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Looking Listening Inspecting
Citation:   kodou. "Looking Listening Inspecting: An Experience with AL-LAD (exp104426)". Apr 28, 2016.

300 ug   AL-LAD (blotter / tab)
Set and setting: Ordinary friday night, 8:30 PM. Ate a hot dog and drank horchata just prior to partaking. Not combining with any other drugs or medication. I am with a friend who is also partaking of the same dose and my fiancée joined us later after napping and does not dose.

[t+0:00] 300 ug AL-LAD on blotter with the molecule printed on one side and AL-LAD printed on the other at 8:30 PM.

Came up quite fast, first effects within 10 minutes. I noted that the visuals were frantic, almost like static on a tv. Eventually that static turned into overlapping circles that created a colorful wire mesh around objects where the color of that object would leak out into the air. Euphoric chills here and there.

I set up my record player and played some tunes, enjoying the music very much. I found it difficult to choose which record to play throughout the night. The visuals were of moderate intensity, and if I lay down and really let the visuals do their thing, I saw an electric goo coming out of the ceiling in pillars moving about the room. It took on the colors of the lights in the room, which were yellow and blue. If I moved my hand through my field of vision, the pillars would twist and interact with each other reacting after a few seconds' delay as if my hand were the hand of God inducing a whirlwind or a tornado. My friend also noted the exact same hallucination, which made me satisfied to know I could repeat this vision again.

We listened to a lot of records and watched some music videos on my TV and I was noticing a lot of interesting details in the various videos. I found it very distracting and genuinely interesting to inspect anything within arms reach, just looking at the surfaces of things. While trying to choose a record, I would get lost looking at the images on albums and forget that I needed to play music. Although it was difficult to choose, the silence was loud enough to be motivating. Not much silence was had but some choices were hasty.

[t+8:00] Visuals still persisting at 5:30 AM, this is when my friend goes home. He enjoyed the trip and the night overall. My fiancée went to sleep earlier [t+7:00]. She seemed a little bored by our dull minds and unending devotion to music listening.

[t+9:30] Afterwards, I started reading other reports and decided to write this one, finding that I was left with a nice stimulated and thankfully clearheaded mindset. I feel very inquisitive and actually found that I paid more attention to what I was reading.


There seems to be a stoning-like mental effect wherein certain types of memory are impaired. I find that while I can understand what I am hearing or reading, it is difficult to contribute or propagate thought processes. While trying to perform a certain kind of reasoning while forming ideas, it's like there was supposed to be a shortstop to get the ball home but he went missing. It's hard to describe exactly where the thought gets lost because thinking about the actual event caused the same memory loss and sudden distraction.

I found this effect to be alarming when I first noted some cognitive difficulty, which made me uncomfortable at first, but the same memory effect of the drug made it easy to throw away the thought and do something else. If I was explaining anything that had much complexity I would often forget not only the train of thought but the entire matter of subject from start to finish with my friend being unable to recall at all what we were talking about. I can recall now a specific instance and can even remember exactly what I was talking about and completely forgot, but at the moment the connection was lost. It is as if the mind goes from the short term memory of the conversation to fetch something from long term and then misses connecting with short term again and just dumps everything.

I felt extremely uncreative and unable to really contribute anything interesting other than putting on nice music, but as long as I was entertained I could give my full attention to the entertainment. It was also incredibly difficult to come up with a decent title for my report. I may consider mixing with MXE because of the prominent but not vision-impairing (looking at you 2C-E) open eyed visuals and the nonchalant attitude the drug gave me. I have a feeling that the stoning effect would not be diminished by the addition of other psychedelics like 2C-E.

I found it disappointing that the drug did not share in common with LSD the aspect of which I most treasure: the mental clarity and abstract visuals of 2C-E combined with a bit of the emotion and body of 4-HO-something. The closest I've found have been DOI and DOC.

I feel like this drug would be excellent for a concert setting or an art exhibit. I found that I was interested in looking at the textures of objects and inspecting them was quite fun. It would be nice to do AL-LAD and visit the likes of an Anne Truitt exhibit.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 104426
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 26
Published: Apr 28, 2016Views: 4,287
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AL-LAD (603) : Music Discussion (22), General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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