The Yawns
Citalopram, THC, Alcohol
by DeadBeat420uk
Citation:   DeadBeat420uk. "The Yawns: An Experience with Citalopram, THC, Alcohol (exp10394)". Jan 7, 2007.

40 mg oral Pharms - Citalopram (pill / tablet)
  20 mg oral Pharms - Citalopram (pill / tablet)
    smoked Cannabis  


Mindset: Good.

And so the story begins...

Managed to get ahold of 6 generic 40mg Citalopram tabs from a friend. He described them as constantly making you yawn and every time you did the expeirance was similar to coming up on E.

Ever the sceptic, I chow down 1 & 1/2 of the small white tabs and make my way to the local bar. Over an hour later I'm still experiancing few effects if any and so I have the other half. My friends and I decide to go to a club, it is now some 3 hrs after I took the initial tab and I've had a few beers since (3 pints) Our taxi arrives outside the bar and as I leave the club the cold november wind wakes me up a bit and without realising it I yawn, and get a massive (increadbly pleasent) rush that seemed to come from my solar plexus.

After I'd got over the initial shock of it I suddenly realised that stopping yawning was proving to be a problem and each time I did yawn I got another massive rush extreamly similar to the feeling when some good E kicks in. After each yawn I would be basking an a pleasent afterglow for a few seconds and then almost uncontrollably had to yawn again.

We arrive at the night club which is very busy. I felt extreamly sociable and slightly energetic but the amount of people and crowds in genral were making me very tense (The reverse of what I'm like on E, usually I love crows, the more people the better) The yawns die down a bit and I have a good time at the club, much bonding is done with old friends. I feel slightly queasy and we leave the club and smoke a spliff waiting for our taxi, instantly the yawns kick back in again.

Go back to a friends house and smoke a few more spliffs but now I feel sleepy and slightly sick so I make my way home. Even though I feel tired sleeping proves to be impossible, a feel pretty horny but orgasm also proved difficult (This stuff seems to give you tremendus staying power, ask my girlfriend!) I got no sleep at all (from the citalopram!) as every time I started to doze off I yawned, rushed and woke up again. It took mabey 18-20 hours for this to wear off and then mabey another 4 hours to get properly back to baseline.

All of the next day my stomach was extreamly upset and I felt pretty worn out by the whole thing (nothing compared to an E comedown though...) All in all it's decent stuff just I'd recoment taking it at home with a few good friends 'cos crowds are scarey. And take it early in the day 'cos the effects last a -long- time (and are irrotating if you're trying to get to sleep) I never got any life changing epiphanies from this drug but it's pleasent enought to use in a social situation, good for parties ;)

I found it made me feel a very close empathy with my friends but would hesitate to do it again 'cos of the sleep/upset stomach problems (the stomach could have just been off the beer, but it wasn't pleasent) Not only that I found these pretty frustrating 'cos it's as if you're about to come up on E but never quite get there which is annoying as I'm sure you can imagine anyhow,
Later 'w Love


Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 10394
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jan 7, 2007Views: 28,921
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Pharms - Citalopram (227) : First Times (2), Club / Bar (25)

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