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Relaxed, Hungry for Sleep and Forgetful
by srah
Citation:   srah. "Relaxed, Hungry for Sleep and Forgetful: An Experience with Etizolam (exp103780)". Erowid.org. Apr 16, 2018. erowid.org/exp/103780

1 mg oral Etizolam


I often take 1mg of etizolam when I'm stressing out due to a heavy university workload because I find that this is enough to just help me drift off into a peaceful sleep with very few side-effects, when otherwise I would lie in bed for hours unable to sleep because I'm worrying so much. When I take 1mg I just feel a little bit sleepy, and in the morning feel a bit lightheaded for a few hours, but that's about it.

When I take 2mg the effects are much more pronounced. After almost exactly half an hour I can feel the full effects. I feel very relaxed- similar to when I've had a long workout and need to rest- lying down feels so comfortable and welcoming. I also feel very light when I stand up, sometimes I almost fall over because I feel lighter than I expect. Worries seem to melt away and seem insignificant. I also find it makes it very difficult for me to remember things. If I read a book or watch a show after taking 2mg I don't remember almost any of it, even though at the time it seems very cohesive and memorable.

I feel almost hungry for sleep. In the same way that I crave food when I've smoked some weed, I crave sleep when I've taken etizolam. So when I go to bed I fall asleep the second my head touches the pillow. I think it lasts around 10-12 hours total. Often when I wake up the morning after I still feel lightheaded, and slightly more tired than usual, and I tend to forget things more easily for a few hours. But at the same time I feel more relaxed, I'm less likely to worry about things that worry me, and as a result I'm chattier and more open to talking to anyone.

I don't particularly enjoy how forgetful it makes me- I often end up re-watching youtube videos, remembering only short snippets because I originally watched it while on etizolam, yet I do enjoy how much less I worry about normal day-to-day things whilst on it. I also like being able to sleep easily even when I'm stressed, and find it very useful when I get those odd nights where for some reason my body just does not want to sleep, I can take 1/2mg and just find it so much easier to drift off.

I have never felt the need to take more than 2mg, but can imagine it would be difficult to remember anything after that much, and difficult to concentrate and do things without losing balance and falling over.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 103780
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 21 
Published: Apr 16, 2018Views: 5,647
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