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Taste Testing One of the Sacred Teachers
Huasca Combo (Syrian Rue & A. colubrina)
by Less than Onemore
Citation:   Less than Onemore. "Taste Testing One of the Sacred Teachers: An Experience with Huasca Combo (Syrian Rue & A. colubrina) (exp103696)". Erowid.org. Aug 23, 2017. erowid.org/exp/103696

1 g oral Syrian Rue (extract)
    buccal Anadenanthera colubrina (extract)


Being a 50 year old man with quite a bit of experience ( actually WAY TOO MUCH experience some might say...) heh with entheogens, organic and synthesized, I feel I have a bit of authority on these things.

Tonight, I did a taste test, which is the first step in my 'dieta'. This was regarding 5meodmt derived from anandanthera coulmbrina seeds and harmine/harmaline extracted from Syrian rue. Oh and I weigh about 200 lbs.

Anyway, last night I prepared the ac seeds by first taking off the shells, then powderizing the seeds in my coffee grinder. Then I heated the seed powder in about 4oz of water, and nuked it for about 40 seconds. Let it sit. Strained it through coffee filters. Here comes the important part: oral ingestion!!!

Please be very very careful if you do something like this! Since once tasted, its almost too late, except regarding an appreciation of the plant entheogen and respect in approaching it. A sip too big might just be a very bad thing. I doubt death unless I had not followed DIETA for at least a while in preparation.

Then I simply ground up 4g of rue seeds for the 4 doses I prepared. Again this is part of my dieta regarding this most sacred and excellent teacher, the anandanthera columbrina.

So, I had 4g powderized rue extract filtered though a coffee filter. I took a tiny sip, maybe less than 1g extract. Waited half an hour.

Then I started dipping my finger into the perhaps 4oz of extracted anandanthera, and just tasting it. There were 3g of seeds that I prepared with the hummingbird tek, soaked overnight with maybe a teaspoon of 1/10 phosphoric food acid.

I dipped my finger only slightly into the seed extract, maybe half a dozen times. I DID NOT JUST DRINK IT! Awesome results! :)

Starting at about +01:00 I began to feel very vibrant, just great. Calm and powerfully in control of my emotions but quite in tune with them. There was a slight body load regarding a little unsteadyness walking around, but I didn't feel dizzy or think I would fall, just enough to make me more cautious moving around. The bodyfeel was very warming and comforting, and I felt powerful in a good and just way. The patterns in CEV's were warm and comforting, bare wire geometric 3d structures with highlighted overlays of slowly shifting dark red, blue, green,on a black background.

At one point I realized that I was on the edge of rather self indulgent power notions, feeling strong and knowledgeable. That was through the first hour or two and fading. I really was not aware of time at all, but played guitar - jazz improv, both slowly and deliberately and in a nonthinking subconscious way also, quite fast and neat with the runs very crisp and timed well. Very fast only using impulse without thinking. I could have an impulse and kind of express it melodically by simply acknowledging the impulse and without thinking at all or actually trying to play it. It just happened. I was writing my summary of what I was experiencing in the simplest terms as in ' Just the facts, Ma'am'.

+01:00 to +08:00 continuing to feel very good and clear ( although in what way? ;) No physical problems except a little unsteadyness, no nausea, only positive thinking and emotion. CEV's continuing noticeably, diminishing very slowly. But this from simply tasting it? That's why I stress, PLEASE DO NOT DRINK IT AS I PREPARED IT! NOT EVEN A TINY SIP!!! I worked out the rough actual amounts, this is what I came up with:

I had extracted 3g of Anandanthera Colubrina seeds that were at least 10 years old, stored in a dry hot open baggie. I think I got them from Netherlands for 10 bucks US through mail order.

In a 40z pill bottle I put the extract which I had let sit overnight, in tapwater with a teaspoon of food grade phosphoric acid 1/10 ratio, and nuked for 40 secs, then 30 seconds. Since the % of phenylethylamines might be roughly 1/10 of the bulk of the seed matter, I'm thinking that 1/10 of the 4oz extract from the 3g of seeds might be on the order of a 20 mg dose of 5meoDMT and the accompanying other entheogens combined.

Phosphorylated, however, the extracts are absorbed immediately mucosally after a person has MAOI inhibition going on from the Rue seed extract. Quite quickly actually. I remember knowing what was coming the second the tip of my finger touched my tongue, although I had never tried Anandanthera seed extract in this simple way before. I was quite impressed with the way the entheogenic qualities of these seeds was very straighforward to acknowledge and go with without fear, at that tiny dose. So I thought the 1/10 of the 4oz extract would be maybe 15-25 mg 5meoDMT, but I actually had good effects from only 1/10 of that amount!!! So be careful. I'm sure I could handle a bit more, but have no desire to try that. My tiny pill jar of extract might last 6 months using the mucosal oral tasting method. From 02:00 after I don't recall a desire to ingest anymore, I was quite satisfied. For a few bucks - amazing!!! :)

this was a couple hours ago and I feel great! No body load, no nausea, no scary thoughts except I did get into my Rollins-esque power notions briefly but thats ok. That passed within half an hour. I am now as always convinced that I should always do my best, experiencing the power and freedom that comes with self respect. Nothing remotely psychotic, although perhaps messianic... Heh.

The only consideration in my dieta was the fact that I take Trazodone, 50-150 mgs, occasionally to help with falling asleep. I had some in the week prior, maybe 3 nights, but not on the day before or of last nights experience. So I probably had a little residual Trazodone in my body but not much as I don't take it regularly.

Overall I felt this was a worthwhile and rewarding experience. I still have some residual CEV's and slight imbalance and general slowness, at +24:00. I feel great, just a little tired. I would definitely do this again and might have a bit more, but not more than I described, which I'm guessing was about only 5-10mg of the alkaloids present in the seeds extracted through a relatively high concentration of phosphoric acid. But the amount ingested was such that I didn't even burp! :) I may have eaten 1 TUMS later.

So, best wishes, be safe, and enjoy! - 'Less than One and More Than One'

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 103696
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 50 
Published: Aug 23, 2017Views: 1,906
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Syrian Rue (45), Anadenanthera colubrina (139), Huasca Combo (269) : Alone (16), Retrospective / Summary (11), Combinations (3)

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