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Research into Intramuscular Stacking
Methoxetamine MXE
by Syra
Citation:   Syra. "Research into Intramuscular Stacking: An Experience with Methoxetamine MXE (exp103977)". Sep 13, 2014.

T+ 0:00
32 mg IM Methoxetamine
  T+ 2:30 20 mg IM Methoxetamine
  T+ 4:17 20 mg IM Methoxetamine


Subject: 6'1, 130lb, Male

The intention of this experiment is to discover whether intramuscular injections of MXE stacks effects over a short period of time, or not. Meaning, if 30mg taken at T-0:00, will affect how 20mg taken at T-2:00 is felt. The pretense is that it *will* heavily effect the dose, but due to the short duration of intramuscular Methoxetamine, this experiment is one I'm interested in carrying out.

Previous dose;
32mg MXE IM'd

Will now begin administering a (14mg-20mg) dosage, as my scale is saying 14mg, but it's also saying my boat is 27.10g when it's exactly 27.16g - so we know this will be a 20mg dose. [Erowid Note: The discrepancy as described would be 60 mg not 6 mg -- unclear where error may be.]

20mg MXE shot is prepped, and injection begins into the left Deltoid muscle.

I am now writing this report out fully, laying on my couch, relaxed.

I begin to notice the effects of the MXE, my body is now looser, and my legs begin to tingle. First signs of the drug taking effect, as my motor skills are beginning to be effected.

Starting to feel the full effects, entire body is now under an all-encompassing layer of euphoria. Hands are subtlety numb, but not inoperable.

Effects are now prevalent. I can feel the sensation across my entire body. No feeling of dissociation yet.

Upon closing my eyes, there's a prevalence of ..loss for words... everything is tingling...

It's become obvious that the effects of Methoxetamine are here, but not the 'hole'-like effects.

I feel 'off', obviously under the influence of MXE, but alas, this is not a hole experience.

Conclusion - MXE did not 'stack' as predicted. More research is necessary to determine the prevalence of stacking dissociative effects from intramuscular injection, and the time frames in which this 'stacking' occurs.

## Now going under the pretense that each 'hole' is its own entity and should be treated as such. Correlation to each other should be considered, but in this time frame of (2-3) hours, each dose should not affect one another much, due to the short duration of intramuscular methoxetamine.

## Second trial of the previous experiment, this time in a smaller time frame. Testing to see if MXE has a 'stacking' effect in intramuscular injection, considering it has a prevalent 'stacking' effect during the ROA of insufflation.

Injection was done at;
20mg MXE Intramuscular

Starting to feel the effects, come-up is silky smooth. I'm being taken in very gently.

Entering 'hole' territory at this point, effects of this drug are expediting my original expectations.

Fully encompassed in an M-Hole, at this point I am unable to communicate over voice chat. Attachment to my surroundings begins to fade, as I seem to lay further and further back into my mind.

Peaking, deep into a hole, exploring the expanses of my consciousness, fully dissociated from myself - at this point, I am thinking to myself of flying, this is what it's like to fly.

Letting go of all connection to the physical realm. The dissociatives can now take me, I'm no longer connected to my body, I am now at the will of this drug. I'm having a true out of body experience, floating around the room I had set myself in. The qualms of normal life are irrelevant to me, as I've surpassed my physical form. I'm exploring purely through my mind, entering a vast sea of darkness; an experience I likened to being in a translucent coffin hurled off into the depths of space. My eyes are closed, the music that is playing through my headphones is my only guide on this journey.

I'm now able to communicate, albeit with immense difficulty and the need for others to elaborate for me over voice chat. Sharing my experiences with them and expressing my interest in further methoxetamine research. Still extremely dissociated, possibility of walking on my own: none. This couch is eternal.

The time, as I am writing this. Entire body still very numb, akin to being barely outside of a 'hole' through insufflation. Euphoria is gone at this point, I start to take in my surroundings and comprehend reality once again.

These trials have shown that re-dosing methoxetamine intramuscularly does indeed 'stack' with previous doses, as an 'm-hole' experience was accomplished at 20mg, whereas a dose of 32mg with no previous MXE intake during a 48 hour period did not result in a hole-like experience. As of now, the time frame to consider is 1hr15m, upon further research the time will be calculated more precisely.

The intention of this research was to clarify the time constraints of intramuscular methoxetamine re-dosing when aiming for an 'm-hole' experience, as well as to clarify that intramuscular methoxetamine does indeed stack effects in the same respect as insuffulation or oral ingestion of the compound. My hope is that these trip reports will help future adventurers in their quest towards dosing intramuscular methoxetamine; seeing as there is a lack of intramuscular methoxetamine reports on the interwebs.

Best of luck to you psychonauts out there,

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 103977
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: 17 
Published: Sep 13, 2014Views: 6,610
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Methoxetamine (527) : General (1), Alone (16)

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