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Did I Do It Right
DMT & Cannabis
by MrSloppy
Citation:   MrSloppy. "Did I Do It Right: An Experience with DMT & Cannabis (exp104205)". Apr 20, 2021.

T+ 0:00
20 mg oral Amphetamines
  T+ 8:00   smoked Cannabis
  T+ 8:00 1 bump insufflated 2-hydroxycocaine
  T+ 15:00 1 hit vaporized DMT
  T+ 15:00 1 hit smoked DMT
  T+ 15:00 1 hit smoked Cannabis


The day started with me waking up at around 12pm, wednesday august 20th. I worked at 1 and it's my last day of work until my vacation coming up on the weekend. I eat the adderall and go to work for 8 hours.

I get home and people start to come over and hang out after work. My friend comes by and brings me his whip-it dispenser to use on our camping trip. Another set of friends come by and the bowl gets loaded and smoked. We sit for a while, taking snaps and talking. I smoke a little less than a gram of some northwest mids (still pretty potent, lots of crystals and good smell. Just not 27% THC or anything like that). My friend with the whip-it gives me a bump of his 'A1' coke. It was pretty good stuff, a small line got me wired and the rush was nice and clean. Quality product! A guy I know also comes by and sells me a point of DMT (40$).

At this time, my best friend who's there at the time asks if I wanna take a ride with him. I head with him on a two hour trip to drive to a different town and pick up his girl as well as drop off some friends. In the car I start to meditate and prepare myself for smoking the DMT when I got home. When we got back to the house it was around 4am. The amphetamine blend was starting to wear off and the bump was basically a distant memory at this point. I decide to smoke it out of a bridgeless atomizer I have for my ecig.

I sit in the corner of my living room on a bed that's on the ground. It's right next to my couch and in front of my desk, also the opposite corner from my kitchen. I'm sitting on two blankets, propped up by one of those leaning pillows, and draped with a nice comforter.

The first puff I vaped about 50mg and got a huge drag. I held it in for basically as long as I could and as soon as I exhaled it felt like someone had just added color to my world and I was experiencing it for the first time. The wood went from color to color and I was seeing everything in some sort of lego vision. The smooth sides of things were glossy and bright, morphing hues. I had a huge wave of just the most groovy psychadelic feeling just wash over my body. The ceiling was starting to play patterns starting from the lightbulb all the way out into the negative space in my living room. A lot of what I saw looked ancient and runic, some sort of hindu/arabic mixture. Colors were swirling, things were breathing, but I didnt break through. It was just me sitting there observing the scene.

Even though the body feel was great and the visuals were interesting, I wasn't satisfied. I wanted to break through and I knew my ecig wasnt going to get as clean of a hit as I wanted without some sort of solvant to put it in. So I load my bong with a DMT/cannabis sandwich. This is where I fucked up. I shoulda waited a bit longer than 15 minutes to trip again. It definitely increased my tolerance enough to stop the breakthrough. However, the other 50mg is smoked and after I take the hit I realize what good technique I hit the bong with. I hold the hit in as long as I can, maybe a good 10-12 seconds before it starts to seep out of my mouth and my trip begins.

At the point in time, I am just with friends T and Th. Th is my best friend and he's seen me on a myriad of substances from 25i to opiates. T is the girl he's talking to at the moment who is also really cool and I'm comfortable around. After I release the hit, Th says something and then all the sudden the last syllable just drags out, as if someone was using an audio effect to drag it out and stretch it. I blasted off to what felt like 2x increased potency from the first hit.

I attribute to bong technique and being able to get all the smoke as I feel as if my ecig didnt have the drag necessary to pull the smoke into my lungs efficiently. I need to make The Machine! I also attribute the lack of breaking through to my baby dose prior to the better one. At this point, T is sitting on a couch to my right and Th is fiddling with the bong and whatnot, still in my view. The world starts to morph violently. As the last syllable draws on for about three seconds, colors drop and disappear from my vision. Everything goes to a negative color scheme. This is where I get scared. I think to myself 'either I'm going to break through or something scary is going to happen'. Seeing the room in negative was just... Unnerving. Everything then switches to sepia. Then, like what technicolor must have looked like when it first came out, my vision is blasted with a starry, twinkling light that spreads through the whole room.

