Never Knew That I Truly Was Addicted
by V
Citation:   V. "Never Knew That I Truly Was Addicted: An Experience with Coffee (exp103586)". Jul 10, 2019.

1 - 2 cup oral Coffee (daily)
Caffeine Withdrawal Experience

My love of caffeine began while I was in college. I started with drinking a cup of coffee every now and then as a way to wake up either in the morning or in the afternoon. I loved the effects of being awake and more focused. As time went on, I began to drink more until it got to be 1-2 cups of coffee every day.

This never really seemed to be a problem until I started getting headaches from NOT having my daily cup. Nevertheless, I continued my habit. If I got headaches I would just take an NSAID such as advil.

Recently I began getting excruciating heartburn/reflux, to the point where I couldnít sleep at night, so I finally decided now is the time to quit caffeine. I knew I would experience withdrawal. What I didnít know was that the withdrawal would be so extreme.

The worst part of the withdrawal was 48 hours after quitting.
The worst part of the withdrawal was 48 hours after quitting.
I got the worst migraine of my life, along with flu-like symptoms (body aches, nausea, fever). I am currently on day 5 being caffeine free. I am still struggling with migraines. My mind has been foggy and I have felt unmotivated to do almost anything. I also have had very bad muscle aches all over my body.

The biggest lesson I have taken away from this experience is realizing the power of caffeine addiction. I never knew, until I quit, that I truly was addicted to caffeine and that it does have an impact on my body. I never really consumed large amounts of caffeine at once, however I did consume caffeine every single day, no matter what.

On a positive note I am noticing that it does feel good not to be so *amped up* all of the time
it does feel good not to be so *amped up* all of the time
. Iím beginning to get glimpses of what it feels like to be truly present, calm and at peace. Hopefully the headaches will go away soon!

[Reported Dose: "1-2 cups coffee per day 5 years"]

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 103586
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jul 10, 2019Views: 4,486
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