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Wicked Facemelt
25I-NBOMe, 25C-NBOMe & 25D-NBOMe
Citation:   Diggler. "Wicked Facemelt: An Experience with 25I-NBOMe, 25C-NBOMe & 25D-NBOMe (exp104017)". Erowid.org. Sep 8, 2018. erowid.org/exp/104017

1 tablet oral 25I-NBOMe (blotter / tab)
  1 tablet oral 25C-NBOMe (blotter / tab)
  1 tablet oral 25D-NBOMe (blotter / tab)
    tablets oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine (liquid)
It's any other Friday, I had just finished a short shift at work. I had a coworker who wanted to pick up my Saturday shift, which I happily accepted. I was ready to conquer the night.

I drive out to my best friend J's apartment, and his girlfriend P is there. We call up my good friend N and he drives out. The crew is assembled! I've been through hell and back with these guys. I'm feeling harmonious and unburdened as we drink beers and play some Tekken while getting the night prepared.

We're all experienced psychonauts, and our weekends usually involve some heavy hallucinogens or MDMA related shenanigans. We call up our usual guy, a trustworthy dealer who always picks up the phone. Tonight is no exception and he tells that he has 'cocktail' that is wonderful and that we can come by and pick it up as soon as we want. We are a little apprehensive but decide to go out and learn more.

Me and J head arrive at his place and he unveils his latest masterpiece.

'25i, 25c, and 25d, one hit of each on one blotter. Take one and you will trip the fuck out! I took half and it fucked me up man!'

Yes that's really how he talks. Well we decide to buy 4, one for each of us and we head back to J's.

We arrive back at J's and gather around the table as we take the blotters out of the baggie. Tingles come over my body as we stare at the multicolored blotters in front of us, anticipation of the night to come. We've all taken RCs in fairly strong doses together and have had positively glowing experiences, so we are all in jazzed mindset and ready.

It's 9 pm and we all take our blotters and sit around the table, laughing and joking. The RC taste is stronger than usual, and my mouth goes more numb than usual. About 20 minutes in I began to feel familiar waves wash over me, albeit a little earlier than I expected. The crew reported the same, all of us realizing that this was going to be one strong trip.

40 minutes after ingestion I put on my usual playlist of psychedelic electronic, but it felt too intense and P wasn't digging it and I wasnt either. The electronic beats sounded aggressive and violent. We switched to some orchestral scores, and the sound was beginning to distort. I'd heard all these songs before, but the distortion was such that they sounded completely new! Violin notes were drawn out into low pitched, reverberating wails that echoed through my headspace. I'd never experienced noise distortion to this level, especially not 40 minutes in!

We listened to the music for a little longer before deciding it was time to hit the hot tub. J's apartment has a luxurious hot tub and pool that we always end up in when we are tripping. At this point it's become a tradition that we lovingly call “Peak Tubbing”

We change and step out of the apartment. At this point it had been about an hour since ingestion, and the visuals are beginning to take the forefront. The checkered pattern of the hallway carpet swirls and morphs and the end of the hallway seems hundreds of feet away. We walk to elevator, trying to contain our laughter and cracking our silly inside jokes. The elevator, which moves slow enough sober, seemed to take 20 minutes to reach the ground floor. We walk out into the night and head towards the tub. The cobblestone feels soft underneath my feet and the stars in the sky are pulsing, breathing around me. Waves of tingling happiness wash over me and I feel very centered and in tune with my companions.

When we reach the hot tub, I excitedly climb in. It was a warm night, but the tub feels perfect and inviting. N decides to take a dip in the pool as usual, which always makes me nervous. But N is a good swimmer and promises to stay out of the deep end. I feel a brotherly urge to watch over him but decide to just relax in the tub. J and P hop in the tub with me and we all sink in to the warm waters. P had set up a clock near the tub so we dont fry. The waving hands said 10:30.

Suddenely I feel like I was punched by a pschedelic Mike Tyson. The visuals shift into sixth gear as I see my legs blend with the swirling waters of the tub.
Suddenely I feel like I was punched by a pschedelic Mike Tyson. The visuals shift into sixth gear as I see my legs blend with the swirling waters of the tub.
The sound of a passing motorcylce reverberates in my head for minutes after it passes. J and P's conversation sounds as though it is coming from inside my own head, before they slowly stop talking as they too are hit by an RC steamroller. We sit in silence, watching the pulsating, fractaling world around us. N makes his way back to the tub and dips his legs in. We all share a look that speaks volumes. This was truly intense

“I can see... oh my god.” J utters. He is looking down at his hands with awe and confusion. He is usually the one feel the mental aspect of drugs the hardest, and he is slipping off into his own world. We are all beginning to feel a little overwhelmed, and P suggests we head back upstairs.

