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Neon Green and Purple Leopard Print
BK-2C-B, 5-MAPB, 2-FA, 4-FA & Cannabis
Citation:   William_Jackson. "Neon Green and Purple Leopard Print: An Experience with BK-2C-B, 5-MAPB, 2-FA, 4-FA & Cannabis (exp103613)". Sep 26, 2015.

T+ 0:00
130 mg oral bk-2C-B (powder / crystals)
  T+ 2:43 50 mg oral 5-MAPB (pill / tablet)
  T+ 2:43 40 mg oral 2-Fluoroamphetamine  
  T+ 0:00   repeated smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 17:15 150 mg oral 4-Fluoroamphetamine (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:00   repeated insufflated 4-Fluoroamphetamine  
  T+ 0:00   smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes  
  T+ 30:15   repeated smoked Cannabis  
It was a Sunday night; Queen's Birthday Eve. While the rest of my friends carried on with our plan to go to Revolver Upstairs, a local club, I decided against it, as I had some catching up with girl to do (in the comfort of my own home). I had preloaded with nothing special; multivitamins, bananas, lemongrass oil, lemon oil, omega-3 and some vitamin c.

I started with 130mg of K-2C-B in a cigarette paper, at 7:13pm. I've tried the compound once before, found it long (up to 18 hours until a reduction in OEVs) but pleasant. Last time I used the K was at 110mg, so I figured 130mg would be manageable.

My girlfriend had 100mg of the K in a Tally Ho paper at the same time. It wasn't a particularly powerful come up, and we were planning on taking 50mg each of 5-MAPB that night too; so, the lack of visuals for both of us found me splitting and ingesting half a 100mg 5-MAPB pellet at 10:00pm, mixed with 40mg of 2-FA each. We came up HARD.

I love 5-MAPB. I don't get the magic on any other drug apart from real MDMA (it's impossible to find pure MD in Melbourne without paying $350+ a gram) and LSD, so it seems pretty special to me. Over the next four hours, we bonded, had sex etc. I had a 25-second orgasm. It was unbelievable.

At 3am is when the first visuals appeared. What I like the most of K-2C-B is the headspace; I felt extremely optimistic about life. I was fairly stimmed, so I continued to insist on smoking a three paper joint every half hour or so. By 7am, the visuals became very overwhelming. Colors were vibrant, tracers were more than prominent, and the body load was more than sedating. We both passed out at 8am.

At 12:15pm, my father notified me that I needed to get up and help him with some garden work in our backyard. I was exhausted; but my addictive personality made me choose to take a dose of 4-FA for energy.

Now, I never really 'pushed the limits', so to say. I've never really had a bad experience on a drug, but I've had many experiences. I've never done TOO much (due to unavailability and wisdom gained from Erowid) but this time I decided to really go for it. I parachuted 150mg of 4-FA at 12:33pm, along with three bumps with my snuff spoon totaling 65mg from 12:33pm to 1:05pm.

I was hit with waves of intense pleasure and chemically artificial motivation. I felt amazing. I proceeded to dig holes, until I finally felt nauseous at 4:30pm. I had to sit down for an hour, in fear of passing out and vomiting. At 6:00pm, I returned to work for an hour, until I finished and collapsed in bed. At that point I remembered I hadn't eaten anything.

I also noticed the K was back, at easily a ++. We went to the shops to buy cigarettes, and smoked a few joints before settling down to watch Ace Ventura.

I was about to make my biggest mistake. No, not the movie selection.

It was pretty cold, so we went outside to smoke weed in a feeble attempt to reduce my heart rate, which was at 145bpm.

I smoked somewhere between 6 and 7 cones in succession (from 1:30am to 2am) with my girlfriend smoking a joint next to me. I started to really slllloooooowwww down, and things became really difficult. It was 2am (32 hours after I had ingested the K), and we figured it was time for bed. I stood up, and that's when things got different.

I agreed to walk around the front of the house to dispose of my homemade bong I had made.

20 steps to the gate. I feel weird and disconnected.

10 steps to the front bin. Small green and aqua neon leopard spots bordered by a neon purple electricity began to slowly litter my vision.

30 steps to the back door. I needed to lie down, and FAST. I was rapidly losing vision. My ears became muffled and a loud 'metal on metal' squeal echoed in my head.

I was inside. I felt like all my senses were slowly slipping away.

I turned off the back light, and headed to my room. 10 steps to go.

Then I lost control of my body.

The neon spots exploded in my vision. My right leg fell first. The noise was excruciating. I crawled to my door, fumbling around in the dark like a blind dog.

I felt like I was going to die. Slowly slipping out of consciousness into a dream-like state where death seems almost inevitable. The OEVs were back, but they seemed a lot less spectacular, more like my visual cortex was glitching. I was at a clear +++, 34 hours after ingestion.

A very audible buzz was apparent during the experience, I was not alone, and I was the only one hearing it.

I used some breathing exercises to slip back into reality. As the spots disappeared, my OEVs did too. I was left with spectacularly intricate patterns for CEVs, and a tingling in my extremities.

I fell asleep at 5am. It's 10:45am now. I have a slight headache, but overall no signs of any early indications of permanent damage.

The 5-MAPB was spectacular, but the 4-FA was a stupidly high dose, and I'll never dose that high again. Please learn from my experience.

11:05am now (41 hours after K ingestion) and I'm at a ++ again, decent OEVs. What the fuck?

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 103613
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 21
Published: Sep 26, 2015Views: 4,847
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bk-2C-B (618), 5-MAPB (624), 2-Fluoroamphetamine (519) : Multi-Day Experience (13), Combinations (3), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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