Amazing and Well Worth the Effort
Citation:   demotapeunit. "Amazing and Well Worth the Effort: An Experience with Nutmeg (exp103611)". Sep 20, 2019.

4 tsp oral Nutmeg (ground / crushed)
Adding Record of Positive Experience

I see so many reports on this substances describing miserable experiences and warning that no one could ever enjoy it. I've taken nutmeg about 5 times, and all were positive experiences with minimal side effects, so I thought I would contribute my own to round out the reports. Yes, I first tried nutmeg because I was bored and desperate for a high, and at the time nothing else was available. Whenever Iíve taken it subsequently itís been for the same reason: nothing else available, but this is mostly because of how long it takes to kick in.

I'm not sure how I settled on a dosage of 4 tsp (slightly heaping), I think it was from a dosage FAQ, but it's been consistently good for me. I usually mix simple store-spice powder (the darker in color it is, the better) with ice cream. This method of consumption works quite well: it hides the texture, and while it doesn't completely mask the flavor, it usually complements it pretty nicely. If I feel any nausea later, I eat some ginger to settle my stomach. I love the taste of ginger, so I donít view this as a drawback. I have never vomited or had severe nausea, but I tend to have a relatively strong stomach.

One time I tried using gellcaps since I had some empties lying around. Took a little while to prepare, but cut down on the nausea a lot, so maybe the taste/texture in the mouth is the biggest contributor there.

The best comparison I have is to pot edibles in terms of effects and strength.
The best comparison I have is to pot edibles in terms of effects and strength.
I try to take it early in the morning, as it takes a while to kick in. The first 4-5 hrs, I probably wonít feel anything. Patience is key, I think a lot of negative experiences are from people thinking they didnít take enough, so they eat more, only to have eaten too much and puke as a result.

Then after that, it starts to hit me in Ďwavesí. It comes on subtly, almost feels like a placebo, but gradually grows in strength until I can tell for sure it canít be placebo. It feels like an average pot buzz, maybe with a touch of drunkenness. I usually start getting red eyes too, and munchies. This part is fun, but the best is yet to come.

After a few more hours like this, it hits full strength. This is where it feels like a strong edible. Heavy stoning, feels amazing (I tend to get pretty horny too, just including this for a complete account), euphoria. Iíve never experienced any hallucinations with nutmeg, but perhaps I would with a larger dose. I have not tried that yet. Although I also havenít had much visuals from my (admittedly limited) experience with mushrooms or LSA, so maybe the way Iím wired I donít reach them easily. Although my vision is Ďenhancedí, again the same way pot does. The intense stoning part lasts for about 5 more hours, maybe longer. Hard to keep track of time when everything else feels AMAZING. It makes the wait so SO worthwhile.

After the peak and the comedown, eventually I fall asleep, although at this point itís early in the AM, maybe 12-2AM. The next day I usually feel a bit spaced out and lethargic, so I plan ahead of that, but I find it more relaxing then anything negative.

Lastly I will make special mention of my favorite part: music sounds AMAZING. Here is where the intensity goes beyond anything that Iíve experienced with pot. Think of the best it ever sounded on edibles or from a bong, and multiply that by 10. This is the main reason I come back to nutmeg occasionally, and this alone makes it worth the consumption and wait for me. I really donít know how to describe it further.

Maybe for some people, even after doing the right prep work, it wonít be a pleasant experience for them. But for me itís constantly been amazing and well worth the effort. I see it so often written off as something stupid teenagers try, when itís honestly been one of my best and most intense drug experiences, and so I want to give it its due.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 103611
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 20
Published: Sep 20, 2019Views: 4,003
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