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Gentle Caress of the Nexus
2C-B, Cannabis & Ketamine
by Woolen_Eyes
Citation:   Woolen_Eyes. "Gentle Caress of the Nexus: An Experience with 2C-B, Cannabis & Ketamine (exp104450)". Dec 29, 2018.

T+ 0:00
12-14 mg oral 2C-B (capsule)
  T+ 0:00 1 bowl smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 1:10 1 bowl smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 2:00 1 bowl smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 4:10 1 bump insufflated Ketamine (powder / crystals)
  T+ 4:15 1 bump insufflated Ketamine (powder / crystals)
  T+ 4:15 1 bowl smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 5:40 70 mg oral Codeine (extract)


For a while now I have been toying with the idea of a solo trip. I have quite substantial previous experience with psychedelics, mainly LSD, Mushrooms, and Ketamine. I have had three previous 2cb experiences but never felt I got to truly develop a feel for the compound, but my personal experiences and research I have done has led 2cb to seem like the ideal choice. All of the previous experiences were in party or festival settings, and featured prior consumption of large quantities of alcohol, and sometimes other substances, but I have always felt that this drug might be better in a calmer and more intimate setting.

I have recently gone through a serious family trauma, and have some other personal issues I would like to work through so I am hoping for a mild introspective trip.

Note: I considered editing out the more Ďfar-outí parts written while I was under the influence, but although in hindsight a lot of it is slightly corny and hardly paradigm shifting stuff I feel it does offer a good insight into the effects of the drug.

18.40: I took the capsule and smoked a pipe of bud. I am feeling slightly nervous as it is my first time tripping alone, but the relaxing effects of the bud are helping to combat that. I decide to do some mild meditation to focus on my goals with the trip. I do a heart chakra opening exercise and feel relaxed afterwards.

T+20: Doorbell rings and there is minor panic that family members are arriving home unexpectedly. Itís just two girls looking for money for something, I politely usher them away and return to my room. I decide to put on some music and opt for Ravi Shankar to ease me in to the trip. Think I detect some minor physical effects are starting now, mild skin tingling and perspiration (but that could just be nerves).
I detect some minor physical effects are starting now, mild skin tingling and perspiration (but that could just be nerves).

T+45: Physical effects starting to become more pronounced. Head and body feel warm and fuzzy, a gentle tingling of ecstasy is bubbling away in my stomach. I decide to go to the shops and pick up some booze for the comedown, and to maybe have a couple drinks during if things get edgy.

T+1.10: Journey to the shop went fine. So far itís still mainly physical effects. Relaxation, rushing, tingling etc. No real psychedelic effects so far apart from some heightened introspective thought, mainly focusing on my anxiety. I worry that maybe the dose was smaller than I had been led to believe and decide to smoke some more bud to try and help get my mind get rolling.

T+1.17: The cannabis has definitely helped heighten the cerebral effects. No blatant visuals yet, but that creeping and shifting behind the surface of things that usually hints at things to come.

T+1.35: Some mild nausea, nothing to worry about though.

T+1.40: The effects are definitely starting to become more intense. My whole body is seething with intense yet tranquil energy, and there is some mild perceptual distortion.

T+1.50: Feels like Iím lying in a beautiful cocoon of love.

T+2.00: Been feeling pretty blissed out for the last while. It is sort of like MDMA, but this feels less intense and more natural in a way. Iíve been sitting with my cat, just feeling energy flow and move. I hit another pipe and feel slight nausea. The weed brings in another deeper fluffier dimension to the trip; it also makes it a bit murkier. So far my thoughts havenít been very organized or clinical and I havenít really addressed any of the therapeutic reasons for the trip Ė I wonder if this is to do with the addition of cannabis? This type of Sativa bud tends to make my thinking very non-linear and sprawling. I note that 2cb builds up very slowly and gently
I note that 2cb builds up very slowly and gently
unlike a lot of other psychedelics, which can go from baseline to intense in what feels like a very short amount of time - 2cb unfolds slowly and gracefully like origami.

