with a strong, tangy sour after taste. It was delicious!) and found that it was enjoyable, but I was concerned that everyone was disappointed in my not pouring into a glass. When I got the beer I was tripping, focusing on motor skills was very difficult and trying to figure out which glass was good to use proved overwhelming and I decided it wasn't worth it, plus, I didn't want any chance to break something for everyone's safety.

As I enjoyed the sky, I just felt high, it was very euphoric and childish. It felt like pure and true happiness. It was incredible. Also any seed of self doubt or insecurity was quickly dealt with, so I kept a great, positive mindset throughout. I do know that time doesn't really make sense while I was tripping, I kept trying to figure time out, how long A had been there or when AK was going to pick me up or how long it had even been since dinner. But none of the timing seemed to be weighted with any logic and even now, at 3am, seems to be no concern.

My girlfriend picked me up at 1225am, I was pretty cognizant. we came home and played with my dogs, Joey was exuberant to see me. I really enjoyed watching her enjoy the company of Joey and Nora. We went downstairs to my bed and had incredible, passionate sex. I didn't tell her this after, I might tomorrow, but I didn't get off on her physically, as I kept going in and out of my alerted state a little and my penis felt somewhat numb, there were points that I didn't know if I was inside her. I didn't care though because she seemed happy and she was in control, if she wanted something different, she could adjust accordingly. It was seriously just the passion of how hard we were loving that got me there.

We then went back upstairs and I enjoyed cookie dough ice cream. And watched tv before I showered alone. The shower was incredible. Even though at this point I'm not experiencing any alerted vision or perception, my physical touch sense seemed to be hyper sensitive. It was honesty one of the most incredible showers I've ever enjoyed and under the water I realized, it's falling accustomed to things like the showerheads that make a house a home. I wonder if this holds true to a relationship as well... The tiny details of a relationship are the difference between having a girlfriend and being in love. It makes all those silly little fights seem dumb...

Anyway I'm going to jot a couple more notes before I fall asleep, its now 3:06am and I feel little affect of the chem, besides still feeling really happy, euphoric. It's really really nice.

Things I liked, star gazing, Kat Williams, The Carbonaro Effect, ice cream, kissing my girlfriend, dark environments, warmer temperatures, showering, laying down, eating marshmallows.

Things I didn't like, when simple things felt too complicated (beer in a glass), feeling cold, muscles felt sore / itchy inside, metallic taste for about an hour, the way faces can look in fire light made me uncomfortable, Eminem made me uncomfortable.

Things to keep in mind for next time- more visual stimulus video or something, audio stimulus would have been nice, soothing electronic with a strong bass line could have made me so relaxed... Allow more than 4hrs for one tab.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 103431
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 25 
Published: Dec 12, 2014Views: 4,622
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25C-NBOMe (540) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Depression (15), Sex Discussion (14), First Times (2)

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