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Anniversary Flip
by NotNewToThis
Citation:   NotNewToThis. "Anniversary Flip: An Experience with 2C-E & MDMA (exp104494)". Aug 16, 2019.

T+ 0:00
15 mg oral 2C-E (powder / crystals)
  T+ 1:00 100 mg oral MDMA (powder / crystals)


It was our Anniversary so we decided to have a good night. After discussing our options we decided on trying something new. The thought was to go with some 2c-e (one of our favorites) and sprinkle in a low dose of MDMA to: 1. See what the flip was like and, 2. Add in the deep connected feelings of MDMA to the stellar trippiness of the 2c-e. Both of us took the same dose. We are both experienced trippers and alone neither of these compounds are new to us. The combination is new.

-2:00 Took Tadalafil to counter act the negative effects on my ability to perform due to MDMA.
-2:00 Took Tadalafil to counter act the negative effects on my ability to perform due to MDMA.

+0:00 Took 15 mg 2c-e orally.

+0:45 I am feeling first alerts and my partner “P” is (as usual) behind me in noticing the come up.

+1:00 Took 100 mg MDMA

+1:30 Full on come up of the 2c-e. I am noticing sensitivity to touch and colors are starting to be interesting. Unfortunately P is feeling nauseous, a symptom that would plague P all night long. However we are both starting to feel the rush of the MDMA as well.

+2:00 (++) This is where things started to get extremely interesting. We started to have discussions about how we could feel both very intensely. 2c-e open eye visuals( OEVs) are apparent. The empathogenic effects of the MDMA are also starting to become very apparent. Closed eye visuals (CEVs) are also very fun and easily noticed.

+2:15 (+++) The remark is made that the two compounds are both very present but neither is playing well with the other. They are fighting for dominance. In one instant we would be locked into each other enjoying the moment, only to be ripped out of it by intense CEVs. There is a lack of desire on one hand to attempt to connect, but to sink deeper into the self. On the other hand (the actual point of the night!) the desire of our heads was to emotionally connect and enjoy each other. On hindsight the latter was to become extremely difficult to accomplish.

+2:30 (+++) Things are a bit crazy now. CEVs and OEVs are both extremely intense and very cool. Both of us are struggling to keep our eyes open and focus on each other. We are for the most part successful in this, but it is obviously more difficult than it should be. This is in comparison to a honey flip (2c-b and MDMA) where both are sympatico and the feelings of connection are almost overwhelmingly positive and easy. By this time however CEVs are starting to be so freaking awesome that they threaten to pull you into yourself. I am having long stretches of time with my eyes closed where I feel like I am being pulled down into myself. I am fighting this feeling in order to not be an anti-social couch potato on my Anniversary night. When I do open my eyes and concentrate on my partner I am reminded quickly that the MDMA is very present. Music is absolutely stellar right now and is playing very nicely with the CEVs.

+3:00 (+++.The idea if I let it be ++++ it could be crosses my mind) We are playing with the intense OEVs at this point. Showing each other hand trails and pointing out the swimming bathroom wall which is interestingly textured. Normally I am iron stomached, but this starts to make me feel a bit nauseous so we move on. The view from our room is spectacular. The sex is fantastic, but oddly difficult to manage. Tadalafil worked in overcoming the MDMA. We are having fun, but not getting the experience we wanted. This is causing us to fight where the combo wanted to take us, which was into a comfortable seat with music and ourselves. Oddly enough I think the positivity of the MDMA was keeping P from having deep negative thoughts which has been known to happen on other compounds. But doesn't happen on either 2c-e or MDMA alone. I guess my point is that in a case where going deep into one self is a possibility P has a chance for having a negative time. In this instance it was both fun and enjoyable (when we would let it take place).

+5:00 (+++) Things have continued much the same as they have been for the last few hours. Us trying desperately to have our time together but our combo getting in the way. However at this point we are also starting to get tired and so our desire is waning. By this time the empathogenic qualities of the MDMA had worn off some time ago. All we are left with is what seems to be super charged 2c-e CEVs and OEVs. We are both sinking deeper into ourselves and having brief conversations about where we are being taken. As an example of the CEVs that I had been having the whole night… at one point I thought I was in a city of light with swirling geometric patterns surrounding the high rise buildings that morphed into bursting flowers. All very cool stuff and immensely enjoyable, but we are still attempting to be with one another, not wanting to “fall asleep”.

+7:00 (+++) We are exhausted and attempt to fall asleep. Things are much less intense at this point so there is no more fear of falling deeper into yourself. It is enjoyable and shallow but very present.

+8:00 (++) Sleep comes but amid colors and swirls. Neither of us were awake for the actual come down.

Here is what I take away from this combo. It is not social at all. The MDMA sends the 2c-e visuals to the next level (even the low dose we took was enough to make them extremely intense for most of the night, much more so than 2c-e alone). Had I been ready to sit back relax, enjoy music and tune the rest of the world out it would have been an AMAZING experience. Even one that I am envious that I did not have which may, under different circumstances, cause me to revisit this combo. I think our state of mind and our desire to be with one another caused the combo to fight with each other. We played to their weakness rather than playing to their strength. It felt like oil and water when we attempted to be social and present, but felt tremendous during the times we let it take over. P was nauseous several times during the night. It wasn't a normal heave and be done with it. This I think will prevent P from ever trying this combo again.

Overall we had a fantastic time, but it wasn't easy. I would not mark this down as a “difficult experience” because at no point did I ever feel threatened or unhappy with what was happening to me. It just made it difficult to have the experience we were hoping for. I find this combo to one that I mark down as save for serious deep self-exploration and I will leave anniversaries to the Honey.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 104494
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 40 
Published: Aug 16, 2019Views: 1,150
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2C-E (137), MDMA (3) : Music Discussion (22), Sex Discussion (14), Relationships (44), Combinations (3), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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