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It's Not to Be Messed With
by jezu
Citation:   jezu. "It's Not to Be Messed With: An Experience with Diphenidine (exp104001)". Sep 6, 2019.

T+ 0:00
80 mg oral Diphenidine (liquid)
  T+ 3:30 30 mg oral Diphenidine (liquid)

BODY WEIGHT: 10.5 st

I dissolved 250mg of the drug in 5ml of 95% vodka. This equals to 0.1ml = 5 mg, my starting dose was 1.6ml measured in a syringe which = 80mg.

Hmmmmmmm, took the stuff at 00:04, now its 00:08 and I can feel something.
now its 00:08 and I can feel something.
I thinks the vodka method = faster absorption.

00:28 feeling heavy, light headed and there is that nitrous oxide head space, only its more intense. Did I do too much?

I have no tolerance to this type of medication, but when doing a new drug there is no point in starting low, well unless I need to do a toxicity test first, which would be advisable, I'd go with 5mg. Might as well jump into the deep end, as long as the dosage is within safety parameters of the online literature. Been reading up on it lots, it feels quite weird, hands feel tingly and there is that metallic head space feeling.

1:30 am This feels stronger than what I expected, very sedated, don't feel the need to dose any more. It's quite pleasant, I knows what's going on, I can still function, strange feelings, watching the edge of tomorrow, I really like mind bending sci fi when high.

I have not had much experience with dissociates, I have tried ketamine once and I have used nitrous many times. I have had lots of experience with dactora and such and I can just about navigate the realities which that brings, not that I would recommend dactora, as its not a fun drug, though, I'm good with lucid dreaming, so I have some focus.

Not sure what I'm getting from watching the movie, it feels weird, time is passing faster, can't connect with the movie it feels like I`m detached as if I'm watching the movie on a 2d plane rather than being there, which is weird because it is just a projection on my tv screen, this isnt a holo deck.

3:30 Note, not that I shall be buying any more, it was a freebee, may redose as the duration is short. Say about 2/3 hours, I'm going to read first before I decide, I am lucid and fine.

3:40 Done some reading, had another 30mg, feels fine. Being careful with this stuff, not pushing like other foolish folks. Seriousness people are snorting this stuff and IV, that's just bad.

Checking my notes I have on time of dosing and concentration of liquids. Just to make sure they are no accidents, don't want to overdo it.

4:00 Things are starting to feel fuzzy again, not sure if I'm getting back to my plateau or not, little bored.

4:05 feeling like its picking up again.

4:10 all the weird sensations are coming back, which is strange since I only had a small dose 3 hours later.
4:10 all the weird sensations are coming back, which is strange since I only had a small dose 3 hours later.

4:16 feels like jumping from base back to blast off, though not as high, must have a weird dose response curve. Usually there would be some tolerance with drugs, I could easily see someone doing too much, if they thought they were coming down and redosed with something like 80mg again. BAD IDEA.

Put some music on and not feeling right, slowly getting higher than before. WTF ?

It's getting late no more redosing, interesting compound but I have the sense it can lead you down a dark path, it's worth trying once, but I wouldn't do it again. It's what I'd imagine PCP would be like at higher doses.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 104001
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 37 
Published: Sep 6, 2019Views: 1,258
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Diphenidine (630) : First Times (2), Alone (16)

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