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So I Decided to Go for Some More...
Amanita muscaria
Citation:   nobody. "So I Decided to Go for Some More...: An Experience with Amanita muscaria (exp104234)". Erowid.org. Dec 15, 2019. erowid.org/exp/104234

T+ 0:00
8 g oral Amanitas - A. muscaria (tea)
  T+ 1:45 7 g oral Amanitas - A. muscaria (tea)
  T+ 5:00   vaporized Cannabis  
Amanita Muscaria First Real Trip

I'm just getting out of the trip and decided to write a report to share the experience and helping others to avoid the mistakes I've done.

I sometimes smoke weed. I had levels 1, 2 and 3 psylocibe TRIPS, not yet any higher. My experience to amanita was limited to some dried amanita taken a couple of times this winter. Less than 5g in both situations, I didn't get any effect. So this time I decided to get a higher dose
this time I decided to get a higher dose
(8-15g of dried amanita is the suggested range).


Saturday August 23rd (finding):
I found 3 beautiful amanita muscaria. Once home I dried them in the oven at 50C slightly opened (it took all the night to have them fully dried).

Sunday August 24th (preparation):

I ate very little for lunch to have an empty stomach at proper time.

Wife and kids were out, my wife was informed of the trip and planned to be back before 19.00 for some sitting (everyone strongly recommend it).

I weighed 15g of amanita (2 of the new Amanita [with stems] + 1 collected last year and dried in the same way). I grinded the 15grams to make amanita tea. I put the powder in some water at 87C for 30min stirring frequently. The smell was delicious.
I let it cool for some time and...

Sunday August 24th (trip):
I divided the tea in 2 half and slowly drunk the first half of it, so I took approximately 8g (the lower dose suggested dose). I went to bed and waited for the effects knowing they should manifest between 30 min and 1h1/2.

I just had some blurred vision that seemed placebo to me (If I focused it went easily away). So I decided to go for some more.

no significant changes, so I emptied the second half.

... the magic started. With my eyes closed I could see geometric shapes in 2 dimensions and after some more time going into 3 dimensions. Than I was part of them growing with them, morphing with them. I was on top of a growing geometric tower, getting higher and higher, looking down at the world of the other geometric growing towers. Than everything was upside-down.
I was actually in there. I was spinning. No nausea or bad feeling. I was actually really enjoying it. Than... Blank, I don't remember. I probably got asleep.

my wife is back, she went into the room and asked if everything was fine, I said 'yes, everything is very good'. I actually remember saying that. Than... blank again, I don't remember.

I stand up to go for some food. Movements are unstable and vision... I had real images taken from my eyes that were appearing at random times like Fotos or YouTube clips brought to you instantaneously one after the other at random order.
I take little food and than go to bad again. Blank! I don't remember.

my wife comes to see if everything is alright, she asked me and I answer positively (but I don't remember it).

my wife comes again finding me in a mess. I was on the bed with vomit all over me, the bed, the floor.... (I don't remember it, I don't remember having thrown up on the bed... Blank again).

my wife has cleaned and asked me to take a shower. She was upset. I remember from now on. I went to the shower and.... I was really tripping. While in the shower I said 'now I understand', I was seeing the way worlds are created from 1 dimension up. When experiencing the 3rd dimension... I was in it. In the shower and knew that the process didn't stop there. I understood there were other dimensions and I was actually to play my role in the building of the 4th dimension. I was supposed to be in the shower vomiting, because that was just the way it was. But then.... I realized that I was trapped into that role, because the creation process was going on and I couldn't access the other dimensions which required me to stay there. The feeling was... Bad. How bad? Time was distorted. Space as well. And dimensions too. Imaging to be convinced to be trapped for eternity on a dimensional loop, that creates infinite worlds of me in the shower throwing up and I am stuck for eternity there. The only things I could see was this chain of worlds connected, the only thing I was supposed to do were throwing up. I started to feel some panic in me.

