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Be Aware. Not Beware...
Citation:   problemaftermath. "Be Aware. Not Beware...: An Experience with Ketamine (exp104132)". Apr 16, 2018.

  repeated IM Ketamine
I will keep it pretty short. I am not against drugs but I do see ketamine to really be cautious with, especially if one has bipolar disorder or tendancy for psychosis....

I began snorting it a long time ago, but it was not available and I was like, easy come easy go.... I like to puff herb. But then a doctor told me that ketamine is the drug of the future, for bipolar ocd and major depression. I made ketamine available to me at great expense cause I was suicidally depressed. I didn't give a fuck... In my whole life I have only done 6 grams like 3 intranasal and 3 IM. I will tell you that IM is much smoother and does no fuck up my equilibrium like insufflating it.

The first time I did it a girl pulled me into a bathroom and just gave me a bump in like 95 or so. It was fun but I was not amazed. Then later I did more by insuffulation. This was also fun and sent me into a minor hypomania. I did not really notice, I have major depression and Bipolar and ocd since I was a child, as recreational as it was, it was really about healing at the end.

So I was using it IM at the end for purely medical reasons (there are places now that will do it for you and they are not crazy expensive) in USA. I went from suicidal, to happy, to super happy, to manic, to psychotic with deep paranoia. For over a month after my last treatment I was fucking crazy. Could not get out of REAL paranoia.

I must say that my experience may be harsh but I warn because I did not do very much. I tripped for weeks after stopping.
I tripped for weeks after stopping.
After the psychosis I had a very ugly and violent suicide attempt... Gnarly. I still get suicidal from a bunch of external shit, like violence in the news, or violence on tv affects me. I have some cognitive function that is slow, I have a bit of amnesia that is getting better over months.

I am not shitting on Ketamine I think its the drug of the future, but people must respect it... I did not, all my experiences were alone and sketchy but I was trying to save my life...

And I was a big tripper... Ketamine was new for me and it helped but also fucked me up.

[Reported Dose: "40 units in diabetic syringe multiple times a session"]

Exp Year: 1995-2014ExpID: 104132
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 35
Published: Apr 16, 2018Views: 1,682
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Ketamine (31) : Alone (16), Therapeutic Intent or Outcome (49), Post Trip Problems (8), Depression (15), Health Problems (27), Retrospective / Summary (11)

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