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The Last but One Trip
Citation:   Martyn C. "The Last but One Trip: An Experience with LSD (exp103576)". Erowid.org. May 6, 2019. erowid.org/exp/103576

10 hits oral LSD (blotter / tab)
Always looked forward to tripping and usually did it amongst friends or solo. Hadn't eaten much food for a couple of days and had been active not sleeping much. Took ten fresh blotters all together.

At 15 years old in 1969 I took my first lsd trip and from then up until the middle of the 90s I took lsd whenever it was available. When it was available I would take it weekly which meant I could be taking it for a month or two or just a couple of weeks before it became less available again. Sometimes years passed before it was available again so it was always a bit of a buzz when I came across it again.

Anyway it became available to me one more in the middle of the 90s. I got hold of a couple of microdots to begin with which were always my favourite and a guaranteed 6 hour trip. Then some paper trips became available but I found the strength of them to be a bit weak and I was taking at least four at a time to get anything near a decent trip.

Anyway one night a friend turned up with some papers fresh off the boat and wanting to make sure I had a good trip I went for the big one and took ten. It knocked my socks off and I went on the most amazing journey I had ever had on lsd. Every trip I had before this one I had been in control of no matter how strong the hallucinations were I could always control them. This trip was completely different though because not only did I lose control I lost my sense of everything around me and went completely subjective. The first thing I remember is popping right out of my body which I could see lying on the floor against the living room wall. I dont remember everything about what went on but I do remember some really heavy stuff like the death of ego where it felt like every thought or idea I had ever had was being ripped out of me like having a limb ripped off and having the pain to go with it. And being aware of all the mistakes I had made in life and having this overwhelming urge to kick myself for every time I said yes when I should have said no and vice versa.

At another stage I found myself in the past surrounded by a bunch of those ancient greek philosophers and watching the world being formed out of atoms. Then I found myself in what I can only discribe as a victorian classroom sitting at an old desk and looking at a blackboard that had some kind of formula written on it and I had an overwhelming feeling of the world being made out of wood and everything being all creaky. And in what seemed to be a dungeon where a guy was strapped into a chair and two guys in white coats were saying that he was mad and the guy was thinking to himself if they were experiencing what I am experiencing they wouldnt be thinking I am mad. There was something about being in outer space as well where I was watching what seemed to be a galaxy of stars swirling about and in the motions of the stars I could see things that happened on earth like a man and a woman making love.

Finally, or what I recall as being the last part of this trip, there was nothing but blackness and my mind and two other minds. I had to remember something but every time I did the other two minds already knew what I had remembered so I had to remember something else, something new. I finally came back to my senses repeating the word 'forward' over and over until I realised where I was.

Although that trip blew me away a couple of weeks later I took another one, my last, just to make sure I still had a good grip on reality and to prove to myself that I wasn't frightened to go there again.

Exp Year: 1996ExpID: 103576
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 42
Published: May 6, 2019Views: 626
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LSD (2) : Entities / Beings (37), General (1), Alone (16)

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