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The Best Laugh I Ever Had
4-HO-MET, Nitrous Oxide & Cannabis
by Sapphic Geometry
Citation:   Sapphic Geometry. "The Best Laugh I Ever Had: An Experience with 4-HO-MET, Nitrous Oxide & Cannabis (exp103986)". Aug 1, 2014.

25 mg oral 4-HO-MET (powder / crystals)
    repeated inhaled Nitrous Oxide  
    repeated smoked Cannabis  

This experience marked my fourth meeting with a new member of the family of 4-hydroxylated N,N-dialkyltryptamines. This has so far proven to be my favorite collective of psychedelics. I have flirted with psilocin mushrooms many times, had two wonderful dates with 4-HO-MiPT, and spent a lovely afternoon with 4-HO-DiPT. What I have found about these tryptamines is that they all have unique and distinct personalites, but as a class they still share traits which distinguishes them from other psychedelics I have come to know.

As this is my first trip report under this name, it will help to briefly cover my relationship with psychedelics first. I have many psychotherapeutic and recreational reasons that I trip, but I would have to say that the most significant of them is that I have a thrill-seeking personality and psychedelics give me such a powerful and real euphoria that they serve as a major stress release for me, which allows me to think more rationally about various aspects of my life in the process. I am also a very visual person, and the hallucinations that psychedelics give me often have a very personal meaning to me. Given the nature of my trips, my visions are often highly sexual in nature, and almost exclusively feminine which allows me to explore both my sexual desires for others and for myself simultaneously. These things of course only push the euphoria even deeper.

Something that this group of tryptamines all has for me that other psychedelics don't always quite live up to is that they just tend to make me feel very peaceful and content with my current state, whereas other substances get me energized to the point of wanting to search for more stimuli. With these I rather feel almost like I'm in the midst of an orgasm from start to finish, in the sense that I feel no need to find more to satisfy myself with, which is a wonderful feeling to have for an extended period of time especially when you have my state of mind. It always leaves me feeling very spiritually refreshed at the end of the experience as well. Another thing that I find in this class is very vivid and complex geometry, of a much more abstract and sensual nature than something like DMT. These allies always give me the richest romantic and erotic imagery, which is another big part of why they are so far my favorites.

Mushrooms for me definitely seem the most cosmic of these psychedelics so far, with the most hyperspace potential along the lines of DMT. It is also the most mentally disorienting (not in a bad way) by a wide margin. The entities that I perceive in the mushroom space tend to apply a variety of jewelry and sexy clothing like stilettos and latex outfits. The overall feeling is one of connecting with deeper aspects of my subconscious in a way that they just start spilling out into my reality. The background images and visions that mushrooms give me also seem to have an aesthetic theme that resembles ancient Central American temples and cave paintings, giving them a very old and powerful vibe. Perhaps as a part of that, they also seem to have the strongest teacher vibe to me. If there is some issue I need to overcome or lesson I know I need to be taught at this point in life, mushrooms will surely drag it out of me at the most opportune moment.

I would say that the most similar experience to mushrooms I've had so far is 4-HO-MiPT, though there are still differences. For one, the state of mind it produces is very lucid, one of the most easygoing I've encountered, though like mushrooms it can still feel very dissociative at times. The entities I have perceived unfold in a slightly different trajectory and are maybe drawn just a little differently, but ultimately seem to be designed the same way. One thing particularly separating 4-HO-MiPT though was the structure of the visions, though in some ways I could tell they were still coming from a similar place. The color scheme was more neon and electric like LSD, and maybe a little more royal. There was an alien or technological feel to much of the trip, and the imagery I saw was more akin to the of ancient Egyptian architecture including pyramids and a Sphinx-like design of human faces. It has definitely shown itself as a very cool psychedelic to me so far, great for letting loose and just bonding with people or just exploring your mind on your own.

