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No Effects Whatsoever
Coleus blumei
Citation:   b-rad. "No Effects Whatsoever: An Experience with Coleus blumei (exp103951)". Erowid.org. Jan 25, 2020. erowid.org/exp/103951

50 - 60 leaves buccal Coleus (fresh)
I donít have that much experience with psychoactive substances; I have only ever tried cannabis (both sativa and indica) and alcohol. I would smoke weed regularly if it didnít stay in your system for so long (my employer conducts random drug tests) or have such a pungent smell. So, in search of a subtle, under-the-radar, legal high, I stumbled across the Coleus blumei plant.

Iíve read everything I can about this plant and there doesnít seem to be much information out there about it. Iíve also read reports of some people experiencing vivid/lucid dreams after ingesting the plant. Some claim that itís only a placebo, others say there is way too much of an effect for it not to be a placebo. So, due to a lack of dependable information on the subject, Iím taking it upon myself to do my own research.

I picked up 4 of the coleus plants from Loweís on the way over to my friendís apartment (they were fairly small, and there were 3 of us planning to give it a shot). The leaves were mostly green with purple speckles in the middle. I got out a strainer, picked off as many leaves as I could from each of the plants, and put them in the strainer to wash them off. After washing them off, I put them in three separate bowls for each of us (probably about 50-60 small-medium leaves in each bowl). It sort of looked like a salad.

7:45 PM.

I am writing this report as I eat the leaves, and I must say, itís probably the most disgusting thing Iíve ever tasted in my life. The leaves are extremely bitter. I am keeping them in my mouth until they are pulverized, then swallowing the remains.

8:05 PM.

Iím finishing the last quid now, and Iím sitting down with my friends to watch some Family Guy. Weíll see where this goes. One of my friends finished their bowl, the other didnít, as the taste was far too disgusting to handle. My mouth feels very gritty and slightly numb now from the leaves.

8:20 PM.

Iím not feeling anything yet. Iíve been getting up periodically to look at different sources of light to see if Iím noticing any visual effects.

8:40 PM.

Still nothing, but Iím not going to draw any conclusions just yet.

9:15 PM.

The only thing Iím feeling at this point is some mild stomach discomfort.

9:45 PM.

The stomach discomfort is gone. At this point Iím assuming I either got the wrong plant, or the other users reporting psychoactive effects were experiencing nothing more than a placebo. However, I could be wrong, as the plant supposedly has potent dream-enhancing effects. Iíll find out about that later tonight.

10:40 PM.

More nausea/stomach discomfort.

11:15 PM.

Iím going to bed now. Maybe Iíll have a crazy dream, maybe I wonít.

8:45 AM.

I just woke up. I did have an odd dream, but it wasnít any more vivid or intense than any other dreams Iíve had recently. As much as Iíd like to credit the dream to the Coleus, Iím convinced there is nothing special about this plant or I didnít eat enough. Or, maybe another method of administration would be more effective. In the future if I try plant again this I may try smoking the leaves or brewing a tea from them. But, to be quite honest, I donít really see the point. There are plenty of other more potent, guaranteed, and easily obtainable psychoactives out there.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 103951
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19
Published: Jan 25, 2020Views: 1,470
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Coleus (168) : First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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