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3 Days Of Zombification
Alprazolam (Xanax)
by E Tard
Citation:   E Tard. "3 Days Of Zombification: An Experience with Alprazolam (Xanax) (exp10452)". May 23, 2002.

55 mg oral Pharms - Alprazolam (pill / tablet)


I've done Xanax a few times a couple of times and the effects were pretty much the same - zombification. Here's a story about the last time I did it, and it did not result in much good.

I went into debt after the cops robbed me so I picked up 35 Xanax bars off my dealer to sell for him. After I sold a few I decided I made enough money that I could take a few. I popped two, traded one to my friend at work for a few lines of coke, and then got ready for a nice experience...

My memory ends here.

I woke up in the psych. unit of a hospital where I stayed for 3 days while my mind got back to normal. I got home and it took a little while to find out what happened. Here's what I have learned thus far:

After taking the two bars I wound up trading another bar to my manager in exchange for a prescription opiate he had (I forget what kind). This was while I was in the midst of being turned into a zombie. I have no idea how I got home that night but my friend said when I did get home, I called him on the phone. I reported to him that I was on 3 bars and I took another 2-3 while I was on the phone. He suggested I stop taking them but I refused.

My mom said that night I went to the bathroom and left. A few hours later she realized I left the light on and she went in and found a beer in the toilet (odd because I wasn't drinking often then and I don't know where I got the beer from).

The next day I woke up and saw I was late for school. I remember feeling fine and thinking straight (or maybe I was too fucked up to notice I was still inebriated) and I went out and asked my mom for a ride to school. She couldn't because she was late for work so I said I'd walk. I went outside and let my cats and ferrets out. I tried explaining to my mom what had happenend and it took a long time for me to speak straight.

Finally I told her I couldn't walk to school because it was too cold. She, realizing something was horribly wrong with me, told me not to go and to go back to bed. Instead of doing that I walked back outside. She said she left for work and I was sitting on the bricks in my driveway. She came back a few minutes later because she forgot something and I was gone.
My highschool is divided into 2 schools - one for 9-10 grade and one for 11-12 grade. Somehow I wound up at the 9-10 grade one and a friend from work spotted me (or so he said when I returned from the hospital). Eventually I made it to the right school and from there everything went wrong.

At this point (or any other in this story except the very begining) I have absolutely no idea how many xanax I had taken. I kept popping them over and over again (not by choice, as I said the only way to describe the effects is it turned me into a 'zombie'). And the bag was no where to be found after this event. Anyway, I was at school and a teacher took one look at me roaming the hallway, dirty, clothes all ripped up, and apparently in a state of psychosis. She took me to the nurse and there she tried to explain to me that, among other things, I had high blood pressure. I got very angry with her because I thought she was calling me fat (im incredibly skinny) and eventually she told me I had to go to the ER. I think my mom came at some point but the ambulance came and I tried to resist getting on a stretcher (I believed I could walk fine) but eventually they did it and I was taken out.

In the ER I remember being in a chair with lots of 'things' attached to me. I kept trying to take them off and leave but some man kept stopping me. My mom was there and I remember at one point she told me my girlfriend was in the waiting room. Only family could visit me though so I told my mom to say she was my sister. The guy in the room said it wasn't allowed so I tried harder to take the stuff off me and when he yelled at me I preceeded to bite my arm for no reason. He approached me and asked if I was trying to hurt myself. I asked him if I got up and left if he'd try and stop me and when he said 'yes' I spit at him and called him a nigger (I'm not racist).

The next thing I remember is being in a small room being interviewed by three ladies. After some questions they mysteriously left and I was alone. It confused the fuck out of me and eventually I found someone and tried to figure out what was going on. They said I couldn't leave so I, being the slick person I am, tried to tell them I had to go to work soon... of course they told me I couldn't go to work and when I asked 'why not' the lady looked at me and said 'you don't even have the same two shoes on!' I looked down and... lo and behold I had on 2 left shoes.

After this I vaguely remember some guy screaming at me saying I can either work with him or against him. I kept resisting (whatever it was) and he (and possibly some other men) picked me up and dragged me to another room with a stretcher that had restraints. They put me down and locked my arms and legs. I was able to bang the arm restraints against the side of the stretcher to make a really loud noise and he held a straight jacket over me threating to put it on. I told him it didn't scare me and kept doing it and, finally giving up on me, he shot me up with something (probably thorazine) that knocked me out.

The next morning (well over 24 hours since taking the first 2 bars) I'm asleep in the room of the psych unit of a hospital (I don't remember being transported there). I hear someone say 'there's a phone call for Frank... someone tell Frank he has a phone call... the phone is for Frank...' I wake up after hearing this and try to move my arms but they won't move. My legs are frozen as well. All I can do is move my head from side to side. I tried to scream for help but I could not do it. I was simply frozen. After a few minutes my body rolled out of bed and I was in control again.

The doctors there told me I was still noticeably different for the remainder of that day (I honestly don't remember). After three days in the hospital I was released into a partial hospitalization program and from there refered to a rehablitation clinic that I am still in.

Well, that is one of my personal experiences with this beautiful chemical known as xanax. Please be careful. I'm not one to normally be reckless and I'm usually the last one to be fully engulfed by the effects of drugs. Obviously everyone has their limits and I definately exceeded mine during this.

One thing I would like to bring particular attention to is my constant eating the bars. I had no control over this and normally I know when to stop taking a drug. There was a time before this that I had taken 3 bars of xanax and the same thing happened except I only took a couple more that day (those were all I had). I did not think this would happen again but it definately did. Please take caution to this effect.

If anyone has any questions or comments, feel free to give me an email. I'd appreciate any input.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 10452
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: May 23, 2002Views: 52,912
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