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Euphorically Insane
Citation:   Geodaddy. "Euphorically Insane: An Experience with 25I-NBOMe (exp103523)". Aug 30, 2017.

2 hits buccal 25I-NBOMe (blotter / tab)
On the day that my sheet of 25i came in the mail, despite not being home alone, I had privacy for the next few hours, so I decided to place 1 tab, rated at 1000ug, between my upper lip and gums.

T 0:00

I made some further edits to my google music playlist, my PC environment, and made sure my room was clean and I wouldn't trip over anything. I then went to take a shower. I turned the water on, and it was taking a while to become hot.

So I used that opportunity to go get another tab, and place it between my lower lip and gums. Around 5-10 minutes into my shower, I could feel a static energy building in my body. The steam seemed to become crisp. I chewed the tabs and swallowed after having the bits across my gums for around 15 minutes.

T 0:20

I'm back in my room, sitting in front of my computer. The energy is already quite powerful now. I'm sitting straight up, listening to Boards of Canada-Geogaddi for the first time. And the song sounds like the universe is starting up. Which is exactly how my body felt. The energy felt like an 8 out of ten at the start of the song, and by 30 seconds in, the energy was at an 11.

Before this minute long introductory song is over, visuals appear on my desk. I haven't touched nature valley bars since this day, but it appeared as though my desk was covered with crumbs. When attempting to swipe them away, they didn't go away. This bothered me, so I went to another part of the house to get my blanket. Standing in front of a closet for so long, my mother finds me confusedly looking for my favorite blue blanket. She's says 'its right there'. She hands it to me. The blanket did not appear blue. 'Are you okay?' 'I'm okay don't worry'.

T 0:30

Upon returning to my room and sitting at my desk, my PC is on my desk. I accidentally disconnect my headphones. My mind is extremely heavy by now, and I struggled for about 4 minutes trying to get google music working again. Once I connected the headphones, my attention was now on my keyboard and mouse. And my ability to use my computer was pretty much shattered. Despite closing out unnecessary windows before the trip, navigation was still impossible. At this point, I had given up on trying to do things, and my mind had now began to form and follow through on thoughts. It started off with me looking at the objects in my room, the things such as my hoodie that made my life better.

The thoughts soon evolved. I was thinking about my google music, and its importance, and then all the information on my google account, and what it said about me. Thinking began about what can be learned from information databases that google has access to, the NSA, the US government. My sanity was quickly slipping away from me. I still had control over my body, but upon examining my thoughts, I knew I was losing my mind. It's truly hard to remember specifics, but if I thought about something, and wondered why something was a certain way, my mind would immediately accept my first explanation as fact.

I stepped away from the computer and sat in a chair under sunlight. Powerful visuals formed within 2 minutes, open - eyed visuals obscuring my vision almost completely. From then on, everything looked like an oil painting. The visuals were bothering me, and almost as if by will, they went away, but my mind was still racing with psychotic thoughts. Everything still looked like an oil painting the rest of the day though. I went to talk to my brother because I was concerned I would have lost my mind beyond repair if I didn't create some sort of connection to reality.

T 0:45

So I went inside, removing my privacy. The euphoria was 8/10 at this point, I was sitting on the floor grinning stupidly at my mom and brother, talking about how we can totally make money on the internet. The entire time, I was trying to refrain from revealing the secret, that my mind was completely lost. My mother told me I should go to sleep, something which wasn't physically possible. I reassured her I was okay.

T 1:00

I had completely forgotten I had taken any drugs at all, and would not be aware that I had taken drugs for another roughly 20 hours.
I had completely forgotten I had taken any drugs at all, and would not be aware that I had taken drugs for another roughly 20 hours.
I had crawled over to our huge carpet in the living room to play with my dog. I crawl often playing with him, but my crawling was because I couldn't walk. In fact, my motion would be extremely limited for the next few hours.

T 1:00-4:00???

I had entered a trance sort of state. My concerns and slight bad vibes about losing my mind were gone. Because I had lost it already. My mom and brother attempted talking to me, but their words had no impact, aside from making minor influences in my daytime dream. I found myself vividly re-experiencing things from elementary school. Things I haven't thought about since experiencing the first time, yet the re-experience was so extremely vivid. In real life, when I did 'come back' to my living room, I was in such a profound state of euphoria. Rating MDMA at a 8, my experience here was a 22. I think very few humans ever experience this, and I never will again.

Soon, my ego died, and everything turned to black. If I thought about something, I visually saw it. And whatever I wanted to hear, I heard it. I thought about the two girls I cared about most in my life, and the supreme being, me, could manifest them. But I could only see one at a time. If I said one's name, I saw her. If I said the other name, she morphed in place of the other. My biggest regret is attempting to fuck her in my dream, all while my family is watching me on this carpet saying the names. What the hell I did there, was never mentioned, and hopefully my motions existed only in my head.

Because of these perceived powers, I felt like I unlocked a higher plane of consciousness, and I made contact with someone much like the architect of the matrix. There was no face or voice, simply words existing. I don't think my lack of motion was because my physical ability was lost, I was simply happy to sit there and explore my head. I think about the origin of things, and that this guy created them. So, looking at my dog, a white dog tinted by the afternoon sun, he looked like the yellow 'doge' dog. I 'thought', the architect was asking me, which did he think of creating first: the phrase 'lol' (laugh out loud), or doge. The third option was 'God'. I chose 'lol' and I was right! He rewarded me with more questions. Soon, the questions became so important and I realized it: My entire life, my childhood visions, they are all a manifested experience. This guy is simply one of many aliens scattered around the galaxy. Earth is simply an experiment constructed for me. Earth is his experiment for this test, for this moment, for me. And if I answer the questions correctly, I'm going to win a place among the aliens.