T+2.25: CEVís are dreamlike, not the fractal hypnagogia I was expecting. 2cb is surprisingly chilled and relaxing, right now the last thing I would like to do is go to a party or any hectic social setting. 2cb seems far more suited to this sort of relaxed and cosy environment. Would be great for a small group of intimate friends. Noticing some mild muscle tension. There is a definite sexual element to 2cb, I find my CEVís tend to gravitate towards things of a sexual nature.

T+2.40: Visual hallucinations are still very mild, only hinted at. I think the dosage was probably a bit too low for the effects I was hoping for, but this dose is still extremely pleasant - not too immersive and very manageable.

T+2.50: I decide to roll a joint and notice that my vision is slightly magnified when rolling. Getting sporadic rushes of ecstasy.

T+3.20: The main lesson I seem to be getting from this low-dose trip is related to energy. We are all buzzing with energy at all times but have to learn to control it, and it can be damaging if not utilised in the correct manner. Energy is being sent to all the wrong places. Energy has to be released at the correct points - this is why chakra work is very important. This can be read either psychologically or spiritually depending on your preferred ontology.

Interesting note: A reoccurring theme in most of my experiences with LSD, Ketamine, and Mushrooms is the dichotomy of mind and body. When on these substances I tend to view my body as a vessel, or a conduit for my mind / soul/ spirit. I often have a very strong physical sensation of this split, where my body can feel almost robotic. On 2cb though my mind and body feel as one, consciousness seems firmly embedded in biology.

T+3.30: Iím starting to discern a drop in the intensity. Feel nice and chilled, and still slightly blissed out while sipping on a whisky and coke and listening to some longwinded psychedelic jam music courtesy of Causa Sui.

T+3.38: Just caught a giant house spider crawling across my floor. Doesnít add anything favourable to the trip.

While looking at some paintings by Henri Rousseau I seem to notice Life and Death in a constant loving embrace in the paintings I look at. Both are in symbiosis, they need each other.

T+3.56: Think Iím pretty much at baseline now. Still feeling a bit spaced out but the intensity has reduced greatly. Think Iíll hit another pipe and see what happens.

T+4.10: I decide to do a small bump of ketamine.

T+4.15: Bump was too small, so I do another and hit another pipe hoping to tip over into more psychedelic territory.

T+4.20: The ketamine state flows in smoothly. It merges nicely and brings with it some of that otherworldly aquatic keta-space.

T+4.30: The remaining 2cb is mixing well with the ketamine and heightening the psychedelic effects. Everything has a slight rubbery appearance, as if itís being suspended in some jelly-like matrix. I decide to lie back and listen to some OTT.

T+4.40: I am another being inside of me, who controls all my functions. Drifting in and out of semi Out Of Body states. My mind and body are split. Right now I find that 2cb is definitely amplifying the effects of the ketamine and not vice-versa, but there is no doubt some synergy.

T+5.40: Can quite safely say I have come down now. ĎCome downí sounds a bit to harsh though, because it is nothing like the classic stimulant Ďcome downí, where you go plunging into grimyness or horridness. This is just a slowly tapering warm afterglow. 2cb definitely does live up to its reputation as being the gentlest and most forgiving of all the psychedelics. I decide to extract some codeine from some painkillers I have using the CWE method to ensure a good nights sleep.

After thoughts: I didnít really address all of the issues in the way that I had hoped too, and although 2cb is a perfect drug for solo-tripping I actually think that this wouldíve been helped by the addition of a fellow tripper to talk to. I found that 2cb in this dose didnít send me quite deep enough for my purpose, but would be a very pleasurable dose in a relaxed social setting. A low dose of 2cb such as this one would be perfect for a person only just starting to become acquainted with the world of psychedelics, it offers a definite foot in the door without being overwhelming.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 104450
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 23 
Published: Dec 29, 2018Views: 1,540
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2C-B (52) : Alone (16), Therapeutic Intent or Outcome (49), Combinations (3)

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