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Dont Pull That Handle
Salvia divinorum (10x extract)
by Jeff Harris
Citation:   Jeff Harris. "Dont Pull That Handle: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (10x extract) (exp103829)". Feb 14, 2019.

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2 hits smoked Salvia divinorum (extract - 10x)
  T+ 7:00 2 hits smoked Salvia divinorum (extract - 10x)


Material: Salvia 10X standardized extract shredded leaf
Dose: Two bong hits per experience, with two experiences seven hours apart.
Demographics: Male, Age 49, 210 lbs. average build.

A Glorious Near Disaster

Recently I had my first salvia experiences. I had read that it was a good idea to have a sitter with one during the trip, but I have been working with the plant medicines for over thirty years and thought it was an option that I could afford to bypass. As we get further into this report, you will see that a sitter is a good idea for anyone of any experience level.

After a day of relaxation at home with a clean diet and a good night sleep I spent the some time preparing for a mid morning Salvia experience. I didn't know what to expect, so my only focused intent was to use this plant for any personal/spiritual growth that she would be kind enough to bestow on me.

In the morning about ten o'clock I set myself up with a bong loaded with about one large hit of 10X standardized extract in my living room. I put the rest of the salvia in the kitchen. I took a medium large hit off the bong and while I was still holding it in my lungs I thought I may need just a little more so I went to the kitchen to get it. On my way back to the livingroom I realized that my very existence was echoing between words in my head with each step I took. I sat on the sofa and left my body by breaking through a film layer. As I went through the film on the way out of my body there was no physical sensation, but when I was out of my body I was a bit worried that I wouldn't know how to get back into it. A voice told me that I could re-enter my body by opening my eyes. It was only then that I realized my eyes were shut.

I tested the voice by opening my eyes and I immediately rose up through the film layer and the film conformed to the image of my body and I was back into my body. As I penetrated the film layer back into consensual existence and into my body I had the sensation of a whole body band-aid being ripped off me from my head to my toes, then I was back.

With the knowledge that I was able to get back into my body I pushed back out of it through the film and continued my journey. There was lots happening and it is not all translatable to words. There were infinite layers of ????? unfolding in front of me like pages in a book flipping and I was one of those layers
There were infinite layers of ????? unfolding in front of me like pages in a book flipping and I was one of those layers
of ????? and soon it was going to be my turn to flip. I knew it was going to hurt, but it was the natural progression of the way the world was set up and I accepted it. My turn came and I dove right into it with some fear, but mostly with faith that this was the way it was set up by a supreme creator and he was showing me the 'big wheel turn by the grace of god' It didn't hurt when my turn came, but it was extremely intense with physical and visual stimulation. All the layers of ????? flipped and were now coming back the other way and once again my turn was coming. I knew what it would be like this time, so I was more relaxed, but the sensations were the same as the first time.

While I was in the lulls between when it was my 'turn' there was another profound vision occurring. I was zoomed out to universe level. I saw two wheels rotating together like a set of gears. On the exit side of the pinch point between the wheels I saw universes being created and peeled apart by a sharp knife to a matter universe deposited on one wheel and an anti-matter universe peeled off onto the other wheel. The universes rode the wheel around in their natural cycle and when they came together at the pinch point at the end of the cycle the matter and anti-matter universes crashed together and annihilated each other to basic particles to later be reconstructed into new universes. The layers flipped back and forth several more times, then I came back up through the film layer into my body and said 'HOLY SHIT!!!!!!' All this occurred in only five minutes.

As intense as that was I had to see more. After about ten minutes of quiet meditation I loaded up another bong, this one even bigger than the first. After inhaling and setting the bong down I settled down on the sofa. Once again I found myself looking at the two wheels, but this time I went onto the knife that was peeling the universes apart at the exit of the pinch point. There was a lot of activity there, and once again the 'layers' of ????????. The layers were peeling off in front of me, and I realized they were going across the edge of the knife and to the other side and once again my turn was coming. As the layer in front of me peeled off around the knife, I went without hesitation, even though I knew it would be intense. As I went past the edge I looked into the split and actually saw the point of division between matter and anti-matter, though it was almost too intense to look upon. I spent the rest of this journey crossing in front of the knife edge a few more times and slowly drifted back into my living room. When I looked around I saw that the bong was on the floor with the water spilled. I should have taken this as an indication that things can happen that you are unaware of in the physical world when you are in the salvia world.