I had reached victory, there was a sort of number starting at 8000 and soon it became 1 as I answered questions. And when I answered the question after 1, the alien congratulated me, and requested I come claim my spot. My vision was still black, all I saw was images of the questions, and now there was no image. The alien's light was walking away. I couldn't go claim it. I was being held down by some massive pressure. (in reality, my family was holding me down to the carpet) This made me lose my shit completely, I burst out of their grasp with all my force, running into a wall. The elevator scene in Captain America: The Winter Soldier recreated the experience perfectly. Some time after, I remember running again. This time I had claimed the prize and I had manifested suits and earpieces on my family members. They were in on the experiment, and they were happy I won. If I didn't the alien would just destroy earth! They sighed in relief. Them holding me back was the final test. This time I looked down, and there was a red puddle below me. (bleeding from the knee, scarred today) The next memory, my mom put me in the shower for some reason. I felt trapped so I got up and charged at the shower wall. I'm a winner, why am I so confined? The next memory is in a bedroom, still being held by my family, so once again, I ran, this time into a glass window.

T 6:00-9 ??

They probably got me in bed by then, but I still haven't responded to anything they have said for 4 hours?? So they put me in the car and we were off to the hospital. I was trapped once again, this time by a seatbelt, which I couldnt figure out how to take off while lying down. I remember being wheeled into the hospital and liking how it smelled. I thought we were at a swimming pool building, so I manifested the smell of a swimming pool. Once in a room I was strapped down once again, my neck fucking hurt (the worst part of the experience, but still euphoric). I was asked dozens of times what I took. But, finally hearing a guy list off a bunch of drugs, I thought he was asking what I like the most and he was going to bring the saviour of earth some, so when I heard MDMA, I mumbled MDMA.

The visuals sitting down in the bed: I imagined the nurse giving me a blunt, I tasted it and saw the smoke. There was a line of events happening, nurses at the side of the bed, a police officer looking guy, and the events seemed to repeat. Some things were actually happening, others were not. I was fidgeting my body in accord with these events and thought it was also part of the game. If I did the correct things, my life would be extended. If I did the wrong thing, I would immediately die. In retrospect I think perhaps it was because my vision began fading when I was motionless, and movement brought in light.

I think they gave me something to counteract the mdma or perhaps nothing at all, but soon the visuals took an entirely different turn. A nurse walked in and her face morphed into something of a humanoid insect, and the blue curtain began to appear like a grey translucent webby material. And the objects in the room and on the wall took steampunk forms. The rooms in the hallway appeared to be shaped like eggs, made from the same translucent material. The rooms were shuffling and sorting themselves for efficient use. I was in my alien ship. I finally fell asleep, with the potential to see more if I forced myself to stay awake, but I haven't been more drained than that moment.

T 2am?? (didn't see any windows so don't remember time of day)

I woke up entirely sober, easily removing the straps. Walked into the hospital area wondering where my aliens went, then went back to bed.

It's taken months for me to piece this together in my mind but there is a lot that is still too next level for me to understand, perhaps experiencing it again would help.

Surprisingly enough, I did take more from the same sheet, but experienced nothing like the first time, and I never will. I think there were interactions between chemicals developing in my body for my entire life, and the 25i,

that cannot easily be recreated. Perhaps the vivid childhood memories are an indication of this. Overall, despite losing awareness of what I was doing to my body, the trip was an extremely positive one all the way. In the hospital bed, I was stabbed with needles in my foot or perhaps poked by velcro, not sure. I felt a poking in the same spot randomly for a few weeks, but I didn't observe any other effects. The hours of active euphoria ha served to be a reminder of what the human brain is capable of. I used to struggle with depression and lethargy but it's completely gone. I have a firm grip on my emotion while still being able to let go and be scared by a horror movie, or be saddened by a sad story. I appreciate slow moments without the need for constant stimulation. I sometimes have to sit down and really think about something to remember it, but I don't think I've completely lost anything.

I guess more relevant here, I have no urge to experiment with new drugs any more. Perhaps far in the future, I will take mdma, lsd, and cbds occasionally, but I cannot drink hard liquor without throwing up (previously being able drink straight everclear), and have no desire for sativa.

I can certainly see how 25i can be a horrible experience. I had a precursor of experiences to prepare myself for this. Induced sleep deprivation for 72+ hours, meditation, clearing of responsibilities. I took a break from college and had spent the last few months cutting off my friends and preparing for suicide. The most important thing is that at the time I didn't care about dying. And this drug is undoubtedly death.

The hospital bill says:

Metabolic panel

Hepatic panel

Qualatative drug screen

Urnls dip stick re

Urnls dip stick rg

Alcohol any specimen exce

Thyroid stimulating hormone

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 103523
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19
Published: Aug 30, 2017Views: 3,516
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25I-NBOMe (542) : Various (28), Depression (15), Entities / Beings (37), Train Wrecks & Trip Disasters (7), First Times (2)

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