The walk upstairs was tough, no denying it. We were trying to laugh and have fun, but it was hard to not be overcome by the multilayered visuals and the sounds of my footsteps magnifying to musical explosions. I had a nagging feeling that we were going to be “caught” or someone was searching the building for us. The feeling grew in the elevator and I was sure there would be someone waiting at the top for us.

Of course there wasnt, but I still hustled to get us all back into the safety of J's apartment. When we make it in I feel as though a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. J stumbles in behind us and immediately gets naked, to the surprise of all of us. He says something about his swimsuit being too wet and he lays down on the couch, staring at the ceiling. P sits down next to him to comfort him and I head to the shower.

The shower was a wonderland, I mustve used every soap and shampoo at least three times. The physical feeling of being clean was orgasmically satisfying, not the mention the beautiful visuals of the steam gripping the walls. Eventually I hear my friends laughing and joking and decide to head out to join them. I put on a bathrobe and it felt like a soft embrace.

I step outside to see that J has headed up to his room to lay down and embark on a psychedelic journey, with P by his side to keep him somewhat sane. Me and N pride ourselves in being the relatively level headed trippers, so we crack some beers and sit down to play some Tekken. The beer tasted like nothing I had ever drank before, an odd taste that was cool and refreshing.

Just how useless I was in a game of Tekken was an indicator that this trip was just on a steady climb to the moon. The bright lights and quick movements of the characters felt like it was scrambling my brain. We nixed that idea pretty quickly checked on J and P.

J was truly in a different headspace, mumbling about seeing sideways in time and different dimensions. We left him to his own devices as we set about ordering a pizza off the internet, a monumental task. The website looked like it was written in another language, but we somehow managed to order a pizza that had some mystery ingredients on it, because none of us had be cognescient enough to remember. We felt hilariouly accomplished that we had conquered the pizza website. I checked the time on the computer and it said 11:45

J was still in his bed staring at the ceiling. I checked on him to make sure he was still in good health and just on a mindbender, and once I felt he was safe the rest of us went to listen to some music.

Fleet Foxes and Jimi were truly magical, almost overwhelmingly beautiful. I felt waves of pleasure physically travel across my brain with each word and note. I was truly hearing each song for the first time, and “May This Be Love” made me shed a tear.

At this point the feeling was bittersweet nostalgia. I was on the brink of leaving town for a long time for a new job, and the connection I felt with my best friends was a tangible bond in the room, linking us all, for better or worse. I had pain in my heart knowing I had to leave them behind, but a glowing warmth remembering the times we had together.

My thoughts were derailed by a sudden knock on the door. My heart shot into my feet as we all stared at the door. The pizza! We totally forgot. How long had it been? The clock on the wall said 12:30 am. It's only been 45 minutes, it feels like we've been out here for hours! Or 5 minutes.
The clock on the wall said 12:30 am. It's only been 45 minutes, it feels like we've been out here for hours! Or 5 minutes.

P considered herself straight enough to meet the pizza guy, and we encouraged her. She opened the door and tried to make small talk with the pizza guy, but was laughing too hard to not appear slightly insane. We weren't helping in the background. I couldnt stop staring, examing every inch of the pizza guy, noticing the stain on the knee of his pants and the side of his beard that seemed longer than the other. He was there for what felt like hours, handing the pizza off and taking the money.

As soon as he left we erupted in laughter, imaging what we must have looked like to the poor guy. We opened the pizza and it looked like a delicious swirling masterpiece. We had put all sorts of toppings on it in our haze while ordering, but it turned out surprisingly great. I wasnt very hungry, and food felt bizarre in my mouth. The rest of the group had no trouble devouring the cheesy concoction though.

Once that was done, J seemed to be back from wherever his mind had gone to. I was happy he was back, and now the night took on a very fun and upbeat vibe. We laughed as we drank beer and played video games until about 2:00 am. We were still tripping hard, the visuals were still at peak performance, but the sound distortion had gone down and my emotions felt easier to control.

We wanted to watch a movie, and decided on The Room. It's hilariously bad, I recommend it to anyone reading this. It was a great time, the cocktail had all of us in a great mood to be with friends.

After the movie, at about 4:00am we were still all experiencing visuals but were definitely on the come down. We listened to some more music, and just talked and relaxed. I started to feel the body load “hangover” from the RCs as did the rest of the group. We talked about what J had experienced, and he couldnt really describe it, but said it was intense and scary. At around 6:00 am I went and laid in the extra bed at J's but couldnt sleep to save my life. The trip felt over but I still had noticeable visuals until I fell asleep around 8.

I look back on this RC experience with fondness. Although it wasn't anything groundbreaking, it was definitely a strong facemelt that brought us closer together.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 104017
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20
Published: Sep 8, 2018Views: 2,661
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25I-NBOMe (542), 25C-NBOMe (540), 25D-NBOMe (541) : General (1), Combinations (3), Music Discussion (22), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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