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The Beauty of the Natural World
LSD, Cannabis & Alprazolam
by lasonisro
Citation:   lasonisro. "The Beauty of the Natural World: An Experience with LSD, Cannabis & Alprazolam (exp103787)". Jan 21, 2019.

T+ 0:00
2 hits oral LSD (edible / food)
  T+ 0:45   smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 0:00 0.25 tablets oral Pharms - Alprazolam  
  T+ 0:00 0.25 tablets oral Pharms - Alprazolam  
  T+ 5:30 0.5 tablets oral Pharms - Alprazolam  


From what I usually see on posts describing LSD and other psychedelic experiences I feel like I should provide some background information on my drug use, not too extensive as I don’t want to bore whoever chooses to read this.

I have been smoking pot usually more than once a day since I was 14, began experimenting with harder drugs such as cocaine, assorted painkillers etc throughout high school, but had no psychedelic experience until less than a year before this account. Since my first experience, which was mushrooms (not counting a few Salvia extract trips), I have used mushrooms twice, LSD 3 times including this time, and 25-i twice. This is my favorite and heaviest trip I have had out of them all, and that is why I'm sharing my account on here.

I went away the weekend before and when I returned I heard my friends had purchased LSD dosed onto bottlecaps candy; immediately I found the source of this magic candy and purchased 2 for myself. My 2 friends, who will be M and D, bought 2 and 1 each, respectively. This would be my first time taking 2 doses, though M and D have used LSD quite more than I have, so I knew I was going to be in for something far crazier and heavier than them. I had bought a Xanax bar from my other friend L based off what I’ve read online, in case I couldn’t handle my trip and wanted to calm it down.

I have been reading countless stories the past few weeks, especially the few days before my trip trying to prepare myself. The past few times I had tripped were more of just a, “hey I found these drugs let’s take them and trip balls”. For this trip I wanted to not just trip and have fun, but have a supernatural experience and connect myself to the world and my spiritual self. I had done a lot of preparation on how to do this, I really did not want to be another teenager just taking LSD to get trippy.

So we eat the candies at about 7:38, I like to be specific so I made sure to check the exact minute, then we took a walk to a park in my town, about a 20-30 minute walk in hopes the trip would begin when we arrived. We got there faster than we expected so we sat down and chilled for a bit, just waiting for any signs of the trip to start. D and I smoked a few bowls about 45 minutes in, and by the time we had finished we noticed a few effects. We went onto the field (we had been in a more concealed part of the park while smoking) and the trees began to sway and move in and out, a common effect on the come up of any trip. We started to feel it more and more, and my two friends L and G, both sober, showed up to pick us up. Before we left M and I went on a see saw and the swings and on there I could feel my trip becoming more intense. The see saw made me laugh like a child, looking across at M as he’s being hit just as hard as I am, my mood was lightening, I was forgetting all my worries, and light visuals had begun taking place.

L was driving so we got into his car and went for a drive. This was about 1.5-2 hours in, and driving was like entering a whole new world. I had a playlist of music set up, including RHCP, Pearl Jam, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, and carefully selected songs that I knew would enhance our trip. While driving listening to the music I lost all sense of where I was or any worry of what I had to be doing; the music set the mood in the most perfect way, and the lights from cars and especially traffic lights made the world seem lit up by rainbows, despite it being 930 at night. At one point while we three tripping in the back were getting lost in one of our favorite Pearl Jam songs, G opened the door to the car and we all shot back to reality. We wanted to come down a bit since we were heading to D’s house and he was tripping too.

We get to D’s house and I had not even realized that I wasn’t peaking yet. We tried to wait until our peak was almost over to go to D’s house but the truth was we had barely even started it when we got there. We sat down started a fire and everything got more intense by the minute. Someone would speak to me and while trying to produce an answer I would only confuse myself beyond repair and be thrown into a laughing fit, which wasn’t bad but sometimes I needed to stop.
Someone would speak to me and while trying to produce an answer I would only confuse myself beyond repair and be thrown into a laughing fit, which wasn’t bad but sometimes I needed to stop.
There would be times where I would say things that barely made sense and applied to situations we discussed over an hour ago, but for the most part I could keep track of where I was, what I was doing, and never thought “what the fuck is happening I need this to stop.”

While sitting around the fire there were times everyone would get up and it would just be me and M; we were tripping the hardest by far and also we are the closest friends out of the group, so everything was 1000x more intense when it’s just us. We would have a long relaxing song on, probably Pink Floyd, and just stare into the fire and trip out while everyone else was away from us for a few minutes. The visuals were phenomenal; staring into the fire I could see animals inside it, almost like in Harry Potter where the fire moves around like a demonic beast, except it can’t come near you, it just floats within it’s space. It was symbolic of good and evil for me; the good was in the light and warmth and comfort it provided for me, while I could see evil shapes in it but since it was contained to the fire pit I understood as evil entities present in the world, however if I would leave them alone they would do the same for me.

At one point I don’t think I was tripping too hard I just realized that I would be up all night and really wanted some sleep so I took ¼ of the Xanax I had on me, also hoping it would calm down my rapid heart beat. After a while it hadn’t done much so I took another ¼ of the bar and within 20-30 minutes I was very relaxed, exactly how I wanted to be.

