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Deep Primordial Trance
by Dudeness
Citation:   Dudeness. "Deep Primordial Trance: An Experience with DPT (exp103756)". Oct 23, 2019.

T+ 0:00
80 mg insufflated DPT (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:45 20 - 30 mg insufflated DPT (powder / crystals)


I have had multiple psychedelic experiences with various substances from mescaline, mushrooms, DMT, LSD, to 25i-NBOMe and many more in between. On one occasion, I tried DPT in high expectations with a friend. We took it orally, and it gave us only stomach aches and some anticipation that something was going to happen. The dosage was rather low (150mg). It felt like something more curious though, something to be respected, so I held on to the rest to try again an other time.

That opportunity arose when a friend of mine (let's call him 'WJ') expressed interest in trying DMT. I explained what DPT was and he was ecstatic! I admired his courage to take such a potent psychedelic because he had only taken some mushrooms before. I find him very calm and very composed, even in intense situations, so I had no problem going into this experience with him after thinking it through a bit.

Subject 1 (Me)
Age: Early 20s
Weight: 135-140Lbs

Subject 2 (WJ)
Age: Late Teens
Weight: 130Lbs

(7:00PM) WJ and I congregate at a mutual friend's pad to hang out for a bit. We talked about what we were to expect.
We talked about what we were to expect.
Doors to another place? leaving one's body? What is reality to us? Meeting and becoming one with 'God'? That was to soon be answered...

(7:20PM) While our friend who doesn't do psychedelics anymore happily reminisced about the times he and I consumed psychedelics, approx. two 80mg dosages were weighed up and put into convenient plastic pill windowpanes. Two 20-30mg doses were put in the remaining compartments for a 'booster'. We were sent on our way with 'good luck', as WJ and I decided to go outside and find a grassy spot to lie down.

(7:30PM) WJ and I walk down a trail next to a river that runs through the town, which was roaring because of the wet spring weather. The leaves damp, and growing for the new season. It wasn't a particularly sunny day, lots of overcast and possibly spitting, but he and I agreed it would be perfect no matter the weather. Tthere was a marsh with lots of dead trees on the other side of the river. No idea why it creeped neither of us out, but I guess we're just weird like that!

(7:45PM) We find a nice clearing right next to the river, and off of the main trail. After claiming our spots next to each other, we decided it was as good time as any to dose, it would be dark soon.

(8:00PM) Snorted 80mg each. Ouch factor about a 6. Not too horrible, but not too great either.

(8:10PM) Drips set in. Not the worst, again about 6 out of 10 in grossness. We decide to be silent to try and take our surroundings in.

(8:20PM) My friend suggests we lie down as he felt something intense coming on and his stomach hurt. I felt it mildly as well, but could've been placebo. The ground is damp, and the bugs were getting increasingly irritating.

(8:30PM) Definite effects felt, not very strong, stomach rumbling, but couldn't tell if it was my legs? My head was clear, but time was very slowed down, and my friend and I had this genuine, ultra-friendly smile of understanding between ourselves.

(8:45PM) WJ feels he isn't going to break through, and that maybe we should do our booster dosages. I reassess, then agree. Only minor tracers felt, it didn't seem to be climbing towards the peak. 'On the fence' so to speak. Other nostril plugged with 20mg-30mg for the both of us..!

(9:00PM) Maybe we spoke too soon, if I felt the psychedelic effects intensifying... That meant that if I just took more... Uh oh... 'Oh well, just roll with it'... My friend was already lying back in silence, 'shhh' his finger said with that smile behind it. I smiled back and stopped worrying for a bit.

(9:15~9:30PM) This was the turning point for sure! I began to have very LSD-esque visuals of swirling and morphing trees above me. The clouds also started to flow like the sound of the waters beside me. I began to have second thoughts, not so much about doing it, but where we were. I attempted to pull myself off the ground, I felt very heavy and 'compelled' to lie down. I could only get out 'Thhhisss isss tooo intesnse mannn' in slow-mo to my friend before speaking was too hard. WJ again just silently smiled, every one of his freckles twinkling, his eyes telling me it was alright without language. I huffed and lay down again on his unspoken advice. By his pupils, breathing and look of utter amazement, he was gone, and I too was soon to be!

(??:??PM) My breathing eventually 'stopped'. It was both terrifying and beautiful once it actually happened. Somehow I knew it would stop, maybe that's why I took it so well... I also felt as if I were mostly sunk into the ground a considerable amount, like I was wrapped in some blanket of just existing in a form with no human parts, words, or attachments. It was a lucid nothingness. Black outlines of trees surrounding me, their branches like spider webs, eventually causing total blackness in the skies and trapping me.

(??:??PM) I'm not worried, nor scared at that point. I wanted to move on from that place. Although not very experienced in those parts, I still decided to make a move and attempt to project thoughts onto the blackness. Just sitting there as if I were in a dream world that were completely without happening... What I came up with was to be in a 'Winter Wonderland'. I blinked without doing so, and there was snow all over the trees, bright snow that glistened in the light that shone down in magnificent rays! I started to think of colours to add to each of the tips of every branch to make things more festive, then I made them flow through the entire colour pallet that I knew. They continued to do this as I molded the snow into landscapes and mountains with help of the clouds dripping rain from them once in a while.

