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DMT and Mushrooms Fans Look No Further
Citation:   Goddess Mode. "DMT and Mushrooms Fans Look No Further: An Experience with 4-AcO-DMT (exp103473)". Aug 2, 2017.

T+ 0:00
50 mg oral 4-AcO-DMT  
  T+ 0:30 1 cart. inhaled Nitrous Oxide (gas)
I am actually still on this dose of 4-AcO-DMT as we speak, and as of the writing of this sentence the time is T+3:05. I feel that that is an important part of the experience, as I will get to.

I went into this trip expecting it to be a bit lighter than expected, as influenced by the fact that I had taken five hits of LSD only three nights prior, and 100 mg of MDMA on the evening before that. I can maybe see how some parts of the experience were a little bit softer than they would have been had I gone into this with no considerable tolerance, but ultimately I felt like this was not an issue at all. However, before I knew that I decided to dose myself on 40 mg.

This was my first time using research chemicals which I had obtained myself through methods typical of such compounds, so I was definitely excited. I had also just received my first ever milligram scale, and wanted to see how it fared compared to other scales which, I have found much to my disappointment, almost seem to act like all the compounds I would like to measure on this scale don't even exist, like there's nothing on them to begin with. Because of this past experience I was understandably a little untrusting of my new scale, but once I started using it it seemed to hold up. I did however accidentally put too much powder on, so it came out to 50 mg. After one last paranoid comparison between the amount of powder on the scale and the amount left in the baggie, calculating in my mind whether or not this seemed to be about the right size, I decided that it was time to swallow it at 8:30 PM, my T+0:00.

Immediately after dosing I decided to use the bathroom, and in the meantime I started running a bath for myself. I also brought with me the means to watch Netflix, and I set up an episode of How I Met Your Mother, perhaps influenced by reading a recent and very notable ibogaine short story (though honestly, I just love this show anyway and have been watching it quite a lot lately). When I had first prepared for this experience I was actually hoping for something a bit relaxing, so I was hoping that the bath would help me get into the right mindset, and I figured that it would also help calm the head pressure for me which often accompanies the more intense parts of a psychedelic trip. It did seem to help in this way, but really that was pretty far from my mind at the time.

By T+0:15, I knew for a fact that I had gotten myself into much more than I had hoped for. I was already getting strong visual distortions creeping up around me, and not only that - these visuals were in fact completely indistinguishable for me from the visuals I get when coming up on DMT, which I am quite familiar with in this bathtub so it just fit even more perfectly. It was so much like them in fact that I was filled with an unmistakable panic that my planned relaxing night was about to turn into an eight hour DMT-style bitch slap for taking this compound lightly. After only a quick moment's hesitation, I decided that in a bath watching Netflix was not where I needed to be in that moment
After only a quick moment's hesitation, I decided that in a bath watching Netflix was not where I needed to be in that moment
, so I pulled the plug on that plan and moved myself into my bedroom around T+0:30.

So far during this experience I had actually felt a good bit of nausea, which is pretty unusual for me with psychedelics. I couldn't help but realize that this may become a more common experience for me now that I'm not smoking weed anymore. I was actually experiencing a good amount of anxiety about my life choices and behaviors at this point, though considering how the intensity of this trip caught me off guard in retrospect this does not surprise me at all. No part of these worries remained after this phase of the trip passed, and I feel that it has actually left me even more reassured than I was going in that I'm finally on the right path in life. I did decide though to do one charger of nitrous despite wanting to not use it for a couple of weeks at least for my own good, but really for no other reason than to lessen the nausea. This amount of nitrous is a total waste for me as far as using it for tripping is concerned. I also in my haste lost one charger between the cracks of my bed, probably mixed up forever among many of its already used up kin. It definitely did help with the nausea a good amount, and though it came back a little bit not too long after the balloon wore off, it was never as strong as it had been beforehand.

The trip at this point was still practically impossible to tell apart from DMT; I felt as though in a blind taste test there would have been no way for me to tell them apart. Though, I did feel that if I got to know this compound well enough I could probably pick out some differences. I did feel that there might have been a slightly different color scheme, for instance, and I'm sure that some of the hyperspace themes can be a little different when you totally get into it. But the way that DMT rips my ego apart was undeniably there, and I've never felt that even remotely on any other psychedelic before. This is truly a compound in the same league as DMT, without question.

Thankfully for me, the intensity of this trip never evolved into the overwhelming and inescapable and incomprehensibly complex visions of DMT hyperspace, but it was shockingly close to it. If I had gone into this with no tolerance at all, I'm sure it would have been a complete blast off. Interestingly though, and one of the only things that was in stark contrast to DMT, with the adrenaline rush feeling it gives me, I actually felt pretty sedated, almost like I could fall asleep if I actually wanted to. Everything I've been saying so far has been in comparison to smoked DMT, but to me this effect was much more like the IM administration route. It was calm on the body, very benign, though the anxiety was translating into some rough physical edges here and there. I was yawning a lot though and my eyes were tearing up, both very common for my on tryptamines. But almost as quickly as this state had emerged - and I really can't overstate how quickly and fiercely it hit - it was suddenly passing by me, and the experience was beginning to transform into something else.

