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Overthinking Social Anxiety
by kushedgy
Citation:   kushedgy. "Overthinking Social Anxiety: An Experience with Etizolam (exp104406)". May 27, 2016.

1 mg sublingual Etizolam (pill / tablet)


Did researches online. Read lot of reports and stuff so I decided it was my turn to try it. I also hoped that was the best “drug” for me, for my issues, for my thoughts, you know. Purchased 20 2mg pills from an online vendor I trust, after a week got my package and the same day I gave Etizolam a try.

I read a lot about people going for 4 to 5 to even 6 or more mgs of this. Since I’m not stupid I used the “start low and redose if needed” way, as I would suggest to do to someone who is new to a certain drug.

So, it was morning, after breakfast and coffee, cut the 2mg pill in half and put sublingual 1mg, it melted, nice taste actually. I was surprised, didn’t think that at 1 single mg it would have “done the trick” but it actually did! After 15-20 minutes from the dosing I started to feel relaxed, a bit sleepy, like “huh I’m so calm” and that’s basically what I expect from Benziodiazepines for a medical use. You know, getting that Mindset, that mood.

Effects lasted for about 4-5 hours.

If you reader are a person like me, that is 60% or more of the time with a thoughtful mindset, that is often overthinking and this leads to suffering, that has social anxieties, maybe some OCDs too, that can’t really be at ease when going around the city, on a bus, at a party, being around people etc. Etc.
I mean. Everyone got his own stuff. But if you have this kind of things aAnd I have them in an acute way) you may be glad to know that on this pill I felt relaxed. At ease. And almost all of this bunch of crap, magically went away. Fuckyeah I’d say.

I was going around the city when I took it and I even chatted with random people and enjoyed it! It really gave me that mellow mood and finally I STOPPED these social issues.

Some people say Euphoria is related to benzos, and to etizolam in particular. Well you know. If you are constantly stressed and overthinking, being in this “Spotless mind” mood, might be euphoric. For me? It surely was. I had a great morning, so chill, so relaxed but still PRESENT.

Not like on LSD or weed or other. Chill, but present. You feeling it? I hope.

Some of them say it’s like “being drunk without bring drunk” and I can relate to this yeah.

Short-term memory:
I also had verified by myself what this thing was, and it’s, mmm, quite funny. Usage of Benzos is related to possible problems on the short-term memory, like when you’re high and you say “omg how did we end up talking about this”. It’s not a big problem, unless you loose phone, wallet, or keys, when going around. Watch out, ahah.

Example: I parked the car and after 5 minutes I said, mmm, where did I park, mmm, damn, I can’t totally remember, damn, ohhh now I got it ! (but after 2- minutes of really thinking about it shah, I mean, that’s not normal)

First I’ll say, I do not stick to one or two reports when understanding a drug but read as more as I can so I get the full spectrum of effects (low or high dosages, good and bad experiences).

Also, everyone is different, and everyone has his DOC (drugofchoice).
I tried weed, not at all. Booze? Yeah cute, but still not. Stimulants? Yeah cute but they get me nervous around people. Benzos? Etizolam? Definitely had a great time.
I’ll research more

And I wish you, if you are a “researcher” like me, a good search.
Hope this was a little brick on your wall of drugs knowledge.


Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 104406
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20 
Published: May 27, 2016Views: 11,693
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