4-HO-DiPT I have not unfortunately gotten to know as well as I'd like yet, but what I can say about it so far gives me a lot of hope for the future. It was similarly lucid to 4-HO-MiPT, and retained the same comforting, orgasmic bliss that all of this family seems to give me as of yet. It may have been due to the setting, but I definitely laughed a lot more on this one than I did on either the mushrooms or 4-HO-MiPT. I don't recall ever feeling particularly physically inhibited by it, unlike with mushrooms, and I found my mood on it to be very humorous and empathogenic. The basic visual geometry was more unique from the two others, shifting and interlocking in a way I hadn't quite seen before. With eyes open it wasn't a major factor though there was a lot of beautiful sensory enhancement, but behind closed eyes I was treated to I think my most beautiful visual display yet, though not the most intense. The entities wore a clothing style that seemed to hint at being something unrealistically futuristic but at the same time looking not unlike modern clubbing outfits. There was much in the way of sapphic geometry in this visual, and it flowed very organically not unlike mushrooms, and it had some of the pinks and greens of mushrooms while retaining a more blue neon glow like 4-HO-MiPT as well. Truly a wonderful substance; I look forward to future meetings.

So, these were the experiences that I had in mind when I first approached the idea of having my first date with 4-HO-MET on this day. It was a beautiful morning just after I had gotten out of bed and I would have the day off with no one to see until mid-afternoon. I weighed out 25 mg right when I woke up and thought about it for a few minutes, and then finally just went ahead and dosed. It was 8:15 AM at this time. Immediately after taking my dose, I decided that I should take a shower to give it a chance to kick in while I relax into it and help myself feel nice and clean for the experience.

I noticed it taking effect pretty quickly, I was getting some significant alerts around fifteen or twenty minutes after dosing. This speed mirrors other psychedelics of this class for me. My mind was actually starting to feel sped up in a mostly clear but slightly delirious way, not unlike LSD but perhaps with a bit more clarity. My mind's eye began projecting the perception of a black void, one which different streaks of color would occasionally spin through, which could happen to rapidly as to cause people to spin by as well. The streaks I remember were mostly red, blue, and yellow, though the girl I recall seeing was mostly dark shades of green. She was wearing shorts, boots, and a tank top, and had long hair, though this was all somewhat cartoony. As this was happening, I was becoming filled with the feeling that this void was actually representative of a plane between life and death, a place that I was now starting to float around in, which is similar to something I've felt on 4-HO-MiPT before. As soon as I had these thoughts, the girl started dissolving into a spinning streak of her own using the same green color. To me this symbolized her leaving this world and returning to this default state; I thought a lot about how death is just a natural part of life. In the end we will all be united in this way.

I got out of the shower and decided that I wanted to start kicking this trip up a notch. It was still coming up, but I was just thinking about helping it out with some cannabis and nitrous oxide. I may have started off with an initial small balloon as a test run before doing anything else as I often do, but I can't recall now; if I did, I imagine it did little more than feel really nice for a minute. Often I do that to combat nausea I get as a psychedelic is kicking in, but I honestly wasn't feeling anything like that yet. The 4-HO-MET felt very nice and clean on my body, again like LSD. What I do know is that I decided to load a bowl in the really smooth bong, and that brought things up to a new level. I was blown away by the strength of it. The visuals I was getting were so vivid and intense that I almost felt like it was my first time tripping again. It was easily more visual than mushrooms for me, and that's not something I say lightly because most of my mushroom visuals are at least on par with what DMT gives me. However, this 4-HO-MET was much less overwhelming than those substances, it was incredibly lighthearted and playful. Like 4-HO-MiPT and 4-HO-DiPT, and even through the mind warp, it was very lucid and controllable.

There was this vision I was getting the mind's eye that was overlapping into my external reality fairly consistently throughout the duration of the trip. It was of a woman leaned back facing toward a bright light in the sky, with a flower with neon blue and green copies of that woman's face in each of the petals extending out all around her from behind. Something about that pattern made me want to stretch, a lot, which I did quite frequently to great pleasure. Like mushrooms, and much more so than I had experienced so far with either 4-HO-MiPT and 4-HO-DiPT, this visual was highly three-dimensional and realistic. It actually had a level of detail comparable only to what I've seen from smoking DMT on 4-HO-MiPT, though that time was more vivid and inescapable. Something that I couldn't help but noticing this time though was that this visual was actually, another time, more similar to LSD than anything else I had experienced, though in a whole new league of realism. It was beautiful, and I was fascinated with it fairly often during the day. Not too long after I had started to enjoy these effects, I decided to do a full balloon of nitrous.

