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Not That Spectacular
Etizolam & 'Synthacaine'
Citation:   ColliShop. "Not That Spectacular: An Experience with Etizolam & 'Synthacaine' (exp104277)". Apr 16, 2020.

1 mg sublingual Etizolam
  50 mg insufflated Products - Other
I'm very new in the RC-world and was interested in what a 'legal substance' could make me feel. In my (still pretty short) life I've tried weed, alcohol, tobacco, philosopher stones, LSA-seeds, MDMA, dextro-amfetamine and ritalin.

I ordered some things online and after a long workday I received them. I decided I wanted to try an etizolam after my long workday to chill out so I put a 1mg-pill under my tongue until I accidentally swallowed it. (T=0:00)

T=0:15 I'm feeling a bit relaxed. Not extremely but noticable. Not so spectacular.
T=0:30 I check the rest of my arrived package and my eye catches the Synthacaine that I received as a gift because I ordered above 50.
T=0:35 (T2=0:00) I weigh off 50 mg (synthacaine) and insufflate it.
T=0:40 (T2=0:05) I start to feel a bit awake but also not awake, my heart beats a bit faster and I'm a little bit light-headed. Not extreem.
T=0:50 (T2=0:15) I feel my jaws clutching together -- don't know how to translate it in English (mijn kaken spannen op), and I feel a bit speedy. Not really pleasant. No happy feeling, just a bit tense, uptight.
T=1:00 (T2=0:25) I'm a little bit nauseous. Jaw tension present. It's weird, being relaxed and uptight at the same time. Not unpleasant but also not pleasant. Only the nausea is too bad...
T=1:30 (T2:0:55) I feel more relaxed now, the synthacaine-effect seems to be gone.

Conclusion: I think it's not that spectacular. I will keep using the etizolam, for some sleeping problems of mine and the synthacaine will eventually also be used but It's not like I will look out really bad to use them. To me they don't seem very addicting.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 104277
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18
Published: Apr 16, 2020Views: 1,109
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