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Wonderful and Torturous
by gamgee
Citation:   gamgee. "Wonderful and Torturous: An Experience with 4-AcO-DMT (exp104284)". Mar 18, 2018.

  oral 4-AcO-DMT


I ordered a gram of 4-AcO-DMT from an online supplier, and have experimented with it several times over the past few months. All doses were weighed on a mg precision scale.

First dose:
My first time, I took 35mg orally at my friend Bís house around noon. This was to be my first psychedelic experience, apart from a couple failed attempts with LSA (HB Woodrose) and one with DXM Ė none of which yielded significant psychedelic effect. So in my excitement to finally have a real trip, I failed to double check the dose online, and ended up taking a somewhat stronger dose than intended. But that didnít seem to be a problem.

B has some experience with psychedelics, though not 4-AcO-DMT. We set up a mattress for me to relax on, burnt some incense, and turned on some Indian chant music. Within about 30min, the effects begin to be noticeable. I soon become strongly immersed in the experience. CEVís were heavily present, and my vision was heavily altered. Over time, the experience took on significant mystical qualities, with altered ego perceptions, a sense of connection with the universe at large, and a sense of clarity about life and existence. I recall that at one point I looked at B and just said ďWho am I?Ē I could recall my name and memories, but my connection with them seemed insignificant, and moreover, I felt it somewhat ridiculous to expect that an adequate answer could be given through the mere sound of words. Pupil dilation was quite noticeable, and has been on all subsequent trips.

After a few hours (I didnít take note of exact times), I had mostly come back to my senses. I felt quite scatter-brained for a few more hours, and experienced difficulty thinking straight and remembering things. Another friend came over and I was able to converse with some difficulty. Eventually I was able to drive myself home in the evening without difficulty. No noticeable hangover or difficulty functioning the next day.

Second dose:
About a week later, I decided to try a smaller dose on my own, as I felt fairly confident after the first experience that I could handle this substance on my own. I took about 10-15mg in the evening after work and laid down in bed for awhile. It was somewhat chilly and dark in my apartment, which may have contributed to the overall mood. The trip had a rather creepy feel to it. I found myself picturing insects, and ruminating on my evolutionary kinship with them. I pondered the way in which life comes from dirt, and as such we are basically made of filth. I had some difficulty sleeping, but overall the trip was interesting, if not particularly enjoyable.

Next few doses:
(Note: I had also been experimenting with a small amount with smoked DMT and DPT around this time, which could conceivably produce tryptamine cross-tolerance)
After the weekend had passed, I began taking 15-25mg doses after work. The first 2-3 times were quite enjoyable. I remember little specifics from them at this point, but they had little to no negative effects. I recall being in a state of bliss and pondering the large amount of this drug that I still had, and realizing that I could conceivably have this sort of experience at any time. If only.

Next few doses:
I took about 15-20mg and sat down to wait for the effects to kick in. After about an hour of quietly waiting, it seemed no effects were becoming apparent. I decided to get up and go about my evening as best as I could. I found myself becoming rather depressed and quite hysterical. It didnít feel anything like my usual experience tripping, and felt more like I was simply going insane.

Writing it off as a fluke, I tried again the next night, only to have a very similar experience.
Figuring that Iíd gained tolerance to the drug, I waited about a week and tried again with much the same effects.

Last dose:
Last night, after taking a break from 4-Aco-DMT for about 3-4 weeks, and not taking any other tryptamines for about 2 weeks, I took a 25mg dose at around 2:30pm. I smoked a bit of cannabis at the start of the trip, which I had not done on prior trips. Iíd had a bad cold earlier in the week, but felt fully recovered from it.

The trip started out well with a lot of interesting visuals. Then it turned into the worst trip and possibly the worst night of my life.
Around 4-5pm I found myself laying down on my couch, my head and body aching, and only vaguely able to recall what was happening or who I was. I found myself frantically looking for my glasses which had been misplaced, and running to the sink for water. All the while, also trying to convince myself to lay down and relax. I felt absolutely psychotic. There was little I could do but to wait and hope these effects would subside. I tried smoking more cannabis, though could hardly focus long enough to do so. It helped a bit when I managed to though. It wasnít until probably 10pm that I began to feel even slightly normal again. I couldnít sleep until around 12:30 at night, and was still in a state of significant suffering by then. Iím doing much better this morning, but my mind and body are still quite weary.

Overall, I think this drug has great potential, but one should be very aware of the hellish experiences that it is capable of producing before deciding to embark on such a journey. One should most definitely have an experienced sitter present when using this substance. I am unsure whether I will take this substance again, but I intend to take a rather long hiatus from it.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 104284
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 22 
Published: Mar 18, 2018Views: 3,025
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