I loaded another bowl of weed before preparing my balloon so that I could take a few big hits immediately before beginning to inhale the nitrous, and I proceeded to do so. All I can really say about this is that it hit me hard! I'm not even sure what happened at the very beginning; the first thing I remember is coming to out of white void not really knowing who or where I am or what's happening to or around me, but I had just enough awareness left in me to realize that I was supposed to keep inhaling and that I still had about half of my balloon left. I felt that I was supposed to not stop until I was finished, but I just couldn't bring myself to keep going yet. I was far too entranced with what was going on all around me, and I just had to savor the moment before it was gone forever. In every direction reality was shattering into subatomic particles, it was all just dissolving right before my eyes. Everything was starting to lose definition, but at the same time it just kept becoming more complexly abstract and just became so beautiful. I was in awe of just how incredible this reality can be, and felt extremely lucky to be able to take a peek at these hidden wonders of our own minds. After allowing the moment to finally sink in enough, I continued going with the balloon.

The next thing I recall is just a completely empty void, and then from the nothingness erupted a euphoric, maniacal laughter. This revived my attention, and I then realized that this laughter was coming from myself. As reality began reconstructing itself I could feel my body pushing itself to its physical limit in how intensely I was laughing, it was actually quite overwhelming, like I'd just completely lost myself into the ecstasy of it all. Once it finally started to die down, I felt physically, mentally, and emotionally like I had just experienced the best orgasm of my entire life. I rolled around in my bed sheets stretching and grabbing aimlessly and just smiling to myself and still laughing quite a lot. The only other substance that has given me the giggles even nearly this much as LSD, but even that falls short of this. I've actually heard others mention this quality about 4-HO-MET since this trip too; I wonder what it is about it? Anyway, after I finished that balloon I just felt freaking incredible. I decided to get up and go run some more tests on this psychedelic to see what other ways it might compare to LSD (or other hallucinogens). Until this trip I had always felt that LSD sort of stood alone in its own category compared to everything else I had tried, so I was actually becoming more and more excited with all of these similarities I could draw between it and 4-HO-MET while having the latter still remain a very unique compound.

One of my favorite things to do on LSD is dancing in patterns, so I put on some club music and gave that a go this time too. It went very well! The flow was a bit different from what I normally come up with on LSD, maybe even a little bit more complex, though I think LSD would have given me much more energy than this did still. Nonetheless, I would say that this was the most stimulating experience I've had on psilocin or one of its analogues up to this point. I just wanted to run around and move and get lost in my imagination; I felt very much like a kid again for much of the trip. I actually decided to put on my bathing suit and jump in the pool for a bit, after doing one more moderate-sized balloon of nitrous. This one was quite fascinating to me.... As I was inhaling, I started to feel like all of these switches that track variables in my mind were being flipped haphazardly, and I can't recall too much of what was going on now but it felt very profound, and I recall thinking that it must be common for people to have intense trips based around the various physical mechanics involved in the act of inhaling nitrous oxide, because each of those movements of mine would alter this pattern. I actually started vividly perceiving the complete 3D structure of my mouth and jawline and the air I would inhale in between balloon hits as it was traveling through my mouth and down my throat, and this was all displayed to me in an abstract psychedelic art wireframe kind of pattern. The air trajectory would actually echo off to both the right and the left and each end folded up until it created the look of a bony and somewhat demented looking-smile, but it actually felt very intriguing, like becoming more in touch with my own skeletal structure on a level of objectivity towards humanity. The effect of this balloon, though the dissociation faded, would stay with me for much of my time in the pool.

