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Is It the Love Hormone or Am I a Misanthrope
AL-LAD, Beer & Sleep Deprivation
Citation:   Fritz Cat. "Is It the Love Hormone or Am I a Misanthrope: An Experience with AL-LAD, Beer & Sleep Deprivation (exp104178)". Mar 3, 2017.

40 oz oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine
  150 ug oral AL-LAD
Background of the day: it was friday and I had been missing a lot of sleep. I had slept approximately 3-4 hours a night the few days leading up to this and did not sleep at all on the night before it. I had not been taking drugs but it could possibly be attributed to alcohol withdrawal. I was initially having second thoughts and almost canceled my plans but decided to just go with it for 'science' (there's plenty left for further research either way). Due to the sleep dep I was reasonably drained but more importantly (as in what could poorly affect a trip) agitated and shaky. I had measured my blood pressure and it was elevated along with my pulse (around 150 systolic blood pressure and a pulse of a 105 -- when I'm not somehow undermined it is 120 systolic and 78 for pulse).

Intro: 2 pm. My friend drives over and I inform him about my lousy condition and tell him first things first I will pick up some multivitamins (went with an EMERGEN-C shake) and alcohol to see if it will straighten me out at all.

3 pm: I had drank 2/3rds of a 40 of steel reserve 211 along with a cup of EMERGEN-C. The steel reserve is disgusting and I had made a note that I should no longer drink it, regardless of 'the economy'. Go to measure my vitals and they slightly improved (around 147-149 systolic and a pulse of 97-99).

4:30 pm: we had drove over to a regional park with a lake and hiking trails.

4:45 pm: we both drop 150 ug while sitting behind wooden tables at a rest area of the park designated for bbqs.

[0:00] 4:55 - 5 pm: both swallow the tabs and after doing so I finish the leftover of my 40. I held mine on the top of my tongue, my friend held his under. I mentioned to him that there had been some reports of AL-LAD being more orally active than LSD, with some even claiming that it is only orally active and that holding it for up to an hour did nothing until the tab was actually swallowed.

[0:30-40] I am feeling the onset of something. My thought flow is somehow different and my focus is slightly altered. There is an absence of jitterness which more often than not occurs with the LSD come-up, this come-up seems a lot smoother.

[1:00] we are walking down one of the trails, one which is right next to the lake and I am feeling a distinct elevation of mood. There isn't much going on in terms of visuals (no noticeable trails, breathers, or occasional bleeding out of a fractal) but at the same time I do notice that everything looks a bit different. The area is pretty scenic and that is magnified dramatically. The overall color scheme seems a bit more softer and appealing. My friend points out an ant on the ground and says he never seen ants that big before. I tell him that it does seem kind of large but nowhere to the level of mutant ants in the fallout series (I live in an area fallout 3 is based on).

[1:10-30] I comment to my friend about the apparent lack of a come up and we both talk about how peaceful and nice this area looks. There is a bit of a feeling like a kid again. Quite a bit of euphoria too. I am overall relaxed, no muscle tension or much physiological stimulation noted. However I do notice that it becomes a little harder to communicate verbally -- I catch myself stuttering some words: I notice this throughout the trip and by contrast I can't be sure if I recall this happening on LSD quite as much -- then again this could also have a lot to do with me being sleep deprived.

After lounging for a few minutes by the lake we pick up pace again. The weather is really nice and there are people kayaking. Sounds are magnified and things from far away seem a lot closer. I am easily distracted by peoples conversations from far away -- they seem a bit intrusive. I have a few uncontrollable fits of laughter and also my attention shifts to some girls kayaking and laughing as well. I start thinking that they see and hear us from the kayak and that they know that we are either tripping or really high (it is unlikely that they could see us but we were probably loud enough to be heard). I realize that they are kind of distracting me and the peace I felt earlier while just looking at the park and the lake and not thinking about other humans. I have a desire to trail off deeper into the woods so that my attention would not focus on what I perceived as their mundane existence.

[2:30] after trailing around quite a bit we go up hill and exit to a more defined (cemented) trail. We decide to take a break at a small exercise outlet we find there. This is where I'm starting to notice some dissociative effects. My vision is pretty blurred and I'm kind of exhausted -- I attribute this to the sleep deprivation. I also notice some uncomfortable GI effects, a kind of mild nausea from which I could almost taste the disgusting vapor of steel reserve coming up. I never feel like I'm about to puke but it's pretty lousy nonetheless. I am under a strong notion that this is a cause of all three things: sleep deprivation, disgusting piss poor malt liquor, and the interaction of AL-LAD with the two. My friend is messing around with his I-phone trying to play something from youtube. He hands it to me and while holding it I realize that I have pretty significant hand tremors (this threw me off a bit since it wasn't at all apparent to me until I tried holding it). I don't know how much of this is a result of AL-LAD alone due to my hands being kind of shaky in the morning to begin with. While I'm trying to shake myself out of that and balance my energy levels a black lady appears while walking a dog. We probably look creepy as we are just sitting there, silent, and staring. She says 'hi how are you doing' to break the tension. To which I answer, 'ayyyyy'; my voice sounds like I'm on something. She seems to get a bit nervous and slightly speeds her pace.

