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7 Hours in Sensory Deprivation Tank - 5 Hits
by trains
Citation:   trains. "7 Hours in Sensory Deprivation Tank - 5 Hits: An Experience with LSD (exp104098)". Jan 2, 2020.

5 drops oral LSD (edible / food)


(T-0:20 [11:30 PM]) I arrive at the floatation tank place with Sarah. Sarah reminds me she loves me and whatever happens I can find her if I get overwhelmed. We are led to our respective tank rooms and I eat a sugar cube with 5 drops of liquid LSD on it before showering. I get into the tank which I have rented for 7 hours.

(T+0:05) I lay in silence and focus on my breathing. An unknown amount of time passes with no sensations and then Beavis and Butthead appear in my consciousness. Butthead says “we're there, dude!” and then, aware of my presence in the tank, says “Look at this dillhole.” Beavis says cool and it echoes through my thoughts, to which he responds with “cool” more excitedly. Beavis then kicks the tank and they walk off. I begin to start seeing fractals. I am catapulted way beyond consensus reality. I forget that I exist as a body or that I have ever been in a state outside of this tank. I become a small, african-american youth from the inner city. I like to play basketball and I get in a fight and lose. I become stuck in a loop for several eternals watching a black mans lips as he talks about nothing.

My consciousness is being dissected.. Worm like aliens rip my mind to shreds and devour it as I watch. I feel good. I start to feel incredibly good. Everything goes white and I feel the best I have ever felt by far, there is no longer thought, only pleasure encompassing all aspects of my being. I return to middle. I see my body die. I see the fear and confusion and then relief pass over my face from the perspective of those who love me. I feel their grief and I feel my death as me. I become a devout catholic. The catholic god is now real, all is serious. I see jesus on the cross and it is me. I see a white light above him and I am sucked into it. My entire everything condenses to one period.

Next a frenchman enters my mind. He starts to talk about something passionately and sodomizes jesus. There are cocks everywhere. All the fractals are cocks. Then they are masses of limbs. Gore everywhere. Lovecraftian horrors ripping meat things into pieces. I am sucked into the microcosmos. I see my organs, cells, atoms, molecules all as myself and separate at the same time. Then myself as separate and myself at the same time. Then I am pushed out into macrocosmos. I see me in the tank, the room, Oakland, Earth, the solar system, the galaxy, the universe. All of it falls into one point. This is my reality, I am all of it and part of it. There are other points. I feel one is sarah, and I am overwhelmed by feelings of love. Now more thought loops. I heare Randy say “Everything’s fucked, Mr. Lahey!” It is all one big joke. Everything I believed manifests itself before me, there are no limits to what I can do in this space. I feel as deep as I go there is still an infinite depth below me. Eris is the goddess and she is fucking me in the ass. I think that sarah should fist me at some point.

(T+3:00) Suddenly, light! I am instantly made aware that I have a physical form. Sarah is looking into my tank. She says words to me but I forget the previous word she said each time she says a new one. All I can say is “I'm confused” repeatedly. She closes the tank and I fall back into a trance.
Sarah is looking into my tank. She says words to me but I forget the previous word she said each time she says a new one. All I can say is “I'm confused” repeatedly. She closes the tank and I fall back into a trance.
Later, I would find out that she freaked out in her tank and was not going back in and would sleep on the couch in the lobby. I am aware I am thinking. I'm thinking about thinking about thinking and that it never stops. Suddenly it stops, or at least I felt it stopped. Everything was as black as black could be black, there was nothing, only the void, I was no longer present. I return, out of the void a shadowy figure of Obama with red eyes appears, glaring at me. Behind him is richard nixon and george w. Bush, also with red eyes and glaring. They dissipate.

(T+4:00) Agh! So much pain! Water hits my eyes. I open the tank and climb out. I squirt my eyes with the water squirter. I can hardly walk, the room is melting. I look at my body. Salt starts to appear all over my body and I feel slimy. I feel like an alien and am reminded of the movie altered states and laugh and climb back in the tank.

I am now thirsty, very thirsty. I realize I have no water and I have to go by the receptionist to get some. I feel that I would collapse if I did so and just ignore it. I go through the loop “I’m so thirsty I should get up. Wait no ill just stay here” an infinite number of times. I become aware of the loop and get out of the tank. I walk into the shower across the hall, shower off, drink shower water, and hobble back to my room. I see my phone, take a picture of the tank, and then climb back in. I notice I am tripping less hard before I get in the tank, but I can not tell in the tank.
I notice I am tripping less hard before I get in the tank, but I can not tell in the tank.
I see an infinite number of myselves in tanks. All of them have come to this moment for different reasons. There are an infinite number going away from now through every possibility. Every existence where I am in this tank at this moment on this much acid is there. Every outcome is there. Is this alternity? I think of my dead father. Stop. I repeat his name. I hear my mother telling my child self he is dead. I repeat in my head that he is dead. I accept this as another thing in the cosmic slop of things. He is dead. It is beautiful. I am now my father, fucking my mother, impregnating her with me. I drift around, become stuck in more loops, I am going between states of very high and very low. All condenses to the same point no matter how I look at it. I step outside of myself, pull out some wires and plug them into new sockets, and return to myself. I hear music. It is my queue that my time is over. I have been in here forever. I get out, shower, and walk into the lobby.

(T+7:00) I see a man in a skirt and tights with pink hair, next to him is Sarah, asleep on the couch. She tells me about her experience while I familiarize myself with existence and eat some fruit.The remainder of the trip is spent reflecting and lounging around, discussing what we experienced.

Over the entire experience I was made very aware of how much the media I intentionally and unintentionally consume in my day to day life affects my subconscious. Songs that I had heard in passing, random images, sentences from TV; all of it flooded back to me in the tank. The tank made it significantly easier to go out of body for the first 3/4th of the trip, but towards the end of the experience I was continuously bothered by Epsom salt recrystallizing around my mouth and nose. I feel that while there were some benefits to the tank, I would only repeat this if I owned one and could retreat to my house whenever I began to feel uncomfortable.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 104098
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 25 
Published: Jan 2, 2020Views: 1,287
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LSD (2), Floatation Tank (369) : General (1), Alone (16)

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