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A Little Piece of MALeficent
by DHM
Citation:   DHM. "A Little Piece of MALeficent: An Experience with Methallylescaline (exp104463)". May 14, 2019.

15 mg oral Methallylescaline
So, where should the story begin? I guess it started with a desire to, as most people often feel, have a good time. Therefore, I had decided to enquire something for a special evening, which led me to the discovery of methallylescaline, which is more likely known as either Shulgin #99 or MAL.

Upon reading other peoples experiences on 40-60mg of MAL and my lack of funds, I decided to try out 15mg of the psychedelic in question. After taking the pill, which contained MAL, I started to wait for the first signs of a psychedelic. To my surprise, after long 2 hours it finally started to have some clear effects on me
after long 2 hours it finally started to have some clear effects on me
. The first sign was the slight muscle twitching, which later on became a bit more regular, but never too much or too strong for my enjoyment. Afterwards, started to appear the effects I had been hoping to see, which was object distortion in a particular way. Images became a bit fuzzier at first, but that quickly changed after 15 minutes. Later the images started to change shape rather than losing their solid mass, which is what usually happened with other psychedelics.

What I mean by changes to image is quite simple, really. Looking at a 2D image, the image itself started to look 3D but with slightly exaggerated features. For instance, everything that usually is in an images foreground would be that much closer that perspective usually applies itself to images and backgrounds would do the opposite – be even more in the “background”. But to my surprise, looking at the world around me, I wasn’t noticing this sort of an effect around me. People mostly looked the same, though their facial features would seem clearer, as with most psychedelics that I have taken in my life. Room itself would mostly stay the same, though MAL did give the feeling that something was lurking in the shadows, though not enough of a feeling to make me paranoid or anything of that sort. More like a friendly wave from the creatures of the night than a terrifying threat of pain and suffering.

I found interesting the fact that my communication skill had not been damaged with by MAL. Quite opposite to that, it allowed me to speak clearly with more time inside my head to think through my answers than on day to day bases. It also should be noted that during this whole experience I was in complete control of my actions without much interference in my movements. There was some, but not a whole lot.

The total time of my “trip” was around 7 hours, which at that point the images started to show normally and body had already wasted more than enough energy to call it a night. One negative downside to MAL I found the next day. Usually, after taking psychedelics, the following morning was not at all stressful to my body and mind, but after a night of MAL, I felt more tired and with a headache than I would expect to have.
I felt more tired and with a headache than I would expect to have.

So in my opinion, I believe that on 15mg of MAL it will stress out my body for not interesting of an experience. Sure, the images were nice and the occasional body twitching in my legs, mostly, was pleasant, and the interesting conversations I had because of MAL, but overall I think that 15mg of MAL is too little for its cost. That amount can be nice if I want a simple night with a couple of friend but with a little bit of excitement, though in the end twice the amount would be better for a party, at which I just do not give a f**k.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 104463
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19
Published: May 14, 2019Views: 2,117
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Methallylescaline (586) : Unknown Context (20), General (1)

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