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Two Weeks of Reporting
by Patrick
Citation:   Patrick. "Two Weeks of Reporting: An Experience with Ethylphenidate (exp103656)". Dec 29, 2015.

  repeated insufflated Ethylphenidate (powder / crystals)
    smoked Cannabis (daily)
  20 smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes (daily)


Two weeks of ethylphenidate: The good, the bad and the story.

This is a pretty extensive report so check the summary below to see if you want to read about a particular point. Or jump to the [Conclusion: Gimme some data!] section if you want just a quick glance to what I observed so far.

[Introduction: The context] => A quick overview of my morphology and some info about my drugs usage.
[The story] => The actual report
[The bad] => A part of the report which needs (IMHO) a full part: The not-that-good experience
[Conclusion: Gimme some data!] => A quick bullet-points conclusion.

[Introduction: The context]

Before anything else, here is some context about my morphology, a small digression about my psychology, and my history with drugs:

I'm 29. I don't live what we could call a healthy life but I think I've seen worse. I'm small and thin and I don't eat that much so my body is basically a drug amplifier. Now I won't tell you the story of my life because that would be boring but please let me add an important detail. Sorry for the drama but really, it's important to grasp the context of some stuff written below.

When I was around 16 years old, I was subject to several panic attacks (to the point I wondered about killing myself at the apex of the attacks, just to make it stop). I won't go through what caused them but just keep this in mind for the section [The bad] you'll read below. (Digression: it totally stopped and I never had to live an attack again.) Ok, now the 'Ooooh ... poor thing!' part is done, let's list some facts about my drugs consumption habits :

* I smoke approx. 1 pack of 20 cigarettes a day.
* I'm smoking around 2-3 moderately strong joints of weed per evening. Sometimes more on weekends. I consider myself a problematic smoker : I have a hard time spending a night at home without weed. I'm not craving as such but it's still kinda uncomfortable. This is the only substance I feel a real dependence for, even if psychological.
* I also drink a substantial (but really, far from extreme) amount of alcohol at parties but limit myself to some beers on weekdays (Damn, I love to drink a fresh beer before lunch)
* I snorted (what I consider) a huge amount of cocaine over the past eight months (sometimes up to 500mg per day) but totally stopped it around 1 month ago. I won't say no if a friend offers me a line in the future, but I won't buy it for myself anymore.
* I also took an anecdotal amount of MDMA and amphetamines at parties but it was a really small dose and the alcohol effects were prevalent in those cases.

I always wanted to try an RC but was a bit afraid of the untrusted / untested state of those substances. After a week of internet 'research', I decided to try EPD because :
1) Most reports looked pretty positive globally
2) It seemed to be effective for a relatively short time (Lasting effects is something I'm a bit afraid of. As a matter of fact, I never ingest drugs as a ROA for this very reason).
3) The reported effects looked close to cocaine and/or amphetamines (well, it's different obviously, but I'd say it's as different as a chocolate muffin and a chocolate pie : They're clearly not the same, but I like both the same way. .. ... Kinda.)
4) Related to 3) : I know the effects of stimulants and I like them. Hallucinogens are unquestionably out of the equation here. I never tried them and I really don't want to try them. At all.

[The story]

Here I am, a week ago, receiving by Royal Mail or something my gram of EPD from UK. I don't have a precision balance (Ok, I'll use capital letters right now because it's fucking important : THAT'S A STUPID THING. WHATEVER THE SITUATION, DO NOT TRUST YOUR EYES TO DOSE RESEARCH CHEMICALS. NEVER EVER.) so I started by snorting a ridiculously small dose at the far end of a small knife. I didn't feel anything after 30 minutes, so I snorted again about the same dose :
- My nose hurts a bit (but really not that much) and after maybe 10 minutes, I'm starting to feel a really small excitation. At that moment I am wondering if it's a placebo or not.

Fast-forward 2 hours: I wanted to wait some time before snorting again since I didn't know the drug and moreover, I didn't have a clue of the real dose I was snorting (STUPID. STUPID STUPID STUPID.) Anyway, I snorted again a bigger dose. I'd say enough to make a really small pyramid at the end of the knife:

- Okay, now we're talking :) Around five minutes after snorting, I feel the drip. It's pretty nice, it reminds me of the taste of coke in the throat. At the same time, I'm starting to feel good. I don't really notice it 'as-is' but as I'm taking my notebook to write stuff and draw schemas for algorithms I'll never implement (you're absolutely right, I'm a programmer indeed), I realize I'm craving for it. Oh, mind you, not the drug ! The notebook ! I just feel really good with the simple idea of putting lines, ideas, schemas and words on paper, and whatever would come to my mind.

