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Ups and Downs
Ethylphenidate, Cocaine & Etizolam
Citation:   Anarchyreigns. "Ups and Downs: An Experience with Ethylphenidate, Cocaine & Etizolam (exp103994)". Erowid.org. Jun 2, 2020. erowid.org/exp/103994

  repeated insufflated Ethylphenidate (powder / crystals)
    repeated insufflated Cocaine (powder / crystals)
    repeated oral Etizolam  
    smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes  
    oral Vitamins / Supplements  
This report will not have step by step timed reports. Just a basic overal of a day/night of a combination of the drugs Cocaine and Ethylphenidate. We will abbreviate the names of as M (24 year old female, 180 pounds, 5'2') C (19 year old female 120 pounds, 5'9') and myself A (25 year old Male, 240 pounds, 6'5'). Little background to this is myself and C are quite heavy cocaine users, before this night we had used probably about 12 grams of cocaine with the prior week and a half togethor. M rarely ever uses cocaine but had once with us prior, but we are talking a small maybe 50mg line.

I myself had 3 grams of Ethylphenidate that I had started using at about 11am measured out small lines of precrushed material, weighing 30mg each using a .01 accurate scale. I had 5 lines of this over the course of 8 hours. Periodically taking 1mg tabs of etizolam. Heavy use of EthylPhenidate will cause bad anxiety, tachycardia, and panic attacks. I dont really suggest use of this drug without some kind of Diazapine on hand.

At about 8pm I was feeling pretty drained and zombie like. Realizing I was feeling no pleasure or happiness I realized that I had probably severely depleted my brain of Dopamine. I took 1.5g of L-tyrosine and 200mg of 5-HTP to help restore some the neurotransmitters I was most definitely lacking.

At 8:30pm I was feeling better and had received a text from C, saying she was going to buy $60 worth of cocaine. Because of the very good experiences I have with C while we use cocaine I offered to instead pick up 4grams from our dealer who has very pure flake cocaine (tested at roughly 85% purity).

At this point I'll give a little back story of me and C's cocaine usage. We both were mostly closet cocaine users, using it alone by ourselves to cope with various things going on in our lives. We met through a fetish website, and got to hanging out and talking. We started using cocaine together quite frequently. It allowed us to open up on a very deep human level to each other, there was no sexual aspects to our friendship.

Anyways back to our night, at about 10pm I arrived at C and M's house with the the cocaine. They didnt know I also had some bags of ethylphenidate and etizolam in my pocket at the time. I made C take 1g of L-tyrosine and 100mg of 5-HTP since I knew she was using more frequently than myself when I wasnt around. After me and C immediately went to her bedroom and crushed some up to start snorting some lines. *like to add a note here that since we were such heavy users we never weighed the amount we used, it is a good idea if you are to use drugs that you always weigh proper amounts*

After I'd say about an hour M wanted to join in on the lines, we started cutting lines 3 ways, leaving smaller ones for M since her tolerance was way below ours. This progressed on till about 4am of lines and cigarettes and deep conversations (and just as a side note, for awhile C was in nothing but her panties lol we have a deeply trusting relationship because of cocaine, and we are also very damaged people, she is a habitual self-harmer *aka cutting* and I am severely distrusting of women).

At about this time the cocaine was running low, so I suggested that I start cutting lines with a very small quantity of EthylPhenidate mixed in. Of course trying to explain the reuptake effects and affinity effects to those who arent very versed is difficult. They agreed. This mixture did start producing a stronger effect and longer duration of high. Being as I am, I was checking everyones heart beats to make sure no dangerous tachycardia was occuring due to the mixtures affinity and reuptake of Noradrenaline.

We did lines like this until about 6am when the cocaine finally ran out. By this time I noticed I was starting to feel panicked. I chewed 2mg of etizolam and within 15 minutes my anxiety was gone. Everyone was definitely feeling the heavy stimulation of the Ethylphenidate and the prolonged effects of the cocaine/ethylphenidate high.

Roughly 7am C and me migrated to her room for some deep conversation while we were coming down. During the come down it became heavily emotional which was unusual for cocaine for us, I attribute this to the mixture of ethylphenidate. I dont feel it needed to go into details of what the emotional aspects were entailing. But I it did end with my being quite upset and smashing my rather nice Galaxy S4.

I had left at 7:30am to give my sister a ride to work *the euphoria of the drugs was gone, but the stimulation and lack of sleep probably made this a bad idea to drive'. I came back to C and M at 8:30am. M was highly stimulated and happy playing on the computer. C was in her room still. C was quite upset over our conversation, but it continued. At which point we were still both upset so I left, this almost ruined our friendship.

I went home and fell asleep at about 10:30am. Upon waking at 4pm I found myself in an extremely depressed state, suicidal thoughts kind of depressed state. This was highly unusual since I have never had thought of suicide in my life. I took 2 etizolam to bring myself to a slightly calmer state, and looked at the dozens of text messages that C had left apologizing to me and telling me how much she loved me (again very close friendship, non sexual). Upon losing my ability to control my state I decided that my brain had to be suffering from baddd chemical imbalances. I took 2 antioxidant pills, 1.5g l-tyrosine, 200mg 5-htp, 800mg Oxiracetam, 1g aniracetam, 2g piracetam, 3 High potency Omega-3 (420 EPA, 280DHA) all chased down with a Red Rave energy drink.

About 2 hours after pumping myself with all that I felt totally back to normal. My heartbeat was a calm 62. My thoughts were clear, all depression was gone. I contacted C, we repatched our friendship, oddly enough the experience helped her connect with her new boyfriend, and hurt me emotionally in the process. She didn't suffer the same level of depression I did though. M never suffered any amount of depression. Though since the last line at 6am till 1:30am the next night she is still not able to sleep (I'm writing this as of now 1:30am). We all had different effects from this, for sure.

My conclusion. I think this mixture may be a dangerous one, it may have been the emotional turmoil from me and C that contributed, but it was definitely my heavy use of Ethylphenidate prior to Cocaine and the Cocaine/Ethylphenidate mixture that allowed it to catalyze in the dangerously suicidal thoughts. Yes it prolongs the cocaine high feeling, and lessens the severity of the comedown. But the affinity and reuptake for the Noradrenaline and double compounds with Dopamine reuptake. Along with the Sodium channel blocking. This could be quite a heavy combination for anyones heart and mind. If you choose to do this combinations, just be expected that the side effects could be terrible, dont do it alone, and dont be afraid to use a hospital if something goes horribly wrong, Better living ashamed then dead from drugs.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 103994
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 25
Published: Jun 2, 2020Views: 1,135
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Cocaine (13), Ethylphenidate (563) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Hangover / Days After (46), Combinations (3)

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