As I was out there, reality felt very much like a video game or 3D modeling program. Everything was still covered in the same wireframe pattern, very hyperspatial, and all of the colors were heavily saturated. There were also beautiful spade patterns appearing over everything, and that same mental image that was still hanging over and enveloping me. When I had been doing the nitrous in my room I had just lied in silence and become acutely aware of how intricately detailed my perceptual systems are by simply observing the stillness and this had followed me into the outside world as well. As I swam around the pool I could just feel every sense so strongly, it was becoming so beautiful that it was intoxicating. All I could think about was how much I love 4-HO-MET. As I danced through the water I also had this visualization going on in my imagination which was also bleeding over into my surroundings, and it was just stunning. It carried on from before in having the same artistic style as LSD for me, but the things I was imagining were entirely 3D scenes from multiple spinning camera angles all unfolding in perfectly choreographed patterns, and the design was a lot like a very trippy magical fantasy anime kind of style. All of this actually felt extremely erotic to me like the mental imagery that I get on LSD as well, but unlike with LSD, not once did I ever feel the need to let some of that tension go. This fell in line perfectly with the totally at peace orgasmic feeling that I've gotten from other tryptamines in this family. I had also brought some weed out with me to the pool, and smoking it while swimming around was increasing my feeling of perfect calm as it usually does.

When I finally got out of the pool, I went back inside to listen to some more music and do another big balloon of nitrous. This time the trip was much more visually hallucinogenic than my previous experiences, and quite delirious as well. I don't recall quite how it started, but what I do know is that suddenly I was living through a series of different behavioral patterns that are all stored in my mind as ways that I respond to different situations. I was seeing these being displayed somewhat in third person, but I felt as though they were happening in first person. I don't know if I was actually moving or saying anything in real life either, but I definitely felt those things happening as if they actually were. Basically, my camera angle would be following a perception of myself as I both witnessed and experienced that pattern, and as this was going on the fact that I was experiencing that pattern seemed completely appropriate and normal, as if I was actually having that reaction and was supposed to be. Once the pattern ran its course, the camera would lag behind that copy of me until it went too far up off my vision, and then another copy would come in from the side (the left I believe) and the camera would latch on to it and follow that one instead, and I would then live through the next pattern. The whole time this was happening I felt like I was flipping through different file folders in my mind, though it wasn't until it was completely over that I even had a true idea of what was going on. As the last file finished, my camera instead pulled away to reveal that each of those copies of me was actually a dot in a big void, and these dots appeared to be like electrons spinning around the edge of a spherical space that was taken as an atom in perfect symmetrical patterns.

I came out of that experience again baffled by the beauty of what I had seen and gone through, and I just lied on the ground for a while letting the music play and thinking. I felt so amazing, my heart felt like it had a warmth emanating from it that flowed throughout my entire body. I just felt so refreshed and like this was exactly the kind of experience I needed at the time. After that I think I may have done another couple small nitrous balloons and smoked some more weed, but by then the bulk of the experience was starting to pass. It is a short-lived substance, which is definitely one advantage over LSD, though for my day off I wouldn't have minded it lasting a little bit longer. Anyway though, it was somewhere around six and a half or seven hours in that I had to meet up with some people, and by then I felt totally back to baseline when I needed to be other than a wonderful afterglow.

All in all, a truly great psychedelic. I must make sure to use it properly as to not overdo it or burn myself out on it, because this one has already become a real favorite. I can't wait to see what more it has in store for me! I am particularly excited to try mixing it with some other psilocin analogues such as 4-HO-DiPT. I think that sounds like a combination with a very high amount of euphoric, visual, and spiritual potential, just based on my own experiences anyway.

So, that's my experience. I would say 4-HO-MET is definitely suited for anyone looking for a strong visual psychedelic with a lot of empathogenic love and warmth and not too overwhelming. Some people have reported some unpleasant physical stimulation such as tremors, but I got nothing like that that bothered me. It will certainly stay high up on my list of special psychedelics.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 103986
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Aug 1, 2014Views: 16,236
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4-HO-MET (436) : Alone (16), Retrospective / Summary (11), General (1)

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