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Keep Forgetting That I Didn't Take Shrooms
by cybesvibes
Citation:   cybesvibes. "Keep Forgetting That I Didn't Take Shrooms: An Experience with 4-AcO-DMT (exp103510)". Mar 18, 2021.

30 mg oral 4-AcO-DMT (pill / tablet)


4aces -- the Experience as It Happened

This is my first experience with 4-AcO-DMT, and to preserve the spirit and intensity of the trip, I will (attempt to) type out this trip report as it is happening.

A little background to start off to burn some time while I wait. I have had a plethora of experiences with various psychoactive drugs; including (but not limited to) MDMA, pot (given), mushrooms on a few occasions, opiates and benzos, kava, kratom, fly agaric mushrooms, synthetic cannabinoids, and probably a few other that I cannot recall at the moment. Needless to say, I'm accustomed to the feeling.

Aside from recently trying 25b-NBOme (sp?), it has been over a year since I have dived into the psychadelic realm, so I was elated to see my package of 30mg tablets arive today. I have done extensive research on this chemical; the effects, the dosage and duration, and a myriad of experiences, so I have a general idea of what to expect.

I'll try to update around 3 times per hour, using Shulgin's PiHKAL scale for trip intensity.

This trip was typed firsthand as the experience was happening. This report is unedited, but to clarify, remarks made in retrospect are made in the following fashion

/// notes made in retrospect ///


[T +0:00 | 7:30p] BASELINE
Dropped the tablet in water and it just started dissolving! I had never seen that before; this stuff must be pretty pure. Taste was quite bitter, but definitely not unbearable. Last thing I ate was roughly two hours ago, so the onset shouldn't take too long (I hope). I'm kinda hungry, actually, but will abstain from eating at least until I plateau. To pass the time, I decided to queue up the remake of Alice in Wonderland. That movie is an acid trip (hah). I also have playlist of some good, mellow trance-like music on standby. I'm pretty excited, and a little apprehensive;

I read 30mg is a pretty strong dose. Ready for a good time! :)

... Let the games begin.

[T +0:11 | 7:41p] +
No way, am I already coming up? I feel a slight dizziness and subtle body buzz. Along with that, my heart is racing; but that is probably because I'm slightly anxious. Colors are starting to pop, just slightly. Could just be placebo, but I'm slightly terrified of what's to come.

/// First alert, was not placebo; already up to a ++, and coming up quickly! ///

A few minutes later, my teeth are tingling and the buzz begins to get a little stronger. My ears are ringing, as if I just got out of a concert or something. This is definitely not placebo. Typing is becoming quite a task. Normally, I type roughly 80wpm, but am now hindered to 30 or 40. The faces in the movie are morphing. Their expressions are exaggerated and colors are.... green. I see a lot of green and red. In my peripherals, I see a complex lattice pattern of white and silver and a crossed yet circular pattern in the middle of my screen. Its hard to explain.

Some note on the physical aspects: it makes me feel warm. Pupils are pretty dilated

[T +0:30 | 8:00p] ++
So much in so little time! I can tell that this will be an amazing experience. I wasn't 10 minutes into the movie and it was already overwhelming. I had to stop, and instead, resorted to playing video games. I'm not liking how the body load is making me feel. Has a very uneasy edge to it.

I discover very quickly that doing time updates would be worthless, so from this point forth, I will just be describing the effects as they happen:

Playing video games was a good idea, it has allowed me to control the trip, rather than feeling like I am spiraling out of control into some unknown abyss.

/// Prior to that, I was feeling overwhelmed by sensory input. I felt lightheaded and had a pretty decent body buzz going. Colors were extraordinary and it was very hard to focus on anything because of the mild, yet persistant hallucinations. It felt like induced psychosis; which is something I feel on shrooms as well. [+++], T +0:50///

This is a blast! Things started taking a turn for the better. Everything appears to breathe. Objects in this game look like theyre emanating some kind of... well... Its like a nova (for all of the space-nerds), where a star sheds its atmosphere, but every object in the game has that. Words look all puffed up too, its very familiar to shrooms in that regard.

/// This was hard to describe, but I found the words. Everything had a membrane around it (in the video game). To help describe this, its like looking at an x-ray; where the bones are clear and easy to see, while the lesser dense material is mostly transparent. [+++] T: +1:00 ///

I'm becoming very introspective, analyzing my past, uprooting any suppressed memories and emotions. This song I'm listening to (Heaven, by The Walkmen) might have something to do with that. I'm completely lost in the music. Typing seems almost autonomous.

/// T +1:20 ///

Man this is weird, in every aspect. I just had the most amazing yawn that felt like the weight of the world was lifted off my shoulders; and it was perfectly synced up with the music too. This playlist rocks!

Later, I watch a video of a simulation of the universe's creation and it nearly brings tears to my eyes. I am in complete awe of how vastly complex our universe really is. How intermolecular forces keep us together and just the vastness and entirity of the universe. It's... just amazing. I don't even have the vocabulary to describe it.

/// [+++] T: +1:30 ///

I looked outside to see the most incredible sunset. It had been raining all day long, and the clouds just started to clear to reveal a brilliant red-orange striation superimposed by the dark blue background of the horizon. This would be breathtaking sober, but it is impossibly magnificent on this. The feeling is so similar to shrooms, I keep forgetting that I didn't take shrooms!
The feeling is so similar to shrooms, I keep forgetting that I didn't take shrooms!

/// [++] T: +1:50///

I've definitely seemed to plateau. Effects are about like taking two grams of shrooms. I can straighten out if I need to, but at the same time space out with mild CEV/OEV; more morphing rather than hallucinations. I'm not sure what brought it up, but crossing my hands to where my fingers make a lattice pattern was quite amusing. It looked like my fingers were disconnected and just floating in space.

Its about three hours since I ingested the pills and I'm pretty much back to baseline; with still a few visual distortions.

/// Baseline to baseline took about four hours for me. It was pretty hard to sleep that night, but it could have been because my sleep schedule was recently altered by a few hours. The body load felt very edgy to me, contrary to other peoples' euphoria and bliss; but that could very well have been because of my anxiety during and following the onset of the trip. My original intentions were to use this as a psycho-therapudic, but I assume my dose wasn't strong enough to induce the effects I was after. Perhaps next time I'll take 40mg.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 103510
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Mar 18, 2021Views: 176
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