About seven hours later, around five in the afternoon, I just had to see more. I took one maximum size hit off the bong and set it down. As I was beginning to lay on my sofa I perceived the film layer that I could drop down through and out of my body. It was up to my chest, so everything below my chest was in the salvia world and above that was in this realm. I realized that if I didn't drop my head below the film layer I would stay in this realm, so I decided to test the theory. I froze in position with my head above the film layer and everything seemed 'normal' except I could not see anything below the film, and my computer screen saver which shows photos from my computer every 10 seconds was flashing the pictures at a rate of about two per second. After a few minutes of this I began to wonder if I was high or not, or was I high and came down, or did I not get effects from that hit. I felt grounded enough to take another hit.

I loaded up the bowl and inhaled the full hit as before. As I lay down with eyes closed I found myself in a small kitchen with a dining area at the far end and two older women at a small table chatting and having coffee or tea a few feet in front of me. From behind and to the left a boy in his early teens came walking past me and toward a cartoonish handle on the wall like the one Wiley Coyote sometimes used to drop the anvil on the roadrunner. Simultaneously he asks what the handle is for and he operates the handle as one of the women says ' Don't pull that handle or you'll ruin everything' with a really mischievious tone of voice. Then a multi-layered vision unfolded, with the theme being 'The end of the world'. I found myself looking upon the universe-creating wheels once again. This time I was on the infeed side of the pinch point. I saw our world (planet? galaxy?) on a thread on the collar of the coat of a giant who had just been shot with a projectile of some sort. As the projectile passed through the layers of the clothing and flesh of the giant each layer would peel off and I realized that when all the layers were peeled off and the projectile exited the giant he would fall and our world would end. Now, back to the infeed side of the wheels. Our universe's cycle was up and we were meeting our anti-matter counterpart and being annihilated. Our world was being crushed, and I could feel the g-force increasing to 2 or 3 g's. I understood that it was our time and accepted it, but also really wanted to see what was going to 'happen next' so I didn't want to die. I realized the only people that were going to survive this cataclysm were people who were fortunate enough to have access to a crush-proof shelter of some sort.

At this point I reminded myself that I had smoked a hit of salvia, which was a good, sensible thing to do under the intensity of the circumstances. But my next thought was 'Oh great, the world is ending and I'm too high to save myself'. I didn't connect the salvia hit to the cataclysm unfolding before my eyes and fully believed the cataclysm to be the fact of the physical world my body lives in. This is where the intervention of a sitter could have saved the day.
This is where the intervention of a sitter could have saved the day.

I sprung into action to save myself at this point. The g-force was increasing and my house was beginning to fall down. I decided the best thing to do would be to leave the house and look for shelter. I went to the door, but the excessive gravity had deformed the doorknobs and neither the front nor the back door would open. My vision zoomed out and I saw the world's major cities leveled in ruins with millions dead. I turned over the sofa and crawled beneath it for protection. After a short time it too began to deform and buckle under the crushing pressure. I crawled out with great effort due to the estimated 5 g's force on the planet by this time. Once again I was unable to open the doors. I realized my only chance was to fly headlong through the door glass and seek shelter. I took a few steps back and launched myself into the door glass. Thankfully only one pane of the double paned door broke, and I landed in a heap on the floor. By this time my entire house had collapsed around me and I could barely breathe. The projectile exited the giant's body and he was falling fast. The earth was covered with the layers from the giant and would start new from scratch. Our universe had met it's anti-matter counterpart. The earth was shrink-wrapped in a pink wrapper. I crawled back under the sofa and felt the life finally being crushed out of me. I took a few more breaths, and the effort was excruciating. I let out one last breath and didn't have the strength to inhale again. I died. Again this all occurred in a very short time span of less than ten minutes.

So, apparently some people (me) have a tendency to physically interact with their visions. As I have shown this can be dangerous. I could have seriously injured myself with the stuntman leap into that tempered glass. What if I had decided to leap out my front window which is about ten feet off the ground. I highly recommend a sitter!!!!!!!!!

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 103829
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 49 
Published: Feb 14, 2019Views: 2,184
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