Makes Me Question Several Conventions
Salvia divinorum
by tim
Citation:   tim. "Makes Me Question Several Conventions: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (exp103503)". Jul 1, 2019.

10 leaves buccal Salvia divinorum (fresh)
BODY WEIGHT: 77.8 kg
An Encounter With Salvia

I may have gotten some bits of the experience out of sequence in these notes. It all happened within about an hour.

Chewed 10 chewed large leaves for about 1/2 hr then spat at feet of the plant - doing this felt very important, as if the plant wished to return to whence she came and be reborn next year.

Strong impression that someone was trying to teach me - hence an urgent feeling that I should make notes, which I proceeded to do. In between jotting down notes I had my eyes closed.
In between jotting down notes I had my eyes closed.
I apologise if one or two of my comments are slightly incoherent. I added further commentary afterwards.

It seemed a version of me went for a visit to a world where a version of me was protected in red rubber from a red rubber world.

The reality of 'versions' of me -different versions of myself- in different worlds seems obvious on salvia. Why I don't know. Perhaps because you do experience from the position of the 'I' different lives and worlds, or so it seems. I tend to regard the other worlds and characters as real, although I have no proof. But I suppose you could say the same about my 'I' in this world as well as this world itself. How do I know they are real when I'm not experiencing them? What I can work with in some way - hear, feel, see etc I might as well accord some objective reality in a pragmatic sense.

You went for a trip but had a layer of rubber protecting you applied by a benevolent creature who watched and wrote this and who watched the person writing this. Not sure whose mind I exist in as I complete this. Lost him he was pretending with another to be me.
Leaving alot of this behind,
I was in a room in an audience and reluctantly broke out to write this.
In another experience I lost my physical form and became nothing. No sense of panic, it seemed interesting and wonderful.
In another I could feel my tummy strongly for some reason.

Don't forget the circling and tumbling at the start and turning into a woman, which I liked. Sense of my physical structure changing into and being permeated by circles. As if alternatively a portal in space opened and I experienced someone else's world. (But still my world as I get the impression that I am everyone/everyone is me). Slower entry into the salvia world than when using tincture. The sense of separation assumed gives you your separate world perhaps. Don't assume it and perhaps you can pick up others. Maybe salvia suspends the assumption, along with others, for a while.

As that assumption slowly seeps back I feel cold and put on a tracksuit top. My conventional world starts to come back together.

The feeling of mundanity and everydayness of the activities going on in these apparent alternate dimensions struck me again. Some of the colors and forms reminded me of my childhood and could be memory based.
Some of the colors and forms reminded me of my childhood and could be memory based.
They had this intensity and innocence.

Then travel. A feeling like moving through the soil and grass - which I might dismiss as nothing but am being told as I feel it that it is profoundly meaningful.

So entities have grabbed me and it feels like they are re-making me.Twisting and turning with my space and physical perceptions of me. They cohabit in lots of this space with me. I care for the salvia goddess. How could I not?

When having the salvia experience I asked myself who has the salvia experience and doesn't want to open his eyes becuase he goes back to being someone else? Who is it who opens his eyes? His body gets used in a different way. The salvia consciousness seems subtler, at least doesn't use this body.

I have underrated the how much salvia would affect me. As I slowly come down I have to make an effort to realize where I'm going back to, to reconstruct the world I've come from.

I remember a sense of becoming oneness, like ice cream or toffee, actual ice cream! (-:

I note that at several points I lost consciousness of my body and when I regained it, felt most relaxed. Especially when I was aware of this turned off/turned down signal from parts of my body. Felt calm. Like parts of my nervous system had been re-booted.

I still see the plant as sacred. Must not forget that.

This experience had several distinguishable phases, along with much else that I either forget or cannot transduce/translate.

1 The twisting/circling becoming a woman/crossing into the altered state. This marked the beginning of the salvia experience and loss of ordinary consciousness. I think I could feel myself trying to hold onto aspects of the room and my ego as the salvia trip gradually swept them away in the onset of emotions images and thoughts and bodily sensations.

2 The red rubber wall, behind which I lay, but in front of which I was situated too, with someone watching me, paternally. This had definite aspects of childhood - the red rubber wall was in some ways more like a covering or a toy.

3 The bodily relaxation.

4 Forgetting who and where I was (what world I'm from and where exactly I'm located in it). Slow return to this space after an hour or so. Switched back and forth between worlds several times when I opened my eyes to record what was going on, then closed my eyes and slipped back into the trip.

5 The physical sensations. Occasion when I felt bits of the body were disappearing, each as I applied my attention to it. Then the hot sensation in my tummy.

Enveloping and deep salvia trip, completely engaging. I need solitude and silence to absorb and make some sense of it and the way it fucks up my normal senses and cognition. Forgot to mention it affects my sense of balance so I wouldn't walk around on salvia.

Along with my other salvia trips it makes me question several conventions, leaving me (as usual) with a sense of astonishment as I come out of it.

One convention is the self, because I seem to always completely forget who I am in 'this' (conventional) world and yet can still function in the salvia trip with entities talking to me etc. So do we have multiple selves and do we normally close ourselves off from the infinite diversity of our 'selves'? Or am I just crazy? (-:

Another convention is time and space which salvia violates, or seems to, BIGTIME. I appear to access other worlds or universes (sometimes impossible ones!). These may reside solely in my hallucinating head but I see this as an open question, to say the least. And so much sometimes happens, in such a small period of 'clock' time, events that I visualise and participate in (indeed seem to 'perceive', rather than imagine) that I question the validity of our normal measure of time, other than as a pragmatic device.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 103503
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 51
Published: Jul 1, 2019Views: 899
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