(??:??PM) I lost the control, but I was already running with it. It was a sight to behold! Winter was turning to spring, spring to summer, the trees blooming with wonderful flowers at a pace similar those time capture videos on nature shows. I had never seen such depth and detail to a series of branches, flowers, trees, plants, bugs, birds, animals... My only description of this was a painting that painted itself endlessly. I was one with this nature painting, and I was actively living it through the root system. There was a 'pulse' or breath of life that everything went in tune with and the feeling was very real.
There was a 'pulse' or breath of life that everything went in tune with and the feeling was very real.

(??:??PM) I went through a life cycle of bugs spawning in the still waters, then eating for a short time before dying and spawning more. We didn't have names like 'bug' at this point, there was this profound understanding of what a bug was without anything but a feeling. We 'buzzed' and we 'bit', and I'm pretty sure I was following the life of mosquitoes (after recalling the events). The birds then ate the mosquitoes 'sing songs to each other, fly free etc.' and I was to journey with them around to a warmer place while winter set in, then back to where I was. This repeated again and again. Living, dying, living, dying...

(??:??PM) 'How long has it been like this'? Time... I didn't have a concept of what it was, but I had a concept of how many seasons went by, and a lot! I remember being dropped off into the arms of a network of brain neurons at some point, the sky clouds were kaleidoscopic with great explosions of electricity that powered this giant brain. I saw a bearded face in the sky, much what one would think Zeus to look like. The more my being idolized him in awe, the more he deconstructed himself into many faces that blew from his beard, turning into diamonds of rain that reflected rainbows when touched by the light as they fell, then fed the network of all life once more. I remember getting the realization that 'If the human mind can do this, anything is achievable'. Perpetual motion witnessed in our minds, was it too hard to make it a reality? I wasn't so naive as to think we could solve the world's problems so simply and quickly, just that the pursuit of things sometimes wasn't too far off from making the thing so.

(??:??PM) Still attached to the ground, I become aware of my friend who seemed to be in a similar position, wrapped in roots. He appeared like a magical being with his ears pointing and his eyes big a saucers. I could only embrace him, feel his heart and put my ear to it. I couldn't resist. He didn't mind, he welcomed it. We breathed together for a while, becoming one. It frightened me when a whole nother realm of existence was going off of his heart beat. It was too much to handle being attached to him, felt like too much power, almost supercharged! I jumped away a couple of times, not knowing how to feel about the feeling. I fell back into his arms and listened to his heart, for I had to experience the sheer intensity anyway. The rain fell down on us, just specs trying to explore the cosmos... Or be one with it.

(??:??PM) I 'wigged out' several times, trying to feel my legs, I was an 'octopus' bound to the ground, coming back half way into reality! I just hugged my friend in the fetal position to calm down every time I would flip out and re-realize a new limb, and he just lay there calmly patting my back. I felt his hair and the grasses and roots would grow it back to normal as I felt it and I would get amazed like a small child 'WHOA!' . He kind of giggled at me like 'what are you doing man?'. I started to laugh hysterically because I felt so much raw emotion, like I had just overcome death itself (again).

(* Approx 11:20~11:30PM) 'BLINK!' my phone catches my attention and I knew that I had one again! I check the time a couple times and I'm confused at the loss of 10 minutes. WJ is still lying there, not saying anything, but making and following eye contact, biggest grin ever on his face, so he was coming back a little! It blew my mind when I got my bearings and realized we were beside the river, near the trail, near the marshes. I kept making 'OH!HO!OH MY!' noises when my basic English finally came back! The cars from the road beyond the marshes were not noticed the entire duration of the trip until now. I also just realized how dark it was outside! A feeling of being one step away from reality like some curiosities of the trip hadn't left, everything wasn't shifted back to its place yet as I had to scan it all first to put the puzzle back together.

(11:45~12:15AM) After snot rocketing profusely and spiting mucus for a bit, we had sore throats. We got our balance, and made our way back to our friends apartment we started at. WJ and I talked of our experiences briefly. He explained he didn't go as 'deep' as me, but still had this 'breath of life' experience. Words were still kind of hard to get out though, and there was a little angst because he had to be home at a certain hour. I felt rather confused and disoriented, but WJ stepped in and helped me walk straight by holding my arm. We thought it funny that I consider myself a 'psychonaught' yet he was the one babysitting/comforting me the whole time. He thanked me for it, and I thanked him for being there with me! We agreed that it was a great experience, even in the rain!

Summary: Words won't do justice for when it comes to DPT. I don't want to play the rating game, but let's just say I find this substance just as if not more profound than DMT, in its own light. I prefer the gradual come up, rather than the 'blast' off of DMT.
I prefer the gradual come up, rather than the 'blast' off of DMT.
If I had to compare it to something, it would be LSD, but it only reminds me of it visually (again, it has its own thing).

One thing I noticed that made it notably different than DMT itself was the 'becoming' of the realm instead of leaving my body and going into another realm. I have yet to come across an RC so profound for empathetic bonding, retrospective thoughts, artistic visuals and spirituality. I would not go much more past 150mg as my breathing felt labored at less than that for a couple hours afterwards. No other after effects to report, other than the typical tiredness of the mind.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 103756
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 23 
Published: Oct 23, 2019Views: 3,745
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DPT (21) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Nature / Outdoors (23), Glowing Experiences (4)

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