My wife asked me to get out of the shower. I was surprised that something existed out of the shower but it seemed to me impossible to get out because it was simply contrary to the order of things. I tried in vain to get out. My wife opened the shower, I got out very astonished. I sit on the bathtub, she helping me. I was still on the paranoia. The water was going to submerge all the world. I had nausea again. Throwed up. Then I decided to go on the basement to vaporize some weed for the nausea. Somehow I succeeded to make the stairs.

in the basement I had prepared some weed and the vaporizer in case of need (I have a homemade vape, basically a candle heat metal with weed in it and a small glass keeps the vapor inside till I decided to inhale through a plastic tube). I just have to put the weed on the vape and to light the candle, but... can't find the candle. Like it disappeared. I search for a backup. After some time I found it. Light it and finally take some weed in me (I don't remember how much, nothing more).

I'm in bed again, feeling trapped into a sort of time space loop. I take my smartphone to have proof of time passing, but it's out of battery. I connect the charger and try to set it on. I can't digit my pin. Although I remember it perfectly and I'm sure I digit it correctly, the smartphone says that it's incorrect. It was like part of my brain sabotaged me/my intentions for the last 30minutes keeping myself in paranoid time space loops. I asked my wife to enter the pin and I got out of the loop again. I fall asleep shortly after.

Monday August 24th (followup)
I wake up. I had a feeling of disappointed sadness. I was hoping to have a NDE experience, while I fall into a paranoic sometime panic-feeling loops. I was still feeling the bad feelings about it, but decided to move on. I drank my fresh urine.
I was still feeling the bad feelings about it, but decided to move on. I drank my fresh urine.
It was though, almost disgusting. I was hoping that it still contained the active principles of the amanita took Sunday. I stood on the floor of the bathroom, just waiting. I probably fall asleep for sometime.

I experienced cold, which showed some effects. Didn't have any visual, but I knew that I was having some effects, but light and on the emotional level. I was still clearly feeling that the world is just a trap and we're surrounded by Maya, an illusionary world that we call earth that is our paradise or hell. It's up to us if it's gonna be paradise or hell. It's our decisions that contribute to our paradise/hell or that of people connected to us. I was feeling bad to having badly scold my son the previous day. I was imagining how would feel people that live in horrible situations such as kids with parents that refuse them and treat kids badly. That's pretty close to hell to me.

Still mild effects, but present. I could detect not being 'normal' by my movements. Emotionally still on the same wavelength, I went for a very special hug to my son, asking him to hug me til all the previous scolds were resetted (I have three kids and he is the most sensitive).

Feeling some light nausea

I hugged my wife and told her that I truly love her. It was a long time I didn't it to tell her these simple but powerful words.

I was out of the trip, things appear more normal and my senses feel and recognize this world as familiar and home.


Mistake n.1
I was referring to somebody's experience telling that effects shows within 30m up to 1h1/2. WRONG! Effects can show up to hour 2. I would wait next time before taking more Amanita.

if I knew that I wouldn't have taken the extra dose that resulted to be way too strong. (probably the amanita I found Saturday were really potent)

Mistake n.2
Eating while tripping! Next time I would have somebody preventing me from doing that.

Mistake n.3
Not having my sitter trained. Having at disposal somebody experienced with tripping and with amanita is not common. To be practical, we can end up relying on inexperienced sitters. DON'T ASSUME THEY KNOW. I've been reading books and plenty of forum, while my wife barely knows about mushrooms. I assumed she knew while she didn't know how to behave
my wife barely knows about mushrooms. I assumed she knew while she didn't know how to behave
. Her understandable bad mood on my vomiting all over... probably started my bad-paranoic experience, cause up to that point I wasn't having any discomfort (that I remember).

Mistake n.4
Staying in bed, I made a mess.
Suggestion: I may empty and clean my bathtub and lay down there. It would be much easier to clean and I would not be forced to have my head higher than my body.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 104234
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 42
Published: Dec 15, 2019Views: 2,098
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