Very Disassociated
Citation:   Madara. "Very Disassociated: An Experience with Methoxetamine (exp104116)". Oct 7, 2016.

50 mg insufflated Methoxetamine (powder / crystals)
Methoxetamine in the Mind

This was my first time with this substance but I have experienced an assortment of other psychedelics and I have experienced ketamine as well.

T:0m- weighed out .1g or 100mg and split it in half, then insufflated one of the halves thinking I might possibly need the other a little later. Decided to quickly exit my dwelling as I didn't want to get stuck and miss out on the sunny day, went for about a 5 minute walk to a paddle boat on the lake, hopped in and started paddling around.

T:20m- Starting to feel some minor effects, the drip in the back of my throat is quite reminiscent of ketamine and I'm beginning to be curious as to whether 50mg is really going to do much at all. I lay down in the boat and just start drifting while letting the sun warm my body.

T:40m- Feeling pretty silly, my body is becoming quite disassociated from my mind and I'm quite enjoying myself, maybe this will be enough after all. A red dragonfly comes down and lands on my elbow as I'm laying back with my hands behind my head and my eyes closed. I keep peeking through my eye lids and watching the little guy as he sits comfortably while the effects continue to intensify.

T:60m- Definitely a plenty large enough dose, I'm getting quite wacky, my dragonfly friend has found a partner to zip around the lake with and I'm getting lots of waves of energy. I feel very much like a chimpanzee and my arms and my body become extremely fun to play with so I start drumming and hollering, trying to let the animals know I'm no different than they are and that we can all be friends. Things are also becoming somewhat trippy, like a half gram dose of cubensis.

T:1.5h- I can hear thoughts but they feel like they are coming from the world around me, I have no urge to articulate them with my body and I feel very connected to my animal nature, lackadaisical and happy as a clam, I have to start being very careful that I don't roll out of the boat I am in while I stare at my reflection in the water. It doesn't seem like it's me, it's definitely some sort of very advanced monkey I'm looking at, but just a monkey none the less. I soon make it back to shore and step out of the boat safely, and pull it up on the bank.

T:2h- I make the walk back to my house, taking little steps and smiling irresistibly. I feel like a child who is experiencing their body for the first time and doesn't want to hurt it
I feel like a child who is experiencing their body for the first time and doesn't want to hurt it
but also wants to play with it, very disassociated from my body. Almost like my mind is flying around the body that I normally exist in.

T:3h- Back in my house and feeling high as hell, watching some star trek and I can't tell the difference between my thoughts and what they are saying, quite intense disassociation. Just a little bit less than a k-hole, but can still move my body easily and my skin and everything feels like paper, which often happens to me on k as well. Very high, looking at the other 50mg and am extremely thankful I didn't dose that as well.

T:4h- I feel like I'm together enough to go on a bike ride, like I've come over the peak of the experience and am starting to come back together, but still very intoxicated. I decide I don't want to drive, but I want to get to the gym and workout for a bit so I ride my bike, practicing extreme awareness because I know I could throw my body on the ground with no problem as I don't really identify with it at this point. I get to the gym safely and it takes all my focus to workout without forgetting that I'm lifting a weight right in the middle of doing so. Feeling pretty happy and light hearted.

T:7h- I head to a music gathering at the park, for the most part I'm back to together but there are still some slight residual effects lingering. I have a bit of a headache that worsens into the evening, but doesn't get extreme and I eventually fall asleep at about 10 hours after I dose.

I dosed at around 1:00pm and was able to fall asleep, after taking and ibuprofen to deal with my headache, at 11:00pm. Woke up the next day feeling fairly satisfied with my experience, it was a fun time but I have to remember to be careful as I have ended up addicted before, though that was to heroin
I have to remember to be careful as I have ended up addicted before, though that was to heroin
. Also I am on a 2mg per day suboxone medication.

Would repeat the experience but with a smaller dose, probably half that, or 25mg next time. This methoxetamine seemed extremely pure, white, finely powdered crystals. I had quite a strong experience with 50mg and would imagine 25-30mg to be more of an intermediate, playful, dose.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 104116
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 25
Published: Oct 7, 2016Views: 3,573
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Methoxetamine (527) : First Times (2), Glowing Experiences (4), Alone (16)

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