While really tripping out to one song with M I had a very intense visual scene. I would be staring right above M into the trees and a house light, then the fire would be in the bottom left of my view. The trees would begin to crystalize in patters and come together like cells almost, then when they’d come together there would be a beautiful opening within the crystalized tree pattern. I could see the fire being sucked into it, along with M, not in a freaking out kind of way but almost like dementors sucking souls in Harry Potter. I am a Harry Potter fan obviously, which is why I can relate the magical experiences I had on this LSD to the magic from the movies.

I think part of my, not necessarily anxiety but at times I wished I wasn’t tripping and felt like an idiot for saying certain things, was because the majority of the people we were with were not tripping, and I had really wanted an environment where we could all just trip out and enjoy the same experience together.
I had really wanted an environment where we could all just trip out and enjoy the same experience together.
However they were my friends and I definitely wanted them around, it was just hard to try and follow normal conversation while I was so out in the universe.

Throughout the whole night the thing that stood out to me more than anything else was the intense shift in color from all points of direction. I would be staring into space by the trees watching them make patters like I mentioned earlier, and within my peripherals I could see beautiful clouds of red and yellow filling the background. Often times when I would look at the sky (aside from the millions of dazzling LSD induced stars I could see along with the real ones) I could see deep greens and blues somewhat resembling the ocean. The color was one of the most magnificent things about the trip; someone could have told me it was 12 noon I probably could have believed them because the world was so bright.

Sitting around the fire was the best decision we had made all night. Once half the Xanax bar was in my system, everything was perfect. By that time it was just me, D, M, and L, and L was the only one not tripping. This was one of the best parts of the trip, because L was trying to fuck with me and M since we were tripping so hard and we didn’t have to worry about all the other people thinking we were freaking out or something. There was one specific instance where I went behind the pool to piss, and when I came back L asked me what 48/6 was. I answered 7, he tells me it was 8 then handed me a lighter and the bowl. I immediately lost my mind, I had no idea what he was talking about and started laughing harder than I ever thought was possible. I turned to M and he was in the same state I was in, L had also asked him a basic math question and our minds just turned to mush. I was being handed the bowl and could not calm my laughter down, I would just hold it for a few minutes, forget I had it, then see it was still on my lap and burst into a laughing fit again.

Now it was time to go home, about 5.5 hours after we had taken the LSD. I knew that there was no way in hell I was gonna get to sleep, so I took another half a Xanax bar; I knew that would knock me the fuck out. I get home and try to act normal, going to the kitchen looking for a snack or something but immediately started laughing like I was at the fire and decided to give up on real life and just lay in bed til I passed out.

This was honestly my favorite part of the trip; the whole time we were planning the trip I would tell my friends I just wanted to put on psychedelic music, lay down for an hour or so and just let the trip take me away. We did do that at the park in the beginning, but were only an hour into the trip so it wasn’t that intense. I had some good times like that around the fire, but being in my bed alone with no sober people to remind me of the real world had helped intensify my trip, despite the Xanax taking effect.

I dimmed my lights, got my iHome, which has blue LED’s that made my room look awesome, and downloaded Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon”. I am a huge rock fan, but had never really listened to this album before. It was the most blissful experience of my life. Laying down absorbing the psychedelic beauty from the music I stared at my ceiling, mostly my light, and continued seeing intense colors all across the visible light spectrum, and occasionally this pallet that comes off my ceiling to access my attic would sort of fold down in a 3-D manner, that was really cool to me. The music really put me in the exact mood I wanted to be, the Xanax definitely was needed otherwise I would have been up all damn night, like I later heard M was, and we were all going on a trip to a lake house in a few hours so I really wanted the sleep.

I got into bed at about 1 and before I knew it the time was 2:45, I had listened to the album about two times through already and was still tripping pretty nicely. I continued doing what I had been doing, except I think I turned the lights off this time and the blue light from the speakers was enough to create a beautiful atmosphere in my room. I don’t remember going to sleep at all but I woke up at about 8:45 surprisingly refreshed, not really zoned out which is weird especially after taking LSD and Xanax, and smiled to myself remembering how insanely different the room I was laying in had been just a few hours ago.

Overall this was the best LSD experience I have ever had. My use has been small, but this was definitely better than my shrooms and 25-I experiences. Never before had I seen colors in such a beautiful way, and felt so relaxed doing so little. That is one theme that kept occurring to me throughout the trip; I wasn’t using my cell phone, wasn’t watching TV or doing anything really. I was sitting around a fire just staring into space, and I could not get over how 2 drops of this chemical could allow me to have a better experience doing literally nothing than I could have had with 10 million dollars.

In doing LSD that is really what I wanted to get out of it; a greater appreciation for the world and for the simple things we always take for granted.
In doing LSD that is really what I wanted to get out of it; a greater appreciation for the world and for the simple things we always take for granted.
I saw everything in such a different way it is truly indescribable. You realize you don’t need alcohol, television, twitter, or whatever to enjoy yourself, maybe just a bit of LSD ☺. It truly makes me see the natural beauty in the world; the raging, dancing fire complimented by already beautiful trees conforming together into wild patterns, all in the background of a clear night sky, makes me want to develop this same appreciation without the influence of LSD.

I definitely plan on doing this again, probably the same dose for another time or two, but I eventually wish to go heavier. LSD should not be regarded as a “hard drug” or something crazy to do. LSD is for people who wish to get more out of the world around them; it is for those who see the beauty in the world and truly appreciate what mother nature has put here for us. It connects human beings with the natural world, and helps bring us back to times before electronics and digital media, where we can sit around a fire or in an open field and have the greatest experience of one's life.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 103787
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19 
Published: Jan 21, 2019Views: 2,948
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