We walk off the trail and end up in an open area with other people, playgrounds and a parking lot. I dislike this. I keep thinking that I may look either psychotic, wasted, or sketchy to others. This kind of agitates me and I'm mildly pissed off at my friend for leading me out to an area so open. Other people are distracting and an overall buzz kill. I wish that I didn't have to bother with them. There is this one fenced area which contains a lot of dogs. I am not sure what the hell it is really. My friend says something about us being in Dog City. I'm not sure if it's a reference to the cartoon or some abstract thing in his mind. They start barking at us to which I go into fits of laughter again. We probably look like we're stoned to people who see us.

[3:00-30] we decide to get in the car just to listen to some music since we accidentally walked out to the parking lots either way. We make some comparisons about our effects. While I find many of the effects indistinguishable from LSD (just calmer and less pushy) we both draw a likeliness to magic mushrooms. I particularly note that things in my vision are more rounded and oval shaped as with shrooms. This is interesting because it reminds me of the argument people often have about whether LSD is technically a tryptamine or a phenethylamine; the consensus seems that it's somewhere in the middle but I find it proper that AL-LAD is the first compound in Shulgin's book on tryptamines.

I also notice a mild hint of anxiety at this point but later decide that it's largely due to his car, a volkswagen beetle, making me slightly claustrophobic. I also notice that my temperature is probably slightly elevated, both of these things resolve themselves after we exit the car.

[3:30-4:00] we go up to the tables and benches at the rest stop we initially started with. I jump on the tables and start jumping from one table to the other and mention something about what I was keeping to myself, as to how annoying and distracting it had been bumping into other people who were entirely on a different level. I say something about me walking on tables just because usually people aren't supposed to walk on tables and that it felt good to do just because you weren't supposed to. We go back down towards the lake again. As we pass more people I once again think about what is it with them not agreeing with me. I start wondering whether I may truly be a misanthrope. On further analysis of this thought I think this has more to do just with outsiders of my group, considering my friend isn't giving me this reaction and it only applies to those whom I do not know. I speculate how much the oxytocin hormone is playing a part of this due to it reportedly increasing a bond with those who are within your group while simultaneously causing a disdain, mistrust, and aversion to those who are outside of it.

We make an exit out to another part of the lake which is pretty populated with people throwing frisbees around, renting kayaks or boats, and having picnic on the grass. I notice a lot of pinks bleeding out of the early evening sunlight. I enter a gazebo and my friend follows me. After resting a bit I tell my friend, 'fuck all these people. I think we should go back to the trails because I'm catching some nice color spectrum effects and I don't want them to break my concentration.' Some kid in his young teens throwing a frisbee around overhears me and says, 'already then.' I feel like ripping out his lungs through his throat and simultaneously think that it's kind of fucked up that I do and should probably work on that.
I feel like ripping out his lungs through his throat and simultaneously think that it's kind of fucked up that I do and should probably work on that.
We exit the gazebo, which I have a feeling my friend did not want to do, and start walking towards a trail away from there and back into the woods. As I'm doing this I'm walking towards four or five girls in their early twenties having a picnic. A couple of them look up at me and I entertain a thought that they probably think that I'm walking up to them and about to start a convo or hit on them -- this makes me smirk because in my mind I say, 'nope. Wrong. I actually want to get away from you.' this then becomes odd because a kind of synchronicity happens as I overhear their conversation, the topic of which seemed to be about a guy ignoring one of them. As I pass them I hear her say 'and like he just wouldn't talk to me.' this weirds me out slightly as I am at this point not entirely sure if this is in fact an act of coincidental synchronicity or them actually talking about me.

[Erowid Note: Driving while intoxicated, tripping, or extremely sleep deprived is dangerous and irresponsible because it endangers other people. Don't do it!] [4:30-5:00] we decide to drive back to my place. This proves to be hectic. The sun has come down right as we drove out and I had no idea how my friend could drive because given my sleep deprivation on top of everything everything which wasn't near me was a blur (I'm near sighted but this was exaggerated dramatically), I had difficulty focusing, and mostly just saw pulsing reds out of the tail lights of cars. Luckily we were not too far away and we were able to get back without going on the highway. My friend seemed nearly ecstatic once we made it back to my neighborhood and said it almost seemed like he was in a computer game, or surrounded by bright legos or tetris blocks.

[5:30-6:30] I notice that my pupils are very dilated. It's surprising because at this dose the visuals have been pretty mild throughout.

[5:30-8] around this time I notice some possible dopaminergic side-effects that people similarly report on the latter part of LSD, which for me answers the question if AL-LAD has them as well. This kind of bums me out since they can be kind of annoying, however they were probably made worse for me due to sleep deprivation and may prove to be very mild to barely existent if one is initially in a good shape. My pupils did not return to their normal size until 10 or 12 hours. I almost fell asleep after I laid back at +8 hours because finally laying down felt so good but got back up to play host to my friend for a bit who decided to crash and I did not fall asleep till 16 hours after dropping my tab (I believe he fell asleep about 10 or eleven hours after). Side note: I measured my vitals again around +8 or +10 hours (before my pupils even returned to normal) and while feeling somewhat lousy from still being sleep deprived while not falling asleep during the comedown they were actually better (149 systolic/91 diastolic with a pulse of 78) than they were in the morning when I was sober.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 104178
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 31
Published: Mar 3, 2017Views: 2,126
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Sleep Deprivation (140), AL-LAD (603) : Public Space (Museum, Park, etc) (53), Combinations (3), General (1)

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