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A Euphoric Afternoon
2C-B & Beer
Citation:   2cbguy. "A Euphoric Afternoon: An Experience with 2C-B & Beer (exp103500)". Erowid.org. Feb 13, 2022. erowid.org/exp/103500

  oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine
  20 mg oral 2C-B
This was my 3rd experience with 2C-B and I spent it with my best friend. I've experienced 2C-B 4 times in total by now and this experience was the most positive so far.

It was a beautiful march afternoon with the sun shining bright in the sky. To avoid boredom and to have a special experience I suggested my friend that we should take 2C-B again and take a walk in a large park in our city.

He immediately agreed and we went about measuring out 20mg each and ingested it hastily because I knew that it would take around an hour to kick in and we should get the most out of the sunny weather before sunset.

We headed out to the bus station, discussing how fun this experience will be. I was anxious, as always but I knew what I was in for since I have taken 20mg before and was familiar with its effects. Once we arrived in the park we went about finding a sunny sport were we could relax and await the effects setting in.

The effects set in very slowly, kind of following an exponential curve. First, the body effects set in. I felt out of place and my mind was a bit disconnected from my body. We had drank a bottle of beer each and it turned out to be a bad idea because my stomach had a hard time handling it with the 2C-B. The sunset was approaching and it was getting colder, so we decided to head back to my appartement, which, in the end, was pretty intense. I had to stop a couple of times for my stomach to settle and to not throw up from the beer + 2C-B combo.

We sat down on a bench to drink the beer up. I became really anxious, again because my mind felt disconnected from my body and I was thinking about what the people going by would think of us sitting there. My friend assured me, that they would think nothing of us which I gladly accepted but my anxiety was still there.

We decided to walk to the bus stop to take the bus home but holy shit we were feeling electric. The whole time I had this electric buzz in me which was typical for all my previous 2C-B trips. I felt really energetic and somewhat euphoric and had to struggle to stay calm and not arouse suspicion.
I had this electric buzz in me which was typical for all my previous 2C-B trips. I felt really energetic and somewhat euphoric and had to struggle to stay calm and not arouse suspicion.
A police car drove past us and I was praying to god that they wouldn't notice us acting weird or something (which I'm pretty sure we weren't lol, again the anxiety).

The other half of the trip back to the appartment was better and I felt like I was floating above ground, feeling the energy pulsating inside me, feeling strong but having some masochistic thoughts. The typical buzzing and wet feeling I associate with 2C-B was there all the time.

Arriving at my appartment we settled in to relax ourselves and this was when I hit the peak of the experience. I seemed to move flawlessly and much faster through my appartment and voices seemed sharper and I could hear the echos of the voices from the walls which was pretty amazing. I lay down on my bed, exhausted from the intensity of the walk back and this was when I had the first visuals ever on 2C-B. I was looking at a hallway, one resembling the hallway one might witness in a DMT experience. It wasn't a long lasting visual and the hallway moves from my right side of vision to the left but I could easily see through it.

My friend and I decided to get on the internet and watch some youtube videos or whatever and this was when I first got the staggered vision effects I experienced before on this substance. It was like I was experiencing everything in 25 fps and my field of vision was constantly flashing, being the most dark on the sides. This is one of the effects I hate on 2C-B because it is kind of annoying seeing everything in 25 fps.

When I looked at the white walls they seemed to change color but they didn't. Every time I looked up at the wall I would think that it would change its color into blue, green, yellow or red but if I stared longer than some of it would stay white. This was the second weird thing since on mushrooms I actually see the colours and not this weird combination of seeing them 50% and thinking them 50%.

The peak subsided fairly quickly (lasted about 30 min) and the long comedown (~2.5h) set in, in which we just talked a lot, feeling quite stimulated but also jittery and emotional. We talked about our experiences of the past semester and what we loved about it. We laughed quite a lot and were probably a bit too loud for the neighbours. Nothing special happened from this point on and the stimulation lasted for another 4-5 hours which prevented me from falling asleep.

To sum up, this was a fun experience, though not very intellectually stimulating since the experience mostly consisted of euphoria, euphoric, a little bit psychedelic thought processes and a strong body high + stimulation. The experience lasted around 5 hours, not counting in the mental stimulation afterwards.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 103500
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18
Published: Feb 13, 2022Views: 765
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Alcohol - Beer/Wine (199), 2C-B (52) : Glowing Experiences (4), Combinations (3), General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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