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Elation Intrigue but Obnoxious Comedown
by Kpeace
Citation:   Kpeace. "Elation Intrigue but Obnoxious Comedown: An Experience with Methallylescaline (exp103541)". Jul 31, 2015.

40 mg   Methallylescaline (powder / crystals)


Prefatory notes: At the time of this trip I had a solid base of experience with cannabis and LSD, a fair number of mushroom trips but none recently, and was in the midst of a highly experimental phase that involved dabbling in a wide variety of psychoactives, including several one-shot trials of other psychedelics and developing a taste for dissociatives. Me and my primary drug-adventuring partner were supplied by his friend with 40 mg each of methallylescaline; the friend had previously tried it at a dose of 25 mg and said 40 mg would be his next step up - as compared to Shulgin's 40-65 mg dose range. The offer was spontaneous and occurred in the mid-evening on a Tuesday. I knew I would be likely to miss the entire night of sleep and it would have a detrimental effect on my classes, but I didn't have anything terribly pressing and felt like taking the opportunity. It turns out I did not in fact sleep, and as soon as I had time after class (roughly 12 hours after I would say the effects ended) I wrote up the report that follows. Everything written here accords with my memory a few months later, and although I don't think it's the most careful account, I'm submitting it because of the very small number of experience reports on this substance.


Before I get into details, broad strokes:

A slight flush of heat to begin but really an hour to wait.
A hard-hitting, glassy, buzzing, uncomfortable come-up plagued with three-quarters of an urge to gag. Another hour. Massive time dilation at first; very susceptible to suggestion.
Then breaking into candy coated elation with glitter in the air, yet so much emotional malleability with depth. Four hours of all the potential. I could have any kind of trip, because I understand and I see and I accept, even to comprehend the worst would reward with meaning. My internal clock slowly comes back into sync with real time.
Fading back into buzzy stimulation again, metallic-feeling, incorrigible nervous tension, pressure that's not quite a headache, not really so bad, but still one wishes it weren't there. Mirror dysmorphia too. Bored with walking eventually, but music satisfies. And visuals persisting, that glassy cast seeming to never fade.
After four more hours I'm not sure what I'm feeling, is it drugs, is it just 5am? I can rest though, I am tired, perhaps still a little more disoriented than the all-nighter warrants, is the glassiness still there? I don't care.
Step outside after brief rest, a bit odd and dissociated until just desperately sleepy, soda is the fix, and later tender sentimentality - still not sure how much to put up to the drug. Maybe it would have been an afterglow if I'd gotten any sleep.

Given my constraints on time, money, and priority slots when it come to drugs, I don't think I'd take this drug again soon. I'll tolerate a lot in a come-up, and the peak phase was quite wonderful, but I don't like such an extended, stimmy comedown. But I might take it again sometime. I was quite intrigued by the mental-emotional changeability. I haven't gotten such an ability to have thoughts and suggestions and empathy take me places on any other psychedelic; acid and mushrooms are all visuals, euphoria, and impenetrability in different proportions; DMT a sledgehammer of visuals but nothing cognitive until the chill comedown; 2C-E visual with similar body load but again little effect on thoughts or feelings. Here I felt that I could be induced to experience any emotional space by what went on around me, yet if I was brought to look at things I might otherwise find disturbing, it still was profoundly worthwhile; if I was brought to see things I ordinarily would helplessly not understand, there was insight; and the bliss was still recoverable in an instant.

The visuals - I would compare them most to 2C-E out of anything I've taken. Themed like afterimages and false shadows, with bright specks of color popping in and out of the darkness. Shades of tryptamines with the heavy glassy look, a little mushroom-like with light fractal patterns on white walls, and just for a brief time some acid-like tracers. No wall-breathing, rippling, or melting. And though the fanciest ones faded out more quickly, the existence of some visual aspect was very long-lasting.

The stimulation isn't like acid, which I think of as being highly stimulating. On acid I feel compelled to run around during the first few hours, and if I overdo it I may be stiff or tense as it wears off, but it wasn't so compulsive at the beginning in this case and the body load of this comedown felt much more intrinsic to the drug. Similar to 2C-E, but that time I had discomfort throughout the duration, and I don't think it was so insistent at the end. Most reminiscent, really, of some questionable blotter I once had, supposedly acid, but we suspected it might have been an NBOMe. Always extra knotted up after that blotter, more than acid should have done.

Overall timecourse: 1 hour to onset, 1 hour come-up, 4 hours expansive effects, 4 hours comedown, 4+ hours ambiguous aftereffects.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 103541
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 23 
Published: Jul 31, 2015Views: 3,084
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Methallylescaline (586) : First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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