The state that I had been in was starting to become a fleeting memory, like a dream or basically any normal DMT trip for me. I was becoming filled with what felt like a boundless energy, which was honestly the very first point at any time during this experience that I would say that it felt at all like mushrooms. Based on a forum post I made, this was happening at some point around T+2:00. From that point on, the similarities to the mushroom experience I'm familiar with only grew, and at the same time the comparisons to DMT became much fewer.

For me, mushrooms are very stimulating and sexual. The first time I ever took them I ended up running around the house screaming to myself as they were coming up. They also fill me with a lustiness which I can only really compare to LSD, though it doesn't feel quite as physical or 'human' as I would describe the LSD experience. This is totally different for me from DMT, which, though I do find it to be highly conceptually sexual, in the moment is rarely erotic to me at all (though when it is, WOW). This shift from the DMT-like effects to mushroom-like effects I got was extremely obvious to me, as the trip did become characterized much more as I just described from that point on. Because of this I am quite compelled to say that the 4-AcO-DMT metabolizing into psilocin was playing a big role here, because I've honestly never felt anything so similar to the kind of body energy and mindset it gives me as this. But of course, I could never say for sure why I was feeling the way I did; it could totally understandably just be from very similar pharmacology.

One thing I can definitely say that was different about this phase of the trip for me from mushrooms is that those always give me a very loopy (like literally, in the repeating yourself sense) thought process and make me feel extremely dissociated, to the point that even though I do have all that energy, I'm likely to repeatedly come back to reality finding myself seated on various couches around the house just staring off into space. On the other hand, this second phase of the 4-AcO-DMT was the most beautiful combination of lucid and energized I have ever experienced from any drug
this second phase of the 4-AcO-DMT was the most beautiful combination of lucid and energized I have ever experienced from any drug
, hands down. As far as I'm concerned, it was completely indistinguishable from being sober, but I just had tons of energy and was happier than normal, and there was some visual distortion going on around me still, but much calmer and more flowing. It was an incredible feeling. Despite the difference, in many ways I felt as though this was actually comparable to feeling MDA after the peak of MDMA, or 11-OH-THC after smoking weed, in the sense that I am in fact feeling that compound, but it feels just a lot more lucid than it would had I just taken that itself (or eaten the weed) just because of the craziness of what I've experienced immediately beforehand. Sort of like after the peak of a mushroom trip for me, but if the whole trip was like that, and right after smoking DMT.

With my newfound energy, I ended up going outside and appreciating nature for a bit, and then coming back in and listening to Shakira songs for a while. Everything just felt better than it would normally, and I was more introspective and reflective than normal. I thought about a lot of things that have been going on in my life lately, and a lot of things that I need to do to set right some wrongs that I have unfortunately found myself partaking in recently. It was very much like the typical mushroom experience for me in this respect as well, just a bit less critical, more accepting and loving. Mostly though, I just couldn't get over how amazing I felt despite feeling completely and utterly together, almost like I hadn't even taken a drug at all but just found myself suddenly overwhelmed with a desire to move and love life.

I seriously cannot say enough good things about this state; for a psychotherapeutic trip without feeling really 'fucked up' or anything, this is for me the best I have yet found by a wide margin. It makes trips like 4-HO-MiPT and LSD seem significantly distinct from lucidity for me, and those are two of my favorite most lucid experiences, so that's saying something. It's worth noting too that the fact that this is my first trip not smoking weed even once from start to finish in years probably played a role as well, but I can definitely notice some differences. This was a lucid trip like no other. It was in fact due to a combination of this mental freedom and energy and an immediate, overwhelming need to share my experience with anyone who will listen which for me nearly always follows a DMT trip, and so not surprisingly was a part of this trip as well, that I decided to start writing this trip report before I even came down. (See, I said I'd get to it.) This is another part of the experience which to me is so similar to DMT, I felt I just had to highlight it.

So, that pretty much leaves me where I am now. What I can say about this drug? In my experience so far, it basically feels like a DMT trip followed by an extremely together mushroom trip, like far more together than any mushroom trip could normally be. It wasn't exactly what I initially had in mind for the evening, or at least the first part of it wasn't (the second part has been great!), but it is without doubt an extremely valuable psychedelic ally; the incredible significance of this compound is not lost on me.

But for now, I'm off to enjoy the rest of my introspective mindset. Stay safe, travelers!

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 103473
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Aug 2, 2017Views: 5,253
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