The Most Poetic Drug
Citation:   hoffmann. "The Most Poetic Drug: An Experience with Benzydamine (exp103671)". Dec 28, 2017.

450 mg oral Benzydamine
I dissolved it in water (25ml per pack) and filtered it in a paper towel in order to get rid of the dissolved salt. I swallowed the paper towel that contained that substance. I took 3 packs of tantum rosa (450 mg).


After the ingestion (benzydamine has a anesthetic effect on the tongue) of 3 packs of tantum rosa as described above, at home, I waited less than an hour and the effects appeared. Bizarre sensations circulated throughout the body and I had closed-eye hallucinations. Also a state of 'high' (feeling of mental energy) installed, I felt I was activated, full of energy but not that kind of energy that needs to be exteriorised that makes me run, but mental energy, a contemplative energy. I couldn't concentrate on reading something, I desired something new every second without being bored. Also a very intense flux of thoughts and intuitions through my mind - the delirant effect.

It was night and I noticed that the bright lights of windows and lightbulbs outside had a very intense colour acompaniated with a strange feeling of unfamiliarity, like I saw them the first time. I felt the need to contemplate these lights. It is a video on youtube, Dave Gahan - Kingdom, depicts what I saw. A feeling of joy, adventure and fun from contemplation of the night.

After an hour I decided to sleep but I couldn't so I waited the feeling to get more intense. And it did after 2 hours (4 hours since ingestion). The sensations that swept through the body were pulsating and getting more intense, I noticed I could control them and felt that I could localize my thought in the brain. These sensations felt like my hands were getting bigger and bigger and that someone else's soul or consciousness or whatever is entering under my hands, that my hands were not mine but someone else's. I could feel them but in a very strange way. Also if I controlled these sensations through my spine, through the brain I could feel a very intense and subtle euphoria, like I could mobilise or stir the substance in my body, a sensation very similar to DXM. Everything, the time itself was very viscous and felt like is moving in slow motion. Or I didn't understand this process because the music played faster. Also a dissociative effect appeared, similar to that of DXM but more poetic, contemplative. I look in the mirror and felt like in the mirror was someone else, I felt separated from my body like I could just leave it. I moved my phone with the display on the dark and could see (see not feel like seeing) 3 seconds the trail of light persisting.


After another hour I noticed that in my room was a butterfly flying and leaving trails of captions in the air. I actually believed there was a butterfly in my room. I began to see little insects that appeared and disappeared on the ceiling. Hallucinations and persistance of vision need a contrast or low light to be seen, and come after a dosage of at least 300 mg of benzydamine.

When the next day came, I could still see little insects on the ceiling, after 12 hours and what were like faint pink gelly things that moved on the ceiling like in the movie 'Flubber'. The sensations and feeling of high persisted for another 10 hours and after two months the persistence of vision is still faintly present.

[Reported Dose: "150-600mg"]

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 103671
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20
Published: Dec 28, 2017Views: 7,303
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Benzydamine (730) : Alone (16), HPPD / Lasting Visuals (40), General (1)

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