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Coming Full Circle
by Julia
Citation:   Julia. "Coming Full Circle: An Experience with 2C-I (exp104266)". Jul 17, 2016.

1 hit sublingual 2C-I (blotter / tab)


I was originally planning in dosing in the summer but somehow my friend convinced me to take it during finals week. That's right, during finals week two days before my last final, in our dorm. I was hesitant when I placed a tab under my tongue, still not sure if I was making a bad decision. It tasted horribly bitter! Kind of like chewing aspirin. But quickly my tongue began to go numb and I couldn't even feel it let alone taste it anymore. Once my mouth was good and numb I decided I had made a bad choice and I spit out the rest into the trash.

My friends were thirsty so they left the room to go get water and this is when I started to feel it. I felt my stomach squirming like I was either extremely excited or chugged too much coffee. Alone I began to feel scared (I was far from the right headspace to be tripping) so I texted my sister (an experienced, yet retired tripper). The keyboard on my phone spiraled and melted, it was so hard to txt when the letters were constantly moving! It took a good while to get a coherent txt and it sent. Around this time my body was transforming...what is a body but a cage for the mind and soul. I called my friend and they headed back ASAP. I drank some water when they came back - it tasted very metallic. I told my friends I was starting to feel it and they said, 'no you can't be' but oh was I feeling it.
I told my friends I was starting to feel it and they said, 'no you can't be' but oh was I feeling it.

The transition from my body into the cosmos was incredibly uncomfortable. I rolled around on the bed for a few minutes. I could not talk and even thinking was incredibly difficult. I decided to close my eyes and relax into it. Upon closing my eyes I became moving cube rotating and flipping in space. Every time I opened my eyes I was surprised by the world and reminded that I was a human with a body. I felt my heart pound and was a little worried that something was going wrong. My friend assured me that I was fine and that we were having fun! She told me 'only you can make your trip a fun experience' and that stuck with me, I laughed, I was in control.

I moved my hand in front of my vision. I could see time. Everything that happened -every sound and action- I was living out in past present and future. These loops repeated for a while before the ground started squirming like large worms and colored dots began to fill the world. It looked like an old comic book. The dots burst and golden spirals of green, yellow, cyan, magenta and green swirled out from each dots center, inside each spiral was another and another. All I could see were these spirals rotating and repeating. The spirals became more 3D as time went on.

I began to join in the conversation but it was hard for me to follow what was said with all the beautiful patterns dancing around me. I felt like my trip was a spiral unfolding into new dimensions starting from my right side. I followed the slinky to its source and did not like what I found. At its base I saw a woman who I felt had a strong connection to me. She was reaching up at me with a distorted face and looked in pain. Above her words read 'I'm dying'. I have never seen anything on hallucinogens that looked this real. I felt like she was me and that I was dying. When I saw her I heard a loud siren sounding. But I could follow my trip back to its peak where there was nice yellow humming and beautiful shapes and colors all around me. Throughout my trip this woman kept coming back and each time I would say, 'am I dying?' my friends would reassure me that I was completely fine and I would follow the spiral of my trip to a happier place.
I felt like everyone in the room (including our trip sitter) was part of a strange shape similar, yet different than a rectangle. Each side had a different color and a different feel to it. I moved alongside the edges experiencing each side for what it was then moving on. At one point I ascended and saw the shape as if it was in front of me instead of around me.

The shapes in my vision became six-sided shapes rotating into five-sided and three-sided then back to six. We moved upstairs to my other friendís dorm and began to talk about how weird life was. I was starting to come down; my visuals were not as vivid or distracting. In between topics we would go out on the balcony and watch the grass and trees rotate in kaleidoscopic patterns. And the wind felt like silk. The carpet had colored inchworms marching creating more kaleidoscopic patterns. Blue, purple, magenta and green. Eventually the worms got smaller and fainter and I went back to my room to start studying.

I felt renewed and glowing! It felt like my mind was unlocked, I could remember everything without thinking but the more I thought about the answer the more I got it wrong. It was a strange experience to know anything without thinking and to have my thinking hinder my knowledge.
It was a strange experience to know anything without thinking and to have my thinking hinder my knowledge.
As I came down I lost this ability. It was easy for me to fall asleep, the bed was so comfortable and I was able to watch designs dance behind my eyelids as I drifted off.

Overall I think it was a good experience and it was by far the most intense trip Iíve had. But that woman really threw me. Even a couple days after my trip, if I looked down over my right shoulder, I saw her very faintly. Iíve found that my most intense trips always have a bad part in it, cycling through. After a powerful shroom trip where I had a similar negative aspect I realized that it is two sides of the infinity. I must experience the bad as well as the good could to have a complete trip (at least in this stage of my life). It's the curse within the blessing.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 104266
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 19 
Published: Jul 17, 2016Views: 1,782
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2C-I (172) : Entities / Beings (37), General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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