The visuals on DMT are intense. With back to back doses as well as some stimulants in my system, I was a bit more grounded than normal and 'letting go' was working, just not leading into a breakthrough or anything. I could still see clearly. However, the room at this point is blasting off into the most psychedelic visions I've ever experienced. The Light on the ceiling starts to pick up hues from other parts in the room and the light hitting the walls starts to change colors along with the light. So sometimes the room would be lavender, red, magenta, teal, cyan, yellow, bronze, brown, etc etc. This went on for the duration of the trip. Th's face was splitting off into diamonds in front of his face, mirroring a 3x1 inch strip in front of his face (hard to visualize/describe). This only happened twice and then it promptly stopped. His face was slowly moving in different directions, nothing unnatural just a very familiar 'breathing'. The room looked like it was covered in a cartoonish slime and glyphs and runes started to appear in every direction, every negative space on the wall started to shift. When Th would move his hand, tiny white crosses +++++++++ would appear where his hand had trailed over. Small circles were swirling around in the air, dancing and bumping into each other and creating milky way shapes. These shapes would zoom around the room while the slime started to change into a chalky foam around my vision.

My vision constantly tilted to the right and it almost felt like I was doing barrel rolls with my eyes
My vision constantly tilted to the right and it almost felt like I was doing barrel rolls with my eyes
, albeit sans the actual spinning. My body feels like goo at this point and I convey to Th that I 'feel like a scoop of ice cream melting on a cone'. Thinking back that was definitely the right term ahah. I was two pieces of toast popping out of the toaster. I was a sunny side up egg frying on a pan. I felt like a bowl of kitty kibbles getting mauled by trevor, my tuxedo. T and Th are talking to me and I'm trying my best to communicate but my vocals are locked. Breathing feels so good, I just keep taking breaths and giving them thumbs up to let them know I was okay. Talking is hard but doable. T puts on a hard trance song.

The shit is on full screen and I am still tripping balls. Heavy waves of an LSD type body feel is shining through my body but it feels lighter, cleaner than most psych body loads. I'm writhing in pleasure under the blanket while my room just explodes with color and pattern. The song is orgasmic (hard trance lol) and the graphic playing is way more entertaining on DMT than it is sober. A lot of glyphs are filling my vision as well as visual tears in the walls, pushing tablet like things with writing on them through the walls. Up to this point, there were almost too many things going on to describe. The colors of the light are still changing, however I start to feel as if they are going much slower and less vibrant as before. I ask T for my other blanket, an old pink security comforter from my past. The blanket feels almost like it came out of a dryer 30 minutes ago and the colors of the blanket are shifting, swirling violently. As the blankets roll around me, I spend the next 10 minutes enjoying the waves pleasure and the remainder of the visuals.

As the DMT waned, I realize that even though I didnt get my breakthrough trip, that was still quite the experience. When I'm able to really breakthrough, I'll appreciate it. Whatever I experienced was wonderful. An intense, short lasting, and extremely satisfying trip. I couldnt stop grinning once the DMT hit. Explaining things was so hard when I was high but now sober that experience was very unique from my other psychadelic trips. LSD for me is very introspective. The visuals are there but they are not paramount of the trip. 2C-E+MDMA was very visual for me. I saw patterns cut them selves up, fly around, cement flow like magma etc. However DMT was mystic! The runes and glyphs... As well as the distortions and insane body feel. It was almost like my conscience was being jerked off and I was about to blow at any moment. Next time, I'll be able to break through and the next trip report won't be as carefree and light as this one.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 104205
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 22 
Published: Apr 20, 2021Views: 71
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DMT (18) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Glowing Experiences (4), Combinations (3)

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