Fast-forward 4 days: I continued to snort about the same amount on each redose (about one every 30 minutes or every hour) when getting home, back from work.
- For the four past days, I snorted a pretty small amount (See below to have an idea of the quantity I snorted on each redose. It was *really* not that much) each time and it went well. My nose hurts a bit but it's clearly manageable. As a matter of fact, I'm pretty sure my nose is okay thanks to some advice I red here and there on the web : after a snort (after 2 or 3 in my case since they are pretty small), rinse down your nose with water. It feels damn good and I truly think it helped.
The first snort is always more effective than the following ones. I guess because of the mucus being crafted by my nose to defend itself against ... The attack of the Caustic Powder (Who wants to bet it'll be the title of a book or a movie in 2016 ?).

===== Bonus math interlude =====
By now (two weeks after), I figured each dose was about 3 or 4 mg. A very small dose indeed. It was pretty easy to figure this out : Right now, I still have approx. half of the gram (500mg), and I snorted approx. 15 times per day, excluding weekends : 15 times per 10 days = 150 times. 500mg / 150 = 3.33 mg. Still, there are a lot of approximations so it's very error prone. One more reason to GET A FUCKING PRECISION BALANCE

[The bad]

On the fifth day, I wanted to try a bigger amount:
- I'm plunging my knife in the small bag to take a bigger 'cone' of powder (To this day, I really have no idea of the quantity I took, but I don't think it was *that* much : it's a really small knife, but I was clearly not prepared. GET. A. PRECISION. BALANCE. IF YOU WANNA TRY RC's).
The first 5-10 minutes feel the same as usual but the high looks like it's getting there pretty quickly.
15 minutes: Oh god, I feel hot. And not 'hot' as 'horny' but 'hot' as 'oh gosh, why the fuck do I feel like I'm taking a bath in a thousands suns ?'. I'm sweating. Not a lot but enough to be significant.
20 minutes: Fuck fuck fuck, I have some difficulty breathing. What the fuck is going on ?
21 minutes: Ok, let's think about something else, maybe I'm overreacting.
25 minutes: Ok, fiuw. The last 5 minutes were pretty scary but it feels way better. I was just damn overreacting and my past (As explained in the [Context] section) helped it, clearly. I read some days after that several people reported sweating and feeling pretty hot in some cases but nothing more in regular doses.

The day after, I didn't snort at all because of that event. And after that, I restarted my regular small doses and it's WAY better :) I like when it's gentler and I'll keep using it that way. Hell, it even makes it cheaper for me so that's a win-win between my mind and my wallet.

There are some other minor side-effects that would be considered 'bad' but they don't really deserve a full paragraph so I'll cover them in the next, and final section of this report, the so-called ....

[Conclusion: Gimme some data!]

Okay. I think I have enough data and observations to start making some assumptions on the way *my* body handles it. It's obviously not exhaustive and two weeks are definitely not what we could call a significative amount of time to make serious assumptions but here are my two cents :

## Neutral data ##
- I tested with really small snorts (Around 3-4 mg. per snort. Don't take my word on this, it's REALLY approximative). I redosed this small quantity every 30 minutes and/or hour so far.
- I snort it. I don't like other ROA's so it's the only way I took it so far.
- I feel the effect is much more enjoyable and potent with alcohol. Even with the very faint effect caused by one or two beers.
- That's a pretty common side effect with stimulants but the jaws clenching is clearly present.

## Negative data ##
- It's caustic. Damn, it really is. If you really want to snort it, wash your nose with water often (like once 15-20 minutes after every snort).
- I experienced a really bad moment when I took a bigger amount than usual. But it lasted no more than 10 minutes, and I have a past of panic attacks. See [The bad] section for more info.
- After two weeks of snorting, I feel a faint, unpleasant sensation in my chest. I'm also a big smoker, but anyway, that's still a caustic compound and some parts are probably ending in my lungs so that's definitely something to keep in mind.
- I also feel a slight pain once in a while on the right side of the back of my neck. (I never experienced it before trying ethylphenidate)

## Positive data ##
- It feels good :) It makes me stop and think about stuff that interests me. It makes me write in my notebook. It makes me open to discussion (I don't really like to talk usually). In the end, it makes me pretty euphoric.
- The euphoric effect reminds me of cocaine on a smaller/different scale, but yet, still very enjoyable.
- The stimulating effect reminds me more of amphetamines. Both effects (euphoria and stimulation) share a moment together but the stimulation stays much longer.

Well, I think I'm done. I won't make some conclusive sentence explaining why it's good or why it's bad. It's up to you in the end. If you never tried it and want to, please read other reports before making your decision: It's my first report and I'm not that into RC's so reading other reports/impressions would definitely be the intelligent thing to do !

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 103656
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 29 
Published: Dec 29, 2015Views: 3,425
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Ethylphenidate (563) : Retrospective / Summary (11), Various (28)

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