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Life Altering? Not So Much
Citation:   Jay Cee. "Life Altering? Not So Much: An Experience with Mescaline (exp103910)". Erowid.org. Aug 15, 2019. erowid.org/exp/103910

250 - 300 mg oral Mescaline (powder / crystals)
Having used mescaline created from peyote buttons in the past, I'm prepared for a warm inner glow combined with some visuals and a generally euphoric experience. Mescaline trips have been some of my favorite psychedelic experiences in the past while also having had many LSD and a couple of mushroom experiences as well.

Fourth of July 2014 we decide to visit Disney World while on Synthetic Mescaline HCL. This product being bought from a very reputable, tested vendor in the amount of 1.0 grams (1,000 milligrams) Synthetic Mescaline HCL.

We enter the park (Disney world) greeted by 1,000s upon 1,000s of strangers. I am not adverse to large crowds however my girlfriend feels a bit different about the subject. We quietly discuss how to remain calm amongst large crowds while waiting for the ferry to carry us into the Magic Kingdom.

Disney is chock full of human beings at this point. We must park our car in a grassy field alongside many others (if that gives you any indication) 'Whoaaa!' would be a great word to describe the amount of people in the park on this 4th of July 2014.

We expected this to be the case previous to arriving. Viewing it as a challenge. Hoping for a few breakthroughs in the process.

We board the crowded ferry and cross the lake. Upon arrival I rush into a bathroom in order to break up our synthetic mescaline HCL and eagerly dole us out 250-300 milligram portions. Our journey begins shortly hereafter.

We decide Pirates of the Caribbean is a fine place to start. While in line for this ride the effects of the synthetic mescaline begin to kick in for both of us. A warm glow engulfing us however not as warm a glow as those trips I've experienced on natural mescaline in the past. We're having an in depth conversation and suddenly an elderly woman of about 65 years old bursts in and says: 'I've been listening to your conversation the entire time!' (this freaks us out a bit). The woman begins to talk to us for approximately 45 minutes while we wait in the enormous snake-like line. I'm laughing hysterically within while enjoying yet simultaneously abhorring this odd conversation. The body odor and heat are becoming slightly overwhelming. Our senses are assaulted. As we begin to work our way toward the actual ride I'm relieved that we're finally getting onto a boat. A feeling of claustrophobia begins to set in after 75 minutes of waiting in this line. The A/C in conjunction with boarding the ride saves us just in the nick of time!

The ride is more animated than ever. Some of the characters actually beginning to seem quite real. Saying to my girlfriend on two occasions 'that's a real person!' she only laughs in reply. I'm convinced some of the pirates are real actors while she is speechless off on her own personal journey. The ride breaks down just as we're approaching the end. Leaving us stuck in a boat for 55 minutes next to an anima-tronic pirate singing songs in a room full of 'treasure'. We're enjoying this yet on edge due to being trapped on the ride.

By the 55 minute mark we are beginning to feel some paranoia setting in. They turn the lights on! Bright! Out of the darkness we go. The employees put a plank on our boat and have all of us cross over onto the set. We are now walking on the set of the ride our boats left behind motionless in the water. The lights beaming down on us. Yes this is really happening. We take pictures with the pirate in the 'treasure room'. They proceed to take us out the back door of the ride. I've never been escorted out the back door of a Disney ride before. We quickly go from Disney fantasy to machine shop, florescent lights, steel stairs and concrete floors. The fantasy is pierced by reality.

We move on taking slightly more Synthetic Mescaline by the river boat. The experience has side effects. She is occasionally shivering in the hot sun while I'm constipated and, then while in line at the haunted mansion, struck with intense diarrhea. Leaving the line wading through a sea of people to find a bathroom after sitting in the line for over 70 minutes waiting to ride. Why doesn't Disney have bathrooms inside of or next to the attractions? At this point the heat is also getting to us.

I'm coming to the conclusion, while sitting in a toilet stall, synthetic mescaline is not as pleasant as that derived from peyote buttons. We both agree that the side effects are as equally prevalent as the trip itself.

We are non-stop on this journey. Our energy levels are through the roof and we go for hours upon hours. Sounds are deeply enhanced, confusion sets in every so often and patterns breath. I begin to feel at one with the huge mass of people. They are my brothers and sisters. Foreign languages are no longer a barrier. I'm understanding groups of people by observing their body language alone.

The World Cup is being played on televisions around Disney. Loud cries, in various languages, are heard throughout the park from those watching. A one world vision comes to my mind. Our trip is pleasant yet as cliche as it sounds somewhat synthetic.

During the evening I come up with a comparison:
The natural mescaline experience is similar to a beautiful, hand crafted sculpture where as the synthetic mescaline experience is similar to a pleasing sculpture that has been mass produced. Or a real painting versus a print may describe it better.

We had fun yes! I prefer peyote based mescaline. We've not tried the other cacti which contain this substance. That may be where the real magic lies. Overall Synthetic Mescaline HCL receives a 5 out of 10 from me. Pleasant? for certain. Life altering? not so much.

We enjoyed the 'ride' nonetheless! As the hours flew by we succumb to the evening. Getting back to the car is quite a journey in and of itself! Exhaustion sets in. Driving back to the hotel sleep still evades us while we lay in bed. I'd forgotten how long mescaline lasts.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 103910
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 42
Published: Aug 15, 2019Views: 1,209
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Mescaline (36) : General (1), Public Space (Museum